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Kimberly Spencer Author Guest Post and Giveaway!

Hello everybody. First of all, I’d like to thank Melissa for inviting me to blog today. Thanks a bunch Melissa for this opportunity! She suggested that I provide a little information about my novella, so here it goes.

Shimmerspell is the story of sixteen-year-old Jensen Meadows, the baby sister of a con-woman and a card carrying member of Team Liar in her own right. Constantly having to move around and never allowed to forge real relationships, she finds herself at a new school wanting more this time. Or rather, more from certain people. She wants nothing to do with Liam Casey—the most popular guy at Lakeside High. But everywhere she turns, there he is, glaring at her.

When she finally decides to demand one moment of normalcy, things quickly go from bad to worse. She suddenly finds herself cut off from her sister and thrust into a dangerous faerie world she never knew existed. Both the Light and Dark Courts are after her, blaming her for the fall of the legendary King Arthur. And the only person she seems to be able to trust is Liam. Each day brings more confusion. And with every new twist and turn, Jensen slowly begins to suspect that her whole life has been a carefully cultivated lie.

Shimmerspell is the first novella in the Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal series, Faerie Tale Girl. Limerick, the sequel, will be released this summer, and the third book, in the fall.

I know some of you are probably wondering why I decided to tackle Arthurian Legend and faerie mythology. Well, I have always loved stories about Camelot—the knights of the round table, the story of Excalibur, and all that good stuff. But one thing I always do when I read a good book or watch an awesome movie is wonder, what next? I can’t help it. My imagination always craves more. I wondered it about Clary from Mortal Instruments, Kaylee from Soul Screamers, and even Bella from Twilight.

For my own story, I asked myself, if Morgan Le Fae brought down Camelot, what happened next? And from that very simple question, Shimmerspell was born. I hope every reader who ever allowed their imaginations to run wild after reading their favorite fantasy stories would give Shimmerspell a try, because they just might like it.

Shimmerspell (A Faerie Tale Girl Novella)Excerpt:
She reared back and slammed the locker shut, backing away with her hand braced against the wall of metal for balance. She blinked and everything became more pronounced—the green of the lockers extra bright, the classroom doors an almost blinking white, like the world had suddenly gone HD and her eyes couldn’t catch up. 
Something was wrong with her, but she couldn’t ponder that something for long. The sound of feet shuffling had her heart back-flipping in her chest. Unnerved, she turned to run, or more honestly, hobble to class, and slammed into a brick wall. 
Liam. Except—not. The boy in front of her had pale pearlescent skin that shimmered underneath the overhead lights, his eyes no longer the cerulean she had come to adore, but a deeper, more vibrant blue that reminded her of giant sapphires. Tension lines bracketed his mouth, and his gaze darted up and down the hall as if he expected someone to show up. 
Jensen found her eyes riveted to his face. She tried to count the number of hairs that made up his golden stubble, looking for something, anything to avoid dealing with the two things that had caused her breaths to come way too fast, and her palms to feel like she had dipped them in the ocean. 
“What are you doing out here?” he asked, voice just as strained as the cords bunching in his neck. 
She shut her eyes. They weren’t working anyway. But the darkness that followed only made her pulse speed up more, her heartbeat pounding in her ears. When she peeled her lids apart, she knew her sight wasn’t the problem because they were still there, still peeking over his shoulders at her. Still fluttering. Wings. Liam had wings.

Kimberly has generously offered to giveaway 2 of her ebooks from Smashwords to 2 winners! All you have to do is comment below. If your e-mail addy is not in your profile, please add it with your comment. I'll end the giveaway on the 8th at 10 pm MST. 
Good luck!
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  1. Very intrigued after the excerpt!! Thanks :)

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  10. Hi Kimberly,
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