Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

Trace of Fever (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)Oh this weeks Book Boyfriend is Trace Rivers from Trace of Fever by Lori Foster. He is one smexy man who is loyal to his sister (sometimes too overprotective if you ask her), committed to bringing down the human traffickers who hurt his sister. He also loves animals and is smoking hot. I mean do we need to know more??? ;)

Hm... so what could Trace look like... well, I stumbled upon this pic and thought... yes!

Yep, happened right after Priss threw him in the lake. Ah, my poor Trace. I'll help him up and take him to my harem. Poor baby! ;)

So, who is new in your man harem this week?? 


  1. I am jealous of your man harem. I think I might stare at that shirtless pic all day!

  2. Swoon. If those shorts were just a bit lower... *blush*

  3. Can I share your man harem?
    That picture is making me swoon.

  4. What a nice start to Wedensday - peering enviously at your man harem...yummy! :)

  5. I suppose as one of the perks of writing reviews for this lovely blog I should be given a membership card to your harem, Melissa. A platinium one I mean. ;) Lovely addition, I approve.

  6. *jaw drops* I wanna take him home ;)

  7. Sweet! One more great reason for me to start reading this series and fast.

  8. I *swoon* for Trace! I am looking forward to his sister's story though. Can't wait to see what Jackson brings to the table LOL

  9. TRACE! I almost picked him this week! Love your choice of pictures. I would gladly offer to help him dry off. I could just slide under those arms and pet him with a towel. Yum.

  10. I think this just started off my morning right! Yes, indeed!!

  11. HOLY HELL!


    I'd gladly throw him in the water too! Just to see him wet.

    Thanks for that picture Mel. Don't tell, but I gonna make a copy for my wallet. LOL

  12. @Nic... move along miss... ;D lol

    @Belle... *shocked look* You betray your innocent looking icon... ;)

    @Misha... Answer: No. ;D

    @Mel... I know. Wed are nice. :)

    @anachronist... Keep trying... keep trying...

    @Blodeuedd... NO! *pets Trace*

    @ChrisS... Oh yes... he is a good reason.

    @Felicia... I'm not convinced about Jackson, so I wanna know what he is like!

    @Jenny...Back off lady... *giggle*

    @Savannah... *giggles*

    @Missie... I might tell. He might not like it and then "punish" me... ;D

  13. Wet, muscly, dark, and with a Trace of stubble ... how did you know about my dream last night?!

  14. Nice. Very nice. *drools all over keyboard*

  15. I don't think you could have picked a better picture for Trace. LOVE it!!

  16. Wow Trace is one sexy wet hunk. Can I be in lust with more than one? If you ever get tired of him send over my way!

  17. @Bookish... at ah! No touching! ;D

    @Stephanie... I was wondering where he went the other night! Stephanie! O.o

    @Samita... *hands you a bib*

    @Missy... I know, it's pretty perfect for him!

    @Jan... well, I do have a harem... ;D

    @Ryan... *hands you a fan* ;)


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