Saturday, September 3, 2011

On My Wishlist...

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Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
tbp: Dec. 6, 2011
A love so strong, even eternity can’t separate them.

Evie Starling has lived a relatively uneventful life hanging out with friends, gossiping about boys, and driving her 1966 Mustang. All of that changes when she moves to Gunnison, Colorado, to start college and meets two mysterious men.

For centuries, Alex Night and Emil Stone have yearned for Evie—but they each have their own reasons for wanting to be with her. When both men claim to be her soul mate and tell her about an unbelievable past, Evie learns that she’s not the person she thought she was. Soon, Evie finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between the Amaranthine Society—the soul protectors, and the Daevos Resistance—the soul destroyers. With a past she doesn’t understand, and a future rife with danger, Evie has to decide who she can trust. But Alex and Emil aren’t the only ones who want Evie, and her soul is about to become the rope in an eternal tug-of-war.

Shadow City by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Horngate Witches #3
tbp: Dec. 27, 2011
The world is falling apart. The magical apocalypse has come. Now is the time to guard the covenstead against both raiders and refugees. But Max has been stolen by a powerful demi-god who is determined to force her to find a way to use a magical power she never knew she had—even if it kills her. Meanwhile, back in Horngate, a Fury is birthing. When the creature breaks free of the fragile bonds that enclose her, her rage will scour the covenstead from the earth.

Max finds herself in the Shadow City, a place of mysteries and magic, where she must battle for her freedom or become a slave to creatures of dreadful greed and power. Back in Horngate, Alexander must swallow his anger and pride if he hopes to defeat the Fury, a creature that no one has ever successfully fought before.

In the end, it will be courage, friendship, faith and loyalty that win the day. Or else so one will live to see tomorrow.

Dark Companion by Marta Acosta
tbp: June, 2012
Dark Companion, a contemporary Gothic with a mild fantasy/paranormal element, pays homage toJane Eyre and other classic Gothic novels.

Small, plain Jane Williams, a high-achieving foster girl, jumps at the chance to escape her violent neighborhood when she is offered a full-scholarship to the exclusive Birch Grove Academy for Girls. She's even given living quarters, the old groundskeeper's cottage in a grove of birches. The classes are amazing, the campus is lovely, and the other students are bright and inquisitive. The headmistress's family -- including her handsome sons -- is especially friendly.

It all seems too good to be true. But the longer Jane stays at Birch Grove, the more questions she has about another scholarship girl who mysteriously left the school. What price is Jane willing to pay to get the security and safety she's always wanted?

By a Thread by Jennifer Estep
Elemental Assassin #6
tbp: Feb. 28, 2012
Gin Blanco never thought she’d need a vacation from being an assassin. But a few weeks ago, she killed Mab Monroe, her nemesis and the most powerful Fire elemental in Ashland. Now, all the city’s lowlifes are trying to make a name for themselves by taking out the Spider. So she heads south to a swanky beach town, along with her baby sister, Bria, for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when an old friend of Bria’s is threatened by a powerful vampire with deadly elemental magic, it looks like Gin will have to dig the silverstone knives out of her suitcase after all. But this time, her special powers might not be enough to prevent her from coming home in a pine box…
YEA! #6! Sweet!

So, what is on your wishlist this week?


  1. Oh, so many yummy books there. I want to jump in and rip them out of your hands as soon as you get them! I've just bought the first of the horngate witches myself and i'm looking forward to catching up with the series! :)

  2. I don't know...ladies with swords are getting a bit old. I suppose I will be waiting for your reviews.

  3. I have the first 4 books in the Elemental Assassin series but haven't read them yet. The series sounds so good, I can't wait to read it! Hope you get to read these soon :)

    On my Wishlist

  4. Something gothic/Jane Eyre-ish? I'm there, so the Acosta book is on my wishlist now. :)

    I can't believe we're up to #6 in the EA series! I feel like it just started a year or so ago. I don't think I've read #4 yet. I need to go look now, hrmph.

    Great list!

    My Wishlist

  5. I'm looking forward to Eternal Starling as well and Dark Companion sounds great.

    On My Wishlist

  6. Ooooh Dark Compassion looks freaking awesome doesn't it?!

  7. How HOT is Gin looking on that cover. I thought I was up to date on that series, but looks like I missed book #5. Might be a sign I'm reading way too many series? LOL

  8. I'm torn between Eternal Starling and Dark Companion. I'll just read both!

  9. Ooh I like the look and sound of Dark Companion.

  10. @Christie... #5 is coming out soon! It hasn't been published yet. :)

  11. I want By A Thread too!! Gin is amazing.

  12. So many fantastic books! I am especially love the sound of Eternal Starling. Thanks for making my wishlist grow :)

  13. @Melissa, Oh cool. I'm only a little behind. Just checked Goodreads (how I love that website) & I haven't read #4 either. I read the first three one right after the other so it is all a hazy reading blur LOL Ordering #4 today so i can get caught up for #5 :)

  14. I don't know about Eternal Starling... It sounds a bit too much like Lauren Kate's Fallen series for me. But... I love the sounds of Dark Companion!

  15. Never heard of Eternal Starling! Adding it! I love the synposis!

  16. Hm, these all sound great. And Jennifer is up to the 6th book already? Wow. I'm really backed up. I have to say I do love her covers. Thanks for the great list, now you have to get them all and tease me with them. ;D

  17. Dooood, really? Boosting an epic love triangle in Eternal Starling is not the way to get me hooked, but that cover is freaking gorgeous!

    But the book kind of sounds like The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller. Have you read that one yet? It was an okay read for me.

    Looking forward to some of these other ones as well. Poor bank account.


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