Friday, September 30, 2011

End of the Month Fall Recap

Let's see... this month was full of giveaways! I predict *looks in crystal ball* that next month will also have a great giveaway... or two! ;D

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Oh and a quick note to those that loved Tyger Tyger or those that want to know what this book is about...
It's now in paperback!
I wonder if I should have a giveaway for the next book in this series... hmm... ;)

I haven't forgot, but this month I also told the sad, sad tale (tail?) of my poor wittle puppy who got snipped...
I'm happy to report that it hasn't fazed him OTHER than he is acting even more like a puppy! His *clears throat* frustrations are gone and he is still showing his butt off. What can I say? My boy is butt proud! Oh and yes, he's still trying to pick up the girls. He's a ladies dog no matter what! ;)

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  1. Books and Things has had a very exciting month but then it's always lively around here - especially with that puppy of yours! If you've got it, flaunt it!

  2. Great recap. Here in Holland it is illegal to cut a dog's tail and ears, has been for a few years now. At first it sure was strange to see some breeds with a tail.

  3. Wow, busy month for you Melissa! So glad your puppy hasn't been affected by his surgery and is still immensely proud of his butt. Good for him:)

  4. Ummm... Melissa. Why am I looking at a picture of a dog's booty once again? *stares*

    Dang those things were big. Bet he feels relief now that the the weight of the world is gone. *giggles*

    And Blood Rights!!! You loved it and you know it made you wish you had picked TEAM VAMPIRE!!! There is no shame in admitting it.

    Still remembering your 190 book jump on Retribution. Yup, you're awesome.

    Happy Weekend.

  5. Awwww, I bet he still has a lovely New booty pics!!!!

  6. @Stephanie...He flaunts it! Trust me! LOL

    @Aurian...It might be possible that the ears may be illegal to be cut in the US. I think things are going that way. I didn't have a choice when I got him.

    @Jenny... Oh yes! He'd show it to you if you came by! LOL

    @Missie... LOL Yep, he's such a pup! AND I only jumped 19 books not 190! LOL Only thing left to say is...


    @Animewookie... Don't tell him, we will never see the "end" of it! ROFL!

  7. You are crazy. But I love it. Should I post a picture of my snipped cat so that we can compare? ;)

  8. You totally kicked butt this month chick!!!

    Still... poor pup! Mama cut off his... *ahem*

  9. @Avery... Is your kitty butt proud too??? ;D

    @Ashley... Aww... baby feels fine! :D LOL

  10. You had one great month! And thanks again for the giveaway. I am exited to read the book!!

  11. What an awesome month! Glad to know your puppie's still likes to show off his butt and woo the ladeez. I LOVE your Halloween makeover, BTW!

  12. Oh what a month here! :)

    And so glad to hear the little man is doing wonderfully, and didn't lose any old habits. ;D Now the puppies can all play together and they should be save with each other, as the girls are all stitched up on their end as well (a good while ago). he he.

  13. My boxer/hound mix (no tail) will shake his butt all the time! If you start singing Baby got Back or Shake your Bon-Bon---he knows it is all about him and will shake the booty! Gotta love those men-dogs who are proud of their booties!


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