Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Poor Puppy!!!!

Okay, I was missing a bit on the web yesterday. The reason? My puppy had to go through surgery. Yes, it was elective surgery unless you ask my female dog or my mom's female dog. To them it was a necessity. Yes, I have had male and female dogs before and usually this surgery doesn't bother me, but this time, getting my boy neutered was a bit harder. Mostly because he usually does this to greet me:
I mean he is quite proud of his butt. Seriously. He shows it off as much as he can. It is quite hilarious to tell the truth. He also loves his status as a "ladies" dog. He reminds me of this:
However, there are also some health reasons to have your dog neutered and not just those hormones that frustrate behaviorally a non breeding dog. I mean they aren't human men (even though sometimes human men DO act like dogs... it's still NOT the same). 


The day came and with my mom's help (and input... don't let her denial fool anyone!) we decided to make the people at the clinic some cupcakes. I mean we do know them quite well there so I don't mind giving them something extra for taking good care of my boy.
The one with the chocolate covered peanuts had nuts in the cake. The one with the raisins was plain. Yes, there were tons of laughs and my mother blushed. I was just innocent taking my dog to the vet! Totally innocent!
Well, the boy came out of his surgery fine. I now have to keep him quiet.
*dies laughing*
Yea, right! Even the staff laughed at that directive. They were commenting on how active he was when he went into the clinic. The people in the waiting room even said *woah* when I was towed to the front door as fast as his doberman legs could carry him. Quiet? Quiet Riot is more like it! LOL

Well, that was my day. I'm now going to catch up to what I missed. It will take me a bit, but I will catch up hopefully by the afternoon. :) I'm actually writing this as he is napping (yes! but it won't last...)
How was your tuesday? :D


  1. OMG those cupcakes are GOLD! LOL! Poor little (big) guy - but you did the right thing!

  2. I wish your poor puppy (right, it's a very adult dog but still...) a speedy recovery and I agree, this selective surgery wasn't actually so selective if you have a female dog as well and you don't want to breed them.

    I loved the idea of cupcakes. You made the best of the occassion!

  3. Oh poor puppy! I hope he is starting to feel better. Sending my well wishes.

    Awesome idea with the cupcakes! Such a thoughtful and funny thank you gift for the vet :)

  4. Rob resisted having Romanov fixed for the longest time. Then we adopted Snowdoll and puppies later both Romanov and Snowdoll are fixed. Yaaaay!

    (I thought she was fixed when we adopted her. Imagine my surprise . . .)

  5. So glad everything went well ;) Amazing cupcakes!!!

  6. I'm glad your boy is on the mend - I love the cupcakes!!

  7. We have 2 boys and a girl in the house. You almost have to have everyone fixed just so that the energy level is just below completely insane max and instead just instead max. :)

    Glad his surgery went well and I am guessing he will still wiggle his but at you! That is how the boxer in our house greats--those boys with their stub tails--very proud LOL

  8. Those cupcakes are priceless! I'm so glad your boy's surgery went well. Here's to a speedy recovery.

  9. LOL! Love the cupcakes. Glad you dog is doing well :)

  10. Hahahahah those cupcakes are AMAZING! I bet the vet's office loved you for that:) It was really hard for me to get my boys neutered as well, I hate seeing them in the cone of shame:( And keeping the dogs quiet? Ridiculous. I wish you the best of luck with that, I'm so glad he's doing well!

  11. I resisted having Leo fixed until just after my honeymoon, when I went to the kennel and saw him standing there, all upset-looking, in a cage by himself. It seemed the kennel won't intermix fixed and not-fixed dogs. So we did the deed. I was so afraid his personality would change, but it never did. And he still humps his blankets when he's playing with his toys!

  12. @Belle... LOL Thanks! I know... it had to be done. :)

    @Anachronist... All dogs are puppies to me. :) The bigger.. the bigger the pup! :D My female is fixed, so there would be no pups anyway. :)

    @Nic...He's feeling much better... trust me. LOL

    @Satia...I just like to wait until the males are full adults. The Mal wasn't fixed when I got her and that in itself is a funny story... LOL (she's fixed now.)

    @animewookie... Thanks!

    @Michele... oh trust me... he is feeling good! LOL

    @Felicia...I get all my pups fixed. I just wait until they are adults. I could have done it last year, but it just didn't work out that way. Oh and yea... he is still proud of his butt! LOL BTW, energy level didn't change yet. LOL

    @Diana... Thanks! LOL

    @Savannah... Thanks! He's a handful right now.

    @Jenny... Oh they had a huge laugh at it! So far no cone of shame. He's been real good about stopping the licking if I tell him no. And nope... not quiet. :)

    @Robert... LOL So funny. So far getting my dogs fixed only changed my pit when I was a kid. He LOVED pillows and that stopped. LOL Otherwise, no change. :) Btw, Leo is such a cute pup!

  13. Oh well, if you female is fixed you must have had serious reasons to fix your puppy too. I've heard spayed animals (cats and dogs) tend to be physically weaker than normal ones - perhaps that's why they keep them separated in a kennel.

  14. @Anachronist... it isn't true. The reason they separate them is to prevent accidental mating. Then the kennel could be legally responsible. I have several reasons to neuter and are mostly health related. I also don't want to worry about accidental mating if I take him some place and so he can socialize (like in Robert's case). There are a few behavioral ones but it isn't agression in my dobe's case.

  15. I am glad he came out ok. But poor boy, not such a ladies man anymore ;)

  16. Melissa! You are a genius! Those cupcakes... *blushes and giggles*

    And... awe.. your poor guy. His butt is cute. No wonder he likes to show it off, and he *had* some pretty big bad boys, eh?

    I remember when I got Ozzie neutered. He just turned a year so he was still very bouncy and when the doctor told me to keep him calm I thought she must be crazy!

    I'll be praying for a fast recovery for both of you!

  17. Poor Puppy!! I bet he's feeling a little sorry for himself...however, I have to say the cupcakes are fantastic!! :)

    Hope he (and you) are feeling better soon and I'm sure he will continue to show his rather marvellous behind off before long! :)

  18. @Blodeuedd... well, he is still after the girls... so no change there yet. I guess no one told him he couldn't be a ladies man... LOL

    @Missie... ROFL! Big bad ones? Sure... I believe that blush! LOL

    @Mel...Well, he already showed his butt to me. After I brought him home and several times already today. Guess I didn't need to worry. He is still butt proud! :)

  19. So glad the little man is doing well. :) And the girls send their love. And say when he's ready they would love to come play for a little bit. ;D

    lol. LOVE the cupcakes! That is perfect. Gave me a great laugh here today. ;D

    Give the little man a few kisses and hugs from us.

    And I can't believe that's how he greats you! LOL! Toooo cute!

  20. *cough* OH MY GOD!!!!! He's proud of his 'boys' and mama made him get them cut off!!!!

    It's SO NOT funny... but the cupcakes... and the picture... I LOVE you! I'll laugh after!! Smootch him for me!!

  21. hahah Awhh! I love him! Seriously, he seems so awesome! Im glad he is doing well :)


  22. I am dying here! My Tuesday was not quite as lively as yours, with butt shots and racy cupcakes. What a dear puppy!

  23. @Melissa... if you asked him now, he'd say.. LET'S GO! He is still so into the ladies! ;)

    @Ashley... Yep.. momma is a meanie! :) He's still a flirt!

    @Michelle... doing a little too well! ;D

    @Stephanie... Ah... you should come over. I'll think of something to enliven your weekdays! XD Of course I'd be totally innocent of any embarrassment. ;)

  24. I am DYING at the cupcakes. I mean, wow. So awesome. :)

    I'm sure he will be a lot healthier and better-tempered now. My chow became an entirely different dog after the surgery.

  25. What a beautiful boy! And I am sure he will be much happier once he gets over having his pockets picked.

    And those cupcakes are priceless.

  26. @Ash... Thanks. ;) Oh and actually he has a great temperment already so I really don't expect much change. :)

    @Shaiha... LOL Pockets picked! Love that. :)


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