Monday, March 25, 2019

Sweet Baby Boy

I know this is a holiday pic, but it really does capture my boy. He was a sweetheart and always wanted to be kissed or just give kisses. And yea... he loved the ladies. 

I have been absent but if you haven't guessed why, I did lose my boy not too long after announcing he had kidney failure. We found out why. He had osteosarcoma. He must have been hiding more pain than I realized and it took him quickly. He died in my arms with the help of his thoughtful vet (he helped me at home so I didn't have to transport him to have it done). I still have tears in my eyes writing this and I miss him terribly. Monster pup also looked a bit lost without him.

While this went on I had two more losses in my family. So, obviously I needed a break. 

I will have a few reviews to post and I also wanted to upkeep the craft posts. 

I did have some good things happen as well. Monster pup has a new sister. Found her through a rescue group. It happened a bit sooner than I expected, but I really needed something positive. She did help with the grief.
She was pregnant and in a high kill shelter. She was picked up by the rescue and she traveled to my state. She lost half her babies and I think (by the vet reports I got) was probably neglected. She was pretty shut down when I got her but with monster pup's help she has blossomed and has assumed he role as princess of the house. I guess I'll dub her princess legs. LOL She is a dog my boy would have approved and my mom is convinced he sent her our way.