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Aching for Always by Gwyn Cready Blog Tour

Aching for AlwaysFrom Fantastic Fiction:
RITA Award-winning author Gwyn Cready continues the 'sexy fun' (BookPage) of her charming time-travel adventures with a high-spirited tale of a modern-day mapmaker and the eighteenth-century English navy captain she can't resist.
Ambitious and feisty Josephine 'Joss' O'Malley has spent years fighting to keep her mother's map-making company alive. Just when she finds herself considering taking a risky next step with bad-boy entrepreneur Rogan Reynolds - whose generosity has helped keep the business afloat - Joss meets dark and mysterious Hugh Hawksmoor. Hugh's deft touch and old-world seduction stir Joss's desires like a storm at sea, and she has no clue that he has sailed three hundred years into the future to avenge the death of his brother at the hands of her father. Or that she holds the key to a map that will help him undo the destructive changes her father wrought in the past. When Hugh lures Joss into a treacherous journey through time, there's not a twenty-first-century trick that can save her. But when she applies her own instincts to a course she thought was set, she discovers that the high seas hold some scandalous surprises.
Along with mapmaking, Joss's mother was also an apt storyteller. She wove the story that Joss decided that would guide her through life. "The Beautiful Mapmaker" was that story. And with it, we also follow Joss's story in this book. That part I thought was brilliant. It gave you a guide to what was going on within the story and more importantly how Joss judged things in her life as good or bad. I also enjoyed the eventual pairing of Hugh and Joss. They make a good couple even when I wanted to kick Hugh in the butt for insisting that Joss be honest and trustworthy, but did not think he needed to be just that in return. The parts of himself he kept secret I would have thought had made Joss more suspicious, but yet, she trusted him wholly. I had a bit of a problem with that.

I also had a problem with the "bad" guy. Without giving too much away, I will say that his motives were absent. I just wasn't convinced that the one they found themselves running from was that evil. I think more of the story needed to be placed on his motives for being obsessed with Joss as well as wanting things to stay the same at all costs. In fact the one I couldn't stand throughout the book was Fiona and was hopeful it was her who was truly evil. She wasn't. In fact you could have lifted this person from the story and it would have ran even smoother. I could have seen a twist coming with this character, but the story ended without my twist.

I really wanted to love this book. I loved the way Hugh came to terms with his brother's death and the way the story followed her mother's stories so well. However, I just couldn't get into the ending. Twists and turns that I thought might come never did. Yes, that would have made it predictable, but it was better than a let down and not being able to put evil with the bad guy. The HEA just wasn't as satisfying because of that.

I give this book 3 stars. Other than what I felt was it's failings, I did enjoy most of the story.

Win the Kate Spade Leopard bag from Gwyn Cready! For a promotion for her upcoming book, "Aching for Always". Just go HERE to get all the details. You can also go to to get to the contest page. Contest ends Oct. 4th. Good luck!

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Venom by Jennifer Estep (Elemental Assassin #3)

Venom (Elemental Assassin, Book 3)From Goodreads:
It's hard to be a badass assassin when a giant is beating the crap out of you. Luckily, I never let pride get in the way of my work. My current mission is personal: annihilate Mab Monroe, the Fire elemental who murdered my family. Which means protecting my identity, even if I have to conceal my powerful Stone and Ice magic when I need it most. To the public, I'm Gin Blanco, owner of Ashland's best barbecue joint. To my friends, I'm the Spider, retired assassin. I still do favors on the side. Like ridding a vampire friend of her oversized stalker—Mab's right-hand goon who almost got me dead with his massive fists. At least irresistible Owen Grayson is on my side. The man knows too much about me, but I'll take my chances. Then there's Detective Bria Coolidge, one of Ashland's finest. Until recently, I thought my baby sister was dead. She probably thinks the same about me. Little does she know, I'm a cold-blooded killer . . . who is about to save her life. 
 This is one action packed 3rd book in this series. I read this one quickly and can't wait for the next one. Oh what to say without spoiling it? Well, as the blurb states, she is helping Roslyn while getting her and her friends into it deeper with Mab Monroe, the baddest elemental out there (so far). She also finds her long lost sister, Bria and finds it hard to reconnect. Especially since she is the new detective taking Donovan Caine's place.

I also have to say a little bit about Owen Grayson. He is Gin's new love interest and I am squeeing! I admit I did not like Donovan Caine and the way he treated Gin. I am SO much happier with Owen. They compliment each other so much better. I could have used a bit more Owen in the story, but I suspect we will see more of him in the next installment of this series.

Okay, I've said as much as I dare. I enjoyed this book so much and I give it 5 stars. It is a great fast paced urban fantasy. You don't have to have read the others in the series to enjoy this one, but I suggest you do just because I have really enjoyed all the books so far!

I was given this ebook by the author and no compensation for my review was received. Oh, and the book is published today! Go get your copy now. :)

Stick around on Oct. 5 for a guest blog post by the author, Jennifer Estep and a giveaway. Yes, it will mostly be a US giveaway, but one part I've planned will be international! Finally, I'm going international a little bit. :)

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Forever Cover Revealed!

This is the last book in the Shiver Trilogy! I admit, I like the red.

You can preorder a signed copy from HERE. That is the Fountain Bookstore in VA (an independent bookstore).

I just now need to make time to read Linger. *sigh* I'm so behind on my own books! :)

Oh, and you can add this one to my Wishlist!

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A Couple of Surprising Banned Books

While it seems that people are claiming to...

It really makes you wonder if that is what they are doing. What are their real motives? Seems to me that keeping things in shadow only fosters bad and illicit behavior. Those things thrive in the shadows. However, their claims for doing what the vid announces it comes to a couple of bans I thought were laughable... Those would be...

Yep! Dictionaries! Those darn words. You never know where they may lead. Perhaps we should just ban speech? But then again, I wouldn't have minded this ban when I had homework and had to look up things in the dictionary! Just think of all that wasted time!

Oh, and not to be outdone, This wasn't the only dictionary to be banned... Don't forget...
Because you can't have one ban without banning the other big dictionary company. You know they share words... who knows what else they share???

Oh, I need to play that vid again...

Any laughable books you have found that was banned?

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Banned Book: Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

Davey has never felt so alone in her life. Her father is dead—shot in a holdup—and now her mother is moving the family to New Mexico to try to recover.
Climbing in the Los Alamos canyon, Davey meets the mysterious Wolf, who can read Davey’s “sad eyes.” Wolf is the only person who seems to understand the rage and fear Davey feels.
Slowly, with Wolf’s help, Davey realizes that she must get on with her life. But when will she be ready to leave the past behind and move toward the future? Will she ever stop hurting?
Who hasn't been affected by Judy Blume at one time in their life? Tiger Eyes is a book that I remember as a kid. I loved this book. It's about loss. Not just the loss of her father through death but with her sense of safety, sense of normal. She meets a mysterious stranger named, Wolf whom she falls for, but more importantly she is helped by this person. Wolf helps her realize that life is worth living and the future can hold more than just sorrow. He helps her to feel again and not just try to live in a world that is numb.

I can't believe that this book is a part of the banned books list. But then again, I can't believe that most books on that list are banned. This book was obviously good enough to have stayed with me for many years. I recommend this book for anyone that hasn't read Judy Blume and wants to read one. I also recommend it for banned books week.

I also recommend:

Of course this one is a bit of a no brainer, but again, an important book that has been banned for one stupid reason or another.

So, what banned books do you remember? Which one's stood out in your mind? Which one's shocked you when you found out they were banned?

Lists of Frequently Banned books.

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On My Wishlist...

Shadowspell (Faeriewalker #2) by Jenna Black
(to be published Jan, 4, 2011)

From Goodreads:
The Erlking and his pack of murderous minions have descended upon Avalon. The smoldering and deadly Erlking has his sights set on Dana and her rare Faeriewalker powers—but does he only seek to kill her, or does he have something much darker in mind?
I enjoyed the first book, Glimmerglass, and this looks like a great sequel to that book!

So, what are you wishing for this week?

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Book Blogger Hop!

First, I'd like to express condolences to Jennifer Rardin's family, friends and fans on her recent passing. I have the Jaz Parks series in my tbr and was itching to get to them. Information on memorials and her books, please go to her site,

Book Blogger Hop

And since there was another huge story on books, and with book banning week coming up, my question to you: Have you done anything for #speakout? Mine is HERE.

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If you may have noticed this little graphic posted on the blog... yes, I'm planning on a Halloween giveaway. It's still TBA as I am waiting on a few things. So, do stay tuned. In the meantime, any suggestions? ;)

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Sins of the Soul by Eve Silver (Otherkin #2)

Sins of the Soul (Hqn)From Goodreads:
Alastor Krayl’s world shattered when he learned that his father was the Underworld god of chaos and evil. All that saved him from self-destruction were his newfound brothers and the bond they shared as soul reapers. So when one of his brothers is murdered, vengeance becomes Alastor’s obsession. And the enigmatic Naphré Kurata, a witness—or is she the killer?—has the answers he seeks. 
A reluctant Underworld enforcer, Naphré trusts no one, especially not a seductive soul reaper who makes her burn with lust. Torn between duty and desire, she fights to keep her secrets safe from Alastor, even as she longs to surrender.
 This one starts off shortly after the first books cliffhanger. In this one we are reading the romance between two reluctant characters, Alastor and Naphré. Two characters who find it hard to trust in another and in their surroundings. Both are bound by certain paranoia and a need for control. This draws them together but also keeps them at arms distance. So, quite a bit of the book is very frustrating, however it does make sense.

As fast paced as the first book was, I was expecting the same from this one as well. Unfortunately, the beginning did seem to drag on a bit. However, the last half of the book made it worthwhile. I really enjoyed that part of the book. These two characters were made for each other and it was fun to find out how simular they really were. How their lives took on different directions, but they seemed to come to simular conclusions.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I do recommend this book, but really suggest you read the first in the series before picking up this one. You get more clues as to what is going to happen within the story and I have a few ideas I'm not going to share. This book also concluded a bit better than the first, so I didn't end up shaking my fist. The next in the series, Sins of the Flesh, should prove to be very interesting indeed. I also love this book because so far all of the heroines in the stories are women of mixed race. I just wish they included them on the cover.

I obtained this ebook through Harlequin and Net Galley. I did not receive any compensation for my review.

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On My Wishlist...

Little Red and the Wolf by Alison Page

From Goodreads:
Maizie Hood struggles to keep her bakery turning a profit, her landlord from evicting her, and her dear Granny in a nursing facility. Wrestling with the decision to sell Gran’s cottage is hard enough. The last thing she needs is her childhood big-bad-wolf nightmares turning into real-life adult fantasies. Sexy businessman Gray Lupo’s sudden interest just makes matters worse. Is he the answer to her problems, or just a wolf in gentleman’s Armani?

Since his wife was killed twenty-one years ago, Gray’s life has been focused on two things: protecting the pack and avoiding the grown daughter of his wife’s killers. When it becomes clear he can’t do one without compromising the other, Gray finds playing “big bad wolf” to Maizie Hood’s “Little Red” is a role he enjoys far more than he expected.

A real bad wolf’s attack on Maizie changes everything. Gray can’t deny the pull she has on his instincts—and his heart. Suddenly he finds himself taking on a role he never thought he’d want, as her protector and mate. Until the truth about his connection to her nightmarish past comes to light…

Steel by Carrie Vaughn (to be published March 1, 2011)

From Goodreads:

When Jill, a competitive high school fencer, goes with her family on vacation to the Bahamas, she is magically transported to an early eighteenth century pirate ship in the middle of the ocean.

So, what is on your wishlist?

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Blogmania Winners!!!

I've got winners for Blogmania!!

The winner of the Spooky Pooky Amazing Package is...
Velvet H-confirmed
I am SO jealous of the winner! ;)

For those that have not done so, please go to Alexz's blog and follow her. She is amazing, about to get married (so you know there will be great pics of that), and very creative. Go NOW! ;)

Now the winner for the Red Dobie Designs:

For the YA Giveaway the winner is...
Kit E. (

The winner for the Adult Vampy Giveaway is...
Wendy H- Confirmed

All winners were chosen by, and have been contacted by e-mail. They now have 72 hours to confirm or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks for playing I hope everyone had fun. Now, I haven't decided what I'll do next. Have a celebration for the # followers or just celebrate Halloween. Hmm... any suggestions? :)

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Follow Friday!

I primarily review YA and adult PNR, UF. I also sometimes blog about things that interest me or stuff I've done art or craft wise. :) And you?

Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison Free on Kindle!

Shadow FallJust in case you haven't heard, Shadow Fall is free for a limited time for the Kindle or kindle app. Goes great with the B&N freebie of Shadow Bound last month!

The direct link to get the free book is HERE!


Blue Nude by Elizabeth Rosner Blog Tour

Blue Nude: A NovelFrom Elizabeth's website:
Born in the shadow of post-war Germany, Danzig is a once prominent painter who now teaches at an art institute in San Francisco. But while Danzig shares wisdom and technique with students, his own canvasses remain empty, for reasons he doesn’t understand. One day, he and his class begin sketching a new model, a young woman named Merav, the Israeli-born granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor and herself a former art student. Danzig is immediately taken with her exceptional beauty, sensing that she may be the muse he has been missing. Challenged by Danzig’s German accent, Merav must decide how to overcome her fears. Before they can create anything new together, both artist and model are forced to examine the history that they carry. 
Blue Nude recounts the events that bring Danzig and Merav together, including their disparate upbringings, their respective creative awakenings, and their similarly painful, often catastrophic, love lives. Using words to paint the landscapes of body and soul, Rosner conveys the art of survival, the complexity of history, the form of exile, the shape of desire, and the color of intimacy. Blue Nude is the narrative equivalent of a masterpiece of fine art. 
For those of you new to my website and are wondering why am I reviewing this and not something paranormal, don't worry. This is primarily a paranormal website, but I do on occasion try different books. Last time it was a chick lit book, this time it's a character study. Not just of the two main characters of Danzig and Merav, but of those that had the biggest impact in their lives.

I first wanted to read this book because it had something to do with painting and the art world. I have gone to life drawing classes where you draw the nude figure. I was enthralled with  Elizabeth's description on how Danzig ran his class. Now, I wouldn't have called my art teacher cruel, but he certainly was intimidating. So, I readily identified with his students. I also identified with Merav when she described very accurately on how it feels to be a model. I have modeled, but only fully clothed. It is still disconcerting to have eyes staring at you as you expose all those flaws you know the average person doesn't notice. As if they are deconstructing you and constructing you to find your essence. It's a bit unnerving until you see the result. If it is a good drawing or bad, it doesn't matter. You soon realize that no matter how much scrutinizing someone does they cannot find your essence, the deep dark part of who you are unless you let them. They still see only the surface and themselves. All this was better described in the lyrical and visual language Elizabeth uses.

Unfortunately, for me, the magic of the book stopped there. The character study went on and I found myself not being able to find compassion or any connection to Danzig. He was just too selfish and self-centered to have a big impact on me. In fact, I didn't like him at all until you get to the character study of his sister. Even then I only softened a little. The others in the book are interesting, but yet still fail to really draw me into their lives. I have also decided that I will not rate this book as I have others, but will state that this book just wasn't for me. I think those that want to perhaps explore your more literary sense might enjoy this. Although I did like the visual sense the author gave, I just couldn't enjoy her characters.

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Welcome to my Blogmania Giveaway! I have two groups of giveaways. You may enter only one, both if you wish. Just click the appropriate box in the entry form below. Good luck and have lots of fun!
Click on ANY picture to enlarge it. 
Due to shipping costs, all contests on this blog are US only. HUGE apologies to the international sweet and loving people (did that get me out of trouble???).

First, I'd like to introduce you to the artist Alexz's group of prizes. She has done an outstanding job and if you want to know more about her and missed the interview, just click HERE to see it. She is amazing. Her group includes a story about a man who became a ghost. The story she made will be included with the artwork that only the winner will get to read.
The whole prize pack she values at $100 (although I personally think it's worth so much more): Click on pictures to enlarge them.

A portrait of the man, himself:

His ghost plushie:

And his whole story within a curio cabinet. 

Just click on any picture to get a closer look. After you enter, do go to her blog, Spooky Pooky Creations and see what else she has going on!
She also has a Etsy Store called: Alexz Creations Check it out!
Artist's Interview (to find out more about her)


The second group is from me. I had planned on doing something more artistic, but you know how time goes when you get to doing other things. :) I sell things I make on occasion in my Etsy store. You can see what I have when you visit the blog and look to the right top on the sidebar. So, these are the things I'm offering...
Click on pictures to enlarge them.

YA Giveaway:
Brainy Sock Monster~ He's just here to help whenever you need some extra brains. He's happy to be of service! (not suitable for very young kids due to small parts)
Mermaid Tibetan Silver bookmark
Crystal Heart ribbon Necklace (looks like a winter fae prince has left his heart here for you!)
Yes, adults can enter this giveaway. ;)

Adult Vampy Giveaway:
Embroidered and Painted Book Bag (design by
Mass Paperback Book Cover w/luscious blood red floral interior
1.5" Choker showing where your vampy sweetie has bitten you (adjustable)

Well, that is all... all that is left to do is enter! Please enter by filling out the provided form. Have fun and enjoy the prizes! 

If for an odd reason the form is not showing up, then just click HERE. Otherwise leave a comment with your e-mail addy along with which or both giveaways you'd like to have. Don't forget to let me know if you are a follower. That is an extra entry. 

You came from Book Whore
The Next after my blog is Books R Us

The list of blogs is HERE

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for playing!

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Blogfest Winners!!

...or at least to 4 winners... :)

The winner of the YA Pack (which was the most popular group) is...
Emily @ What Book is That?-confirmed

The winner of the Mass Paperback Group (the 2nd most popular) is...
librarypat -Confirmed 

The winner of the ... Oh Those Men Authors is...
Steve C-Confirmed

The winner of The Unusual Subjects is...
TJOC jessica-Confirmed

All winners have been contacted and now have 72 hours to confirm and send me information.

Hope everyone had fun! Stick around another giveaway is coming up shortly! :)
note: all winners were picked by

Dracula in Love by Karen Essex

Dracula in LoveFrom Goodreads:

Karen Essex turns on the heat in this transporting and darkly haunting new tale of love and possession that puts forth the question: What if everything you knew about Dracula . . . was wrong? 

From the shadowy banks of the River Thames to the wild and windswept coast of Yorkshire, the quintessential Victorian virgin Mina Murray vividly recounts in the pages of her private diary the intimate details of what transpired between her and Count Dracula—the joys and terrors of a passionate affair and her rebellion against a force of evil that has pursued her through time. 
Mina’s version of this timeless gothic vampire tale is a visceral journey into the dimly lit bedrooms, mist-filled cemeteries, and locked asylum chambers where she led a secret life, far from the chaste and polite lifestyle the defenders of her purity, and even her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, expected of her. 
Bram Stoker’s classic novel was only one side of the story. Now, for the first time, Dracula’s eternal muse reveals all. What she has to say is more sensual, more devious, and more enthralling than ever imagined. The result is a scintillating gothic novel that reinvents the tragic heroine Mina as a modern woman tor tured by desire.
 This book is told completely through Mina's eyes. No longer a secondary character for the men to build themselves on, but a fully formed person in her own right trying to find her way in Victorian England. Born a poor Irish child, Mina learns that there is a way to improve her station set in life and that is to learn everything she can at a boarding school to find a husband of society. After abandonment by her own parents, this is a welcome ideal even if it means suppressing her more "wild" nature that tormented her parents. She soon captures the heart of Jonathan Harker and they become engaged. However, a muse of sorts keeps pestering Mina in her dreams until she wonders if this is all life has to offer. Of course, this  part is familiar to those that loved the book, Dracula, but there are also different characters involved. Kate Reed, Mina's journalistic friend and even Bram Stoker himself join the cast. These characters are necessary to place our main characters within both familiar and unfamiliar territory within the book.

This book is also not just about vampires and myth. It also holds some very real and historic issues of women of that day. Karen Essex makes it clear that the danger Mina and her female comrades face are not with preternatural "demons" but at the very hands of mortal men, some who had promised protection. Also, I found that it also speaks a bit (although lightly) about the power that was stripped away from women in some of the old traditions and religious practices. Mina rediscovers these myths and find them alive in England, but very watered down and misunderstood. Some of the myths even used as diagnosis in the "scientific" practices of Dr. Stewart and Dr. Van Helsing. I found this part to be historically accurate as well as interesting.

All in all I do give this book 4 stars. I had to take away a star because of the ending. It just didn't make sense to me. In fact, I feel that the ending could make some people not completely enjoy the book. However, taking it as a whole and not just an ending, I'd have to say that the book was well written and I really enjoyed the way she was able to add elements as well as change what we thought we knew about Dracula himself.

Here is a short video of Karen Essex talking about writing Dracula in Love

I'd like to thank Doubleday publishing for providing me with a copy of this book. No compensation was given for my review.

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Blogmania Artist Interview!!!

I hope you are as excited as I am about the artist who agreed to give a wonderful prize package to one winner. Actually, I hope you are more excited than I am since you get to enter and I don't. :( (okay, I'm done whining now... lol) So, to get to know her a bit better I thought I'd ask a few questions and give you a little insight into this talented person.

What is your favorite medium to work in? Let’s see, that is a tough question. I love all the mediums I work in but mostly, mixed media projects seem to be the ones I return to the most. In particular, curio cabinets are my preferred method of expression. The pieces start out as a collection of junk that grow into a life of their own and the story is born as the creation of the cabinet occurs. Creating characters to inhabit the space is the best part!

In your opinion, why does Spooky and Cute just seem to go together? To be honest, I love all things horror and scary. However, I understand that this does not appeal to everybody. In fact, too much gore or violence gets to me too. So how can I bring the fun and adventure of horror stories and scary creatures to people without frightening them? Make the stories and creatures cute, of course! Taking things that would normally be horrifying or grotesque and making them cute is not only fun, it can be a real challenge. And who can resist a cuddly Cthulhu or charming yeti?

What made you think of combining those two ideas? I have always loved both themes! I grew up watching Tim Burton moviesclassic horror films and listening to Meat Loaf, all which revolve around cult, Halloween and terror themes. (Yes, I was a strange child!) But I also loved all Disney films and I am absolutely fascinated by Walt Disney. Not to mention, my mother loves Halloween and instilled the same passion within me. With the influence of all those people, Spooky Pooky was born and so was my style.

What is it about the Yeti that you love so much? Cryptozoology has always been a love of mine. The idea of strange creatures existing in the world that have yet to be discovered is totally intriguing. I drew my yeti, whose name just happens to be Waddell by the way, as a quick doodle for a quick project. He turned into my favorite sketch ever for some unknown reason. Soon after, a friend crocheted a version of Waddell for me and then I began receiving more and more. The more I get, the more I love them!

Since this blog has ended up as a book review site, what is your favorite book? Oh gosh! I am the daughter of a children’s librarian so books are in my blood! Ronald Dahl was my favorite author, and to this day I still love The BFG. Even at 24 years old, I love young adult books like Coraline, the May Bird series as well as the Ghost Girl series. Alice in Wonderland is on the top of my list as well. On the contrary, I love true crime books and my favorite book of all time is Helter Skelter. The story haunts me still. I love true haunted stories andhorror stories as well as any classics. Sorry, it is impossible for me to list just one book!

If you were to write a book what would you call it? Spooky Pooky: You Never can be Too Sure About the Girl.

What other things are you wanting to do with your art? I have so many hopes and dreams! I would love to try my hand at stop-motion animation someday. I am currently working on a children’s book centered around my yeti. I have discovered so many new mediums just this year and I hope to continue on that path. Above all else, my number one desire is to touch people, even if only a few, with my art for the rest of my life.

Tell us about what you made for the giveaway. As I mentioned, my art often takes on a life of it’s own. Being a paranormal book theme, the whole project turned into a ghostly premise. I am saving the full story for the winner, but I can tell you all that the entire package revolves around a shy but friendly ghost formerly known as Heathcliff. Heathcliff leads a lonely life, living in a 19th century library. His only friends are those that he reads about in the books on the shelves of the very building he haunts. The winner of this giveway will be receiving a Heathcliff plush, a Haunted library inspired curio cabinet, and a mixed media wall art portrait of Heathcliff’s likeness before he died in an unfortunate accident.

If you would like to see what Alexz has for us then just click on the Paranormal Book Maniacs icon to go to the Blogmania page!

Links for Alexz:

Alexz Blog
Alexz Creations (her Etsy Shop)