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Audiobook Review: The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett and Crafty Things...

Series: Demon Cycle #4
Narrated by: Pete Bradbury
25 hrs. 14 min.
Publisher: Recorded Books
Published: 3/31/15
Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers
The Skull Throne of Krasia stands empty. 
Built from the skulls of fallen generals and demon princes, it is a seat of honor and ancient, powerful magic, keeping the demon corelings at bay. From atop the throne, Ahmann Jardir was meant to conquer the known world, forging its isolated peoples into a unified army to rise up and end the demon war once and for all. 
But Arlen Bales, the Warded Man, stood against this course, challenging Jardir to a duel he could not in honor refuse. Rather than risk defeat, Arlen cast them both from a precipice, leaving the world without a savior, and opening a struggle for succession that threatens to tear the Free Cities of Thesa apart. 
In the south, Inevera, Jardir’s first wife, must find a way to keep their sons from killing each other and plunging their people into civil war as they strive for glory enough to make a claim on the throne. 
In the north, Leesha Paper and Rojer Inn struggle to forge an alliance between the duchies of Angiers and Miln against the Krasians before it is too late. 
Caught in the crossfire is the duchy of Lakton—rich and unprotected, ripe for conquest.
All the while, the corelings have been growing stronger, and without Arlen and Jardir there may be none strong enough to stop them. Only Renna Bales may know more about the fate of the missing men, but she, too, has disappeared. . .
My thoughts:

25 hrs. Yes, 25 hours and 20 disks with this book. Like the other books I wondered if it would have been better to actually make this into a few books. Ones where other characters get to shine and we get to know them better. We do this here but it is in the middle of what we want to know. In fact there are at least 4 separate stories here and you could even distill that down further.

As I was frustrated with the last book, my frustration didn't end here. I thought I would be getting more Arlen, Jardir, and Renna's adventure. I did but not much of it. Or it felt like it wasn't much. I can tell you that my frustrations were put off by the audiobook. The narration by Pete Bradbury was excellent and kept my interest through the frustration. My only complaint with the audio is that there were too many lengthy pauses. In other words, the pauses were just a bit too long. Other than that (and granted it probably wasn't the narrator but the director's fault), I would recommend this narrator to anyone. He really kept me in the book for the whole duration.

The book seemed to be a solid 3 for me for almost all of it. I was never sold on Leesha's new romance but I did love Rojer's storyline. I did like going back to know more of the secondary characters but still, I would have liked it in it's own separate book. The end, however, changed all of that for me. A character died that would have kept me in the book and when we FINALLY got back to Arlen, Jardir and Renna... the book ends. No cliffie since you fell off that cliff and then realized it was the end of the road. Only kind of ending I hate more than a cliffie (although you can technically call it that, but you know there is a cliff hanger not just a feeling of... "wait a minute!" *sigh*). So, I give this book 2 1/2 stars. The audio was interesting but I'm not sure if I will continue this one. And this comes from someone who wants to know the storyline where the book ended.

LibraryThing Early Reviewers

I thought I'd try something a bit different. Since I said in this post that I like to craft when I listen to audiobooks. I made these bags when I was crafting to this audio.
The Butterfly Sling by Emmaline Patterns (and I started another one)
Reusable Grocery Bag by Two Pretty Poppets
Happy listening and crafting! :D

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On My Wishlist: Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger

Manners and Mutiny
Finishing School #4
by Gail Carriger
304 p.
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published: 11/3/15
When a dastardly Pickleman plot comes to fruition, only Sophronia can save her friends, her school, and all of London...but at what cost? Our proper young heroine puts her training and skills to the test in this highly anticipated conclusion of the rousing, intriguing, and always polishedNew York Times bestselling Finishing School series!

Oh yes! I want to know more about Sophronia. I want to know more about Soap! We needs to know more! LOL
 So, what is on your wishlist this week?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Spider's Trap by Jennifer Estep

Series: Elemental Assassin #13
400 p.
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 7/28/15
Source: From NetGalley and Publisher for review
Keep your friends close but your enemies within stabbing distance. 
One important lesson I’ve learned in the assassination business is that to be the best you have to roll with the punches. Now that I’m queen of Ashland’s underworld—by default, not by choice—a lot more punches are being thrown my way. But I suppose that’s the price of victory for taking down some of the underworld’s top dogs. Good thing I have my Ice and Stone magic to help me survive my volatile new position. Just when I think things are finally settling down, someone tries to murder me during a hush-hush underworld meeting. But the real surprise is how strangely familiar my shadowy assailant seems to be. 
My job is to maintain order among killers, crooks, and thieves, and soon I’m embroiled in a bloody game where the ability to keep secrets could be the greatest superpower of all. My enemies have all sharpened their knives and laid their traps, waiting for me to fall. But this Spider weaves her own webs of death…

My thoughts:

Yes! Another great addition to the series. This is one book series that just doesn't get old with me and I always look forward to getting back with the gang.

In this book I loved getting to know another criminal element that has a connection to Gin's past. I also loved how this one panned out. The adventure is complete but you sense something looming in the background. Yes, we have another arc forming that will most likely take place in the background of the series as the books move forward. Oh and this one is a shocker!

I give this book  4 1/2 stars. This book introduces us to characters I sincerely hope will become more important in Gin's life and I'm curious as to how she will continue to operate as the underworld's top boss. I love the transition of her character and I'm looking forward to more!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Night's Deep Hush by Erin Kellison

Series: Reveler #4
96 p.
Published: 7/12/14
Publisher: Fire Flower Publishing
Source: From author for review
Dreaming turns dangerous... 
Malcolm Rook and Jordan Lane are on the run from powerful forces that seek their deaths. But they are discovered by someone from Rook's dark past. Under no circumstances will Rook allow this criminal to learn how talented Jordan is in the world Darkside. Instead, Rook succumbs so that she has a chance to survive. 
Rook has been abducted and Jordan assumes the worst. She's fallen for him and will do anything to get him back. Alone on the streets, she concocts a plan that will take her into the black market of dreams to find help. An unlikely ally comes to her aid, and together they search and for love, the other for vengeance. 
Night's Deep Hush is the fourth installment in the Reveler serial, a hot paranormal romance set in a world where shared dreaming is a new pop culture phenomenon that allows people to indulge their wildest fantasies. But there are also unknown dangers Darkside; nightmares are slowly infiltrating not only dreams, but the waking world as well. 
Revel with me.
My thoughts:

Another short but active installment in this series. While I hated the cliffie of the last book, this one was much more manageable. We still need to know more about what is going on with the overall arc but the main story almost feels compete. It is complete for the most part for Rook and Jordan a couple we know from the first book. It isn't complete since there is much left hanging for the next installment.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars.You have romance and adventure. This is a good book for those that enjoy a cross between UF and PNR. I have been enjoying my time with this series. I'm just glad more of them are already out there so I can continue this story to find out what comes next!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On My Wishlist: Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep

Oh I saw this one an if you know me, you know I want it already! :D

Bitter Bite
by Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin #14
384 p.
To be published: 2/23/16
Publisher: Pocket Books
Which is stronger: blood ties or a battle-tested friendship? 
It’s not easy being queen bee of an underworld abuzz with crooks and killers. Wielding my potent Ice and Stone elemental magic will only get me so far—my real secret is my tight-knit makeshift family, a motley crew of cops and criminals, dwarves and playboys. My foster brother Finnegan Lane is my right-hand man, but when his suddenly not-dead relative comes back into the picture, I’m the one on the outside looking in.

It’s funny how life works: one minute your best friend is rock-steady, and the next he’s doe-eyed and buying into this whole loving-relative routine to the point of ignoring you. I’d like to be happy for Finn, I really would. But all of my instincts are telling me that beneath the syrupy sweet demeanor and old-fashioned charm, this sudden interloper is planning something. The whole shtick leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. This person might have avoided the grave once, but I’ll put anyone who hurts Finn in the ground—for good.
Yes! More Gin!
What are you wishing for this week?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Series: Outlander #2
947 p.
Publisher: Bantam Dell
Published: 8/7/01
Source: TBR pile
With her now-classic novel Outlander, Diana Gabaldon introduced two unforgettable characters — Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser—delighting readers with a story of adventure and love that spanned two centuries. Now Gabaldon returns to that extraordinary time and place in this vivid, powerful follow-up to Outlander.... 
For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland’s majestic mist-shrouded hills. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones ... about a love that transcends the boundaries of time ... and about James Fraser, a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of his.... 
Now a legacy of blood and desire will test her beautiful copper-haired daughter, Brianna, as Claire’s spellbinding journey of self-discovery continues in the intrigue-ridden Paris court of Charles Stuart ... in a race to thwart a doomed Highlands uprising ... and in a desperate fight to save both the child and the man she loves...
My thoughts:
Okay, I've been enjoying the show Outlander on Stars network from the beginning. I had read the book and from what I remembered they stayed pretty close to the book as possible. I wanted to get a head start on the next book before they came back for the next season (I've seen pics of Jaimie... rawr!)

The story starts out not at all like I expect it and was quite upset. I don't want to say why, but fans who haven't read this one will be upset as well. We then get to where we left off from the last book and we find out what happened. This is a remembrance through Clair's eyes and we go back and forth from that memory to the present. I will say though... the upset part finally makes sense in the end and so I forgive the author. LOL

This book is much more political than the first book. I can see people loving or hating that aspect but it makes sense. I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. There are a few paranormal aspects to some of the areas of the book. While I did find this enjoyable and interesting it also didn't feel "natural" to the storyline. It just didn't quite flow with me no matter how interesting it was.

In the end I give this book 3 stars. While I loved the first book, I wasn't taken by the political intrigue of this one. I did like the development of the characters and I do look forward to the next book to see what else is in store for our favorite characters as well as a few new ones who were just introduced in this book.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tempted by Fire by Erin Kellison

Series: Dragons of Bloodfire #1
Published: 7/13/15
Publisher: Fire Flower Publishing
Part of the Dark and Damaged Box Set
Source: From author for review
A powerful dragon shifter has waited six hundred years to avenge the loss of his family, but the beautiful mediator sent to prevent violence among the Bloodkin doesn’t want to be his key to discovering the murderer—in fact, she wants nothing to do with dragons at all...Erin Kellison's story in the Dark and Damaged box set 
A powerful dragon shifter has waited six hundred years to avenge the loss of his family, but the beautiful mediator sent to prevent violence among the Bloodkin doesn’t want to be his key to discovering the murderer—in fact, she wants nothing to do with dragons at all...

My thoughts:

This was part of the Dark and Damaged set when it first came out. I has just recently come out as a single now. All I have to say to that is if the other stories are as good as this one, the set is one great bargain!

Since this was a pretty quick read, I wasn't expecting the romance to really capture me. It did! I really got a feel for Emerson and Thane. It is also set in an interesting world where shifters are known but dragon shifters are still considered myth. A archeological find changes that view and brings Thane out of hiding. The world is still a mystery since we don't know everything about it by the end of the book but we know there are vampires to go with the mythos.

The romance was surprising. I didn't like Thane at first but he really grew on both me and Emerson. I liked the makeshift family both had so the secondary characters also shined here. The only frustrating part I had also was about the secondary characters. Not a bad frustration but I just wanted to know more about them. You know it is coming in the series but I wanna know now! :) There was also some frustration about not knowing more about this world as I stated above. However, as we follow these characters, I have no doubt more of the world will be revealed.

I still think this was a great start to the series and I give this one 4 1/2 stars. It is a great dragon shifter book with great characters and more to come!

Buy links:

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Blog Tour: When the Crows Fly Low by V. J. Patterson

374 p.
Published: April 18, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Candace's Book Blog Promotions

Goodreads | Amazon
When the crows fly low…rain is coming.

At eleven-years-old, Will Lawson discovers that Hell isn’t just a place for demons. It exists on earth in an act so evil it rips away a part of his innocent soul. In its place; bitterness, hate and a vow for revenge.

Consumed by darkness, Will descends into a life of reckless living; booze and women the outlet for his guilt and despair. But meeting Sarah a beautiful young woman running from her own ghosts, changes everything. Finding his salvation in her, Will wades into the unfamiliar waters of love. Just when happiness is within his grasp, a familiar face returns to Will’s hometown of Doyle, Tennessee. A wicked twist of fate forces Will to decide between the girl he loves and his need for revenge. Is love enough to save Will from the darkness that endeavors to unravel his sanity?

In this debut romantic drama, When the Crows Fly Low weaves a story full of suspense, loss, and love. It is sure to stay with the reader long after the final page.
My thoughts:

 From the beginning, you can tell you are going to get a romance which is bittersweet. You know the ending at the start so you travel back in time through a letter explaining what was felt and regrets at what could have been. You follow the story of the enigmatic Will Lawson from his most important impactful memory to his last. It is his letter to his lost love that sets the stage.

While many of you know I hate to cry, I really didn't until the end. It was an interesting journey with how decisions made in the moment reverberate throughout one's life. You don't just get Will's telling but you also get Sarah since she is the one reading and remembering. Both made decisions that they either regretted but stood by and took responsibility.

This bittersweet tale ends as expected but I have to say that my admiration for Sarah soared. Both were set with the decision to live or exist. She chose to live.

I give this book 4 stars and recommend it to those that love a bittersweet love story.

About the Author:

V.J Patterson lives in Tennessee with her husband and two children. She grew up listening to her grandfather’s stories, one of which inspired her first novel, When the Crows Fly Low.


The author will be giving away $25 Gift Card (INT) and signed copy of “When the Crows Fly Low” (U.S.) to the winners of the below Rafflecopter. The giveaway ends July 28th.

Please check out the Tour Page - for schedule and more information.

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Cover Reveal: GAIA by Karen Ann Hopkins

Another great cover from Jenny, Seedlings Design!

Series: Wings of War #2
by Karen Ann Hopkins
Goodreads link
Watchers and Angels are at war. Which side will Ember choose? 
As the apocalypse draws near, Demons are becoming bolder and Watchers are joining forces to fight them. But the Watchers have their own agenda, one that defies Biblical scripture. They don’t want the rapture to happen, making them enemies of the Celestial Host. 
Against her own better judgment and an impassioned plea from a higher being, Embers stays true to her first mentor, seeking out a powerful earth Watcher to continue her supernatural lessons. Ember has had a glimpse into the future and knows what’s coming. She is being forced to develop her powers as quickly as possible, to fight the dark forces that are spreading across the earth. Heaven’s sentinels have abandoned their posts to prepare for war. And the walls between the planes of existence are weakening. But who can Ember trust? Her guardian and lover is a Demon. Her best friend is a growler. And her mentor is a psychopath. Humankind is on the precipice; at the end of times. As Ember struggles with morality, she soon discovers that there’s something more frightening than anything she’s faced before.
Jenny does wonderful work, doesn't she! I love it!

Don't forget the first book in the series available now (Jenny also designed that cover too):
For more info about Gaia and the Wings of War series go to the Tour Page

About Karen Ann Hopkins:
Blog | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter
Facebook Fan Page

Karen Ann Hopkins resides in northern Kentucky with her family on a farm that boasts a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats. Karen's main job is home schooling the kids, but she finds time to give riding lessons, coach a youth equestrian drill team, and of course, write. She was inspired to create her first book, Temptation, by the Amish community she lived in. The experiential knowledge she gained through her interactions with her neighbors drove her to create the story of the star-crossed lovers, Rose and Noah.

Karen grew up about a mile from Lake Ontario in Upstate New York. She was bitten by the horse bug at the age of five, and after diligently taking riding lessons for several years, was rewarded with her first horse when she turned eleven. The feisty horse's name was Lady, a Quarter Horse-Thoroughbred cross, who became Karen's steadfast companion. Through the years, the constant force in her life was horses. Eventually, she found her place as a riding instructor herself. Before accepting her fate in the barnyard, she worked a short stint as a paralegal, traveled abroad, and guided tourists on horseback riding tours in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Karen is currently working on her Amish mystery series, Serenity's Plain Secrets, along with the YA paranormal/fantasy series, The Wings of War. Karen is also excited to announce the Temptation series has been optioned for TV by Pilgrim Studios and is available on Audible. More books in the Temptation series are in the works.

Giveaway Info:
One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card (Amazon, B&N, iTunes), and three winners will each receive a paperback copy of EMBERS (book one)! Please enter via the Rafflecopter form. Giveaway is open internationally.

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How I Listen to Audiobooks

I know a lot of people want to get into audiobooks but just don't know where to start or how to do it. It takes a lot of time we don't have and most cannot understand how you can listen to a audiobook and not fall asleep. Well, Felicia from the Geeky Blogger made a great "Guide to Loving Audiobooks". It is a perfect read and also something I really can't add to but to bring my personal experience. 
My first foray into audiobooks was on a long trip when I was a teen. I was traveling with a cousin and we decided to try audiobooks in-between the music. Mostly because we don't agree on music but we have book genres in common. It was mostly Harry Potter but we also tried a dog book. We were both surprised that it helped make the time go faster. Now when I have more than an hour of travel, I usually do an audiobook. Easy way to eat up time and get your book in without being arrested for reading and driving.

My other way of doing audiobooks is crafting. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. It is one way to get something creative done and is fun. I can listen to my audio while I craft and I've been really enjoying it. Here are some of the things I've gotten done while audiobooking and crafting:
I have made leashes in the past but found fun ribbon webbing and HAD to make these. I also made some scarves and my boy got a coat (he has such thin short hair) for the winter he actually asks to be put on. The back on the coat sasy "Free Kisses" in case you were wondering. All embroidery is from Urban Threads. The coat was designed by my mom and myself.

I started to get into creating purses (I'm not a clothing sewer unless you count dog coats.. LOL).

I've made some small bags in the past but these ones were more structured. The middle bag is called a Dottie and I made it to be my lunch bag. :) It's like a mini bowling bag. I also made my mom that top left bag for mom's day. The bottom right one is my bag and the one that drew me to these patterns. The other one is a tote with a kindle purse and the others are actually wallets that can double as wristlets. These are fun, look great and aren't hard at all. I would say some sewing ability is needed but not much. You also learn a lot with these bags and the instructions are clear. Goto Swoon Patterns if you are interested. There are even a couple of free patterns there if you just want to try it out.

My other favorite pattern place is Emmaline Patterns. I've made a Necessary Clutch Wallet that has numerous card slots, pockets and space for your phone. You can use it as a clutch or just as a wallet. I've made a couple of the full size ones and the people I gave it to love them. I also made a smaller version (the bubble one) which is mine. I may have to make more of these as well. The last one is called a Butterfly sling which is like a bigger and flatter version of the wallet. I showed this purse to someone and already have them begging me for one. LOL The wallets are a bit harder than the other bags (the sling is pretty easy, however) but an adventurous beginner or intermediate sewer can whip one up easily. There are tutorials on the web and youtube to make it easier.

Well, these are the things I do when I listen to audio. It helps the crafting go faster and the crafting helps the audio keep my attention. I've gotten a few new patterns I'm about to try out which is good because I have new audios I want to try out! :)

So, do you have suggestions on how to audio? 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Series: Lux #2
366 p.
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Published: 8/14/12
Source: Library
Being connected to Daemon Black sucks… 
Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I’ve sworn him off, even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But we’ve got bigger problems. 
Something worse than the Arum has come to town… 
The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I’m a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who’s got a secret of his own. He knows what’s happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon. Hard. 
But then everything changes… 
I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he’s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?
No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies…
My thoughts:

I have been wanting to get back to this series for some time now. I finally made a bit of time for it. I have to say though, it took me a while to really get into the book. The first half of the book was rehashing their "romance" but I just couldn't get into it. I don't know if it is because it was so long after the first book or if it just didn't capture my attention.

Then the second half of the book came...

When Katy spies someone she shouldn't have seen I was totally into the story. I wanted to know more and I just couldn't put it down. The action and adventure after the half was what I wanted and what I was after, I think. I wasn't disappointed.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I recommend it to those that enjoy PNR YA and those that want to see a book blogger get the hot guy. ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On My Wishlist: Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley

Worlds of Ink and Shadow
by Lena Coakley
416 p.
Publisher: Amulet Books
Published: 1/5/16
Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne. The Brontë siblings have always been inseparable. After all, nothing can bond four siblings quite like life in an isolated parsonage out on the moors. Their vivid imaginations lend them escape from their strict upbringing, actually transporting them into their created worlds: the glittering Verdopolis and the romantic and melancholy Gondal. But at what price? As Branwell begins to slip into madness and the sisters feel their real lives slipping away, they must weigh the cost of their powerful imaginations, even as their characters—the brooding Rogue and dashing Duke of Zamorna—refuse to let them go. 
Gorgeously written and based on the Brontës’ juvenilia, Worlds of Ink & Shadow brings to life one of history’s most celebrated literary families.
Oh Brontë! Yea, I'm very curious.
What are you wishing for this week? 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

Series: Silver in the Blood #1
358 p.
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Published: 7/7/15
Source: NetGalley and publisher for review
Society girls from New York City circa 1890, Dacia and Lou never desired to know more about their lineage, instead preferring to gossip about the mysterious Romanian family that they barely knew. But upon turning seventeen, the girls must return to their homeland to meet their relatives, find proper husbands, and—most terrifyingly—learn the deep family secrets of The Claw, The Wing, and The Smoke. The Florescus, after all, are shape-shifters, and it is time for Dacia and Lou to fulfill the prophecy that demands their acceptance of this fate . . . or fight against this cruel inheritance with all their might. 
With a gorgeous Romanian setting, stunning Parisian gowns, and dark brooding young men, readers will be swept up by this epic adventure of two girls in a battle for their lives.
My thoughts:

I really enjoyed the setting in this book. It is mostly set in Romania and there is a mystery to be solved. One that was maddenly present in the beginning since you knew that the knowledge was forthcoming, but very slowly. When you finally find out what the secret was the girls would be tangled with, it wasn't a surprise but it did lend another layer to the story that was needed.

The book was written simply and was a very quick read. It felt as it needed more depth to the main characters, Lou and Dacia and I had a hard time with how the POV shifted. Not so much to take me out of the story but enough to make me stop from time to time. Some of the shifts from the present to the recent past (as we get the information from another POV) didn't feel smooth and sometimes things just felt out of place. I think this is why it was simply written. If it was otherwise, the shifting elements would have become confusing. It just didn't feel smooth.

I give this book 3 stars. I really enjoyed the setting and not everything is resolved in this book. We are still left with questions which I do think that the forthcoming books will provide us with needed answers. I recommend this book to those that enjoy PNR YA and who want a different tale on the Dracula stories.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Product Review: PUR VoxBox

I was chosen for the Influenster PUR VoxBox.
What came int he box was only one item:
Pic from
I am so glad I received this product. I have been filtering my water for a while now and it saves on bottles and helps with cooking. I also use it for another reason that isn't often talked about. I make sure my dogs get filtered water. Our city water is pretty good but it does have a distinct chlorine smell. Also, with all the nearby flooding, it is a good thing to have your water filtered. I noticed that when I started giving my dogs filtered water they drank more. I think that speaks for itself. 

I got this product for review purposes only and have not been compensated for my review.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On My Wishlist: Charley Davidson

Yea, I just put Charley Davidson on the title since if there is a new one out or going to come out, it is a sure bet that I want it. ;)

The Dirt on Ninth Grave
by Darynda Jones
Series: Charley Davidson #9
352 p.
Publisher: St. Martin Press
Published: 1/5/16 (JAN??? *sigh*)
In a small village in New York lives Jane Doe, a girl with no memory of who she is or where she came from. So when she is working at a diner and slowly begins to realize she can see dead people, she's more than a little taken aback. Stranger still are the people entering her life. They seem to know things about her. Things they hide with lies and half-truths. Soon, she senses something far darker. A force that wants to cause her harm, she is sure of it. Her saving grace comes in the form of a new friend she feels she can confide in and the fry cook, a devastatingly handsome man whose smile is breathtaking and touch is scalding. He stays close, and she almost feels safe with him around. 
But no one can outrun their past, and the more lies that swirl around her—even from her new and trusted friends—the more disoriented she becomes, until she is confronted by a man who claims to have been sent to kill her. Sent by the darkest force in the universe. A force that absolutely will not stop until she is dead. Thankfully, she has a Rottweiler. But that doesn't help in her quest to find her identity and recover what she's lost. That will take all her courage and a touch of the power she feels flowing like electricity through her veins. She almost feels sorry for him. The devil in blue jeans. The disarming fry cook who lies with every breath he takes. She will get to the bottom of what he knows if it kills her. Or him. Either way.
I have yet to read the 8th but already know I NEED this one.