Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Anachronist Style

You know, I was finally granted that platinium card I'd been applying for so long (yes I hear your envious groans, do groan some more!). Melissa was driving really hard bargain but she is not totally merciless and with so many guys around it's good to have a female support from time to time. Anyhow in exchange I had to contribute to OUR harem. As I am called Anachronist not without a reason I chose historical fiction book - A Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss.
A Conspiracy of Paper: A Novel
The main character of this book, Benjamin Weaver, really caught my imagination. He is a man who can take care of himself and, being a former boxer and a highwayman, he is not afraid of a fight. He is also suprisingly well-groomed (the book is set at the beginning of the 18th century when lice and STDs were rampant) and has a great sense of humour. I was really brokenhearted when he didn't get a HEA so I decided to console him by inviting him to Melissa's and my fantastic harem (hereinafter called simply the harem but now you know who the owners are).

So, who do I see as Benjamin? John Abraham is my pick. Benjamin was of Jewish descend and his family came from Portugal... so the guy impersonating him must be dark and here you go...isn't he lovely?
And not only face of course :
How do you like him?
Psst.... It's Mel. Before many of you get upset thinking that I have caved and am now sharing my harem... let me put your fears and jealousies to rest. Anachronist was insisting on doing this meme. I mean who am I to throw away an opportunity to add to my harem? I mean.. look at that guy? I'm not passing that up. The platinum card is real, but it is the size of a wall intended to keep Anachronist on the other side of the harem. Oh, you should have seen the guys work on that wall. Sweaty, muscles bulging. *sigh* It was such a good sight to see! *rawr*
So, shhhh... don't tell her. I hold the only key to the harem! ;) Nope, I don't share! :D


  1. How lucky that you get to share Melissa's man harem! John Abraham is a great pick! I don't think he is a great actor but he is definitely hot! :)

  2. Hahaha Mel you've got me laughing out loud at my desk - not good! ;)

    Hey look, over there! No, thataway! No, no, OVER THERE!

    *steals key to man harem*

  3. Psssst Mel you are so wicked ;)

    *normal voice*
    Good work Ana, I am sure you will play with the harem soon enough.

    And that guy is a total hottie!

  4. Anachronist, awesome pick. I like the last pic YUM! And a guy that has a sense of humour is important.

    Melissa, one of these days I am going to steal your harem ;)

  5. LOL now I am seriously laughing my head off!

    Your reaction, girls exceeded my expectations, really! The guys are not worth all this trouble, stealing keys and so on...JUST ASK.

    My pick is certainly not a great actor but it wasn't the reason I chose him in the first place ;)

  6. That last picture is to die for. Soooooo yummy.

  7. Anachronist: 'Oh you devious creature, how dared you to close my way with a platinium wall!

    Melissa: mwuahahahahaha!

    Pst, pst, if you believe Melissa told you the WHOLE truth about our little deal you don't know her or you are truly is not in my interest to reveal all details so...

  8. @Misha... *COUGH* yea.. share... *COUGH*

    @Belle... Aw... you didn't have to steal that key, I don't mind letting you use the public restroom... ;)

    @Blodeuedd... *evil laugh*

    @Nic...Well, you realize it is more than the key that gets you into the harem... ;D

    @Anachronist...True... anachronist's keys are very stealable... no problems.

    @My Keeper... Shirtless pics always are!

    @Anachronist (again).... Whole truth? Oh no dear... I never said I'd share, it's all your delusions of man flesh, I'm afraid.

  9. Personally I find the cat much more appealing.

  10. WOOT! Look at Antichrist getting in on the book boyfriend action! AWESOME!

    PS: We took Melissa's keys and switched out the lock so everyone has access to her harem but her :)

    shhhhhh don't tell!

  11. I have heard this was a good book. Adding it to me to-read list!

  12. *snickersnort*

    You two are funny!

    Good to know Benjamin doesn't have STDs! That is always appreciated when adding to the harem.

    If Benjamin needs more consoling, I'm available. Yummy pick for him.

  13. LOL Melissa when it was last time you checked your key? The cat is of course the best and poor Melissa is now a co-owner of her harem with an Antichrist!!!!

    I seriously think about changing my moniker now...

  14. @...Petty... I'll keep you away from Grim... ;D

    @Felicia.. If it was that easy, I wouldn't keep a harem. Keep those keys as a souvenir from me. ;D

    @Missie... consoling? For? He's all settled in at the harem. :)

  15. @anachronist... Oh dear... you all may keep the keys. I hope you enjoy them. They are quite shiny aren't they. :D

  16. Well, Melissa's harem is staggering so even if she holds the only key, I'd still be pretty excited to be in even close proximity with them. If you could just drill a little peep hole in the wall so we could see through occasionally?

  17. LOL! I want to see the guy build the wall. I could probably sit there for hours just watching him work!

  18. I love it! Does this mean a revolving door has been installed on the man-harem? :)

  19. @Jenny... the peep hole would only show anachonist interior. It's at her domicile and not near the harem. :D

    @Savannah... Oh it was lovely.... I'll send you pics! ;D

    @Mel... No. ;D lol

  20. Anachronist, you never told me of the harem. It sounds like Mel possibly sewed your mouth shut about it though LOL...or maybe locked it with her key.

    Could I tell you though, I'm truly drooling over that second pic. That guy is so DEEPLY sexy *wipes drool from face* prrrrr...

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  21. Hmmm...Hot Harem---and here I've been stuck offline for all this time without a drop of Harem Hard Candy-Seems kinda unfair, doncha think?

    TeeHee! Selfish Harem holders! Must agree that second picture was drool-worthy :p


  22. Jen we do have a kind of agreement with Mel here - I PRETEND that I have a buch of false keys and I am kept behind a platinium wall (the mere idea...but what do you want, poor Mel must keep up the appearances and I am in no position to disturb her, quite the opposite in fact!) and she lets me in...I couldn't talk too much because you know, it's OUR private harem, limited access even to peep holes... ;))))

    Kristi thanks for your candid assessment of the second pic. I know what you mean!

  23. @Jen...*hands bib* ;)

    @Kristi...Thanks! Check out Missie's list for more hotties! :)

    @Anachronist... uh... you know saying something just doesn't make it true. I will leave you to your delusions, however.

    @Ashley... Yum indeed! :)

    @Alyssa... Hee hee.. are you and Ashley hungry? ;D

  24. Can I just say how funny it was that the picture of the cat was directly after the two glamor shots? Was I the only one wondering what was going on for a split second before I figured it out?

  25. lol. You two are going to be sneaking around that Harem a lot! Alone! lol

    Great pick Anachronist!

  26. How generous of both of you to share! I don't know if I could bear to let anyone else have my men. But there is enough to go around, eh?

  27. @Ruby...I'm still trying to figure it out. ;)

    @Melissa and Stephanie... I thought you both knew me?! I don't share.. you should know that by now.. ;D (check my note at the bottom of the post..) Oh and there is never enough!

  28. Rubita the cat was just a part of the fun, you've got some sharp eyes!

    Melissa (My World...) - thank you!

    StephanieD - oh we are not very generous but enough to let you see the goodies!

    Melissa my dear, face the inevitable...;)))) I am in!


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