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What books I'm wishing to get or read!

A list of many of the crafts and reviews on the books on crafts I've done here.

Started with some Netflix reviews but includes other kinds of entertainment!

Audiobooks mostly, but any kind of audio review goes here!

A meme which was inspired by the contentious 2016 election and aftermath. The title started when I made a post about being on my soapbox and a marvel review in one post. 

Guest Posts by authors and bloggers.

Blog tours!

Books on my shelf I wanted to highlight. This one is sponsored by My World in Words and Pages blog!

Those book covers we like for a certain reason... πŸ˜‰. This one is no longer going on, but I thought I'd keep the meme button and link to the posts up. Geeky Bloggers Book Blog, On a Book Bender, Smitten with Reading and the Unread Reader were sponsors.

Heidi comes up with the questions... we come up with an answer!
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