Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

Blood Red Road (Dustlands)Today's introduction to the man harem is Jack from Blood Red Road. He is a cocky SOB, but underneath the bravado is a man who is loyal to his friends, is willing to sacrifice his life for others, helps out those less fortunate than he is and is still a bit mysterious. His love for Saba caught him off guard, but he really loves her the way she is and not who he would want her to be. To him, she is perfection.

So, who do I see as Jack? One person did come to mind. Alex Pettyfer. Not the too young man we had seen in the past, but the full grown version he is today. ;)
Yes, I can see Jack look like this...
Gratuitous shirtless pic:
Review of the book tomorrow (if you can tear yourself away... Alyssa! lol)
So... who is new in your man harem this week?


  1. Alex is just one of those people who can play anyone. Great choice :)

  2. Can you believe I didn't read this when I had the chance? *I suck*

  3. Those cocky SOBs get me every time, especially when they are softies underneath!

    And yes, I love seeing Alex all grown up. YUM!

    I'm still jealous that Alyssa got to meet him. I would have died!

  4. Oh I love Prettyface...I mean Pettyfer. That shirtless pic makes me weak at the knees.

    I love the sound of Jack too. Cocky, mysterious and loyal. I need to read Blood Red Road and then came steal him off you. You won't notice you have too many gorgeous men in your harem ;)

  5. Great choice, and I love those pics of Alex Pettyfer! Yummmm. Can't wait to read your review.

  6. Lovely choice, I approve. Cockiness is curable, lack of good looks - unfortunately not (believe me, I can tell you that much ;) ).

  7. LOL ;) Thank you for the shirtless picture

  8. You know, you might have perfectly cast him!

    Cocky SOB who is probably not underneath is AP to a T!

    Awesome addition to your man harem :)

  9. I really want to read Blood Red Road! I'm not a major fan of adult Alex but he does fit the cocky bit, and I do love me a cocky book boy. ;)

  10. Did you seriously just post pictures of Alex? How am I supposed to work today Melissa? I had things to do and now I'm just going to have to sit here and stare at him for the next several hours. It's so hard to be me:)

  11. I have to admit, Pettyfer is very pretty. He's almost too beautiful to lust over....nah!

  12. Jack totally made me swoon! he was so sure of himself he made me mad! But I loved him.

  13. I love the cocky ones. There is just something about them that makes you want to teach them a lesson or two.

  14. I'm not even sure I'm typing the right words becaseu I can't look away from the gratuitous shirtless pic...please forgeive any spelling errors, I'm drooling. The kepboard is soaked! I'm mesmerized!

  15. I am jealous of your man harem ! :D
    I am not a fan of Alex Pettyfer, but I admit he is hot!

  16. @Must Love... thx! :)

    @Bookish... You do need to read this one. I think you'll love it.

    @Missie... lol. So, I take it I won't add you to the posse for round up. Don't need you to die on me. ;D

    @Nic... *adds security to the harem* hah! ;D

    @Belle... Had to add the shirtless one! :D

    @anachronist... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would have thought YOU would know that. ;D

    @Blodeuedd... np!

    @Felicia... lol I couldn't think of anyone else!

    @Smash...Oh you will love this book then.

    @Jenny... *pets Jenny on the head* Poor Jenny! ;D

    @Stephanie... lol

    @Savannah...I know... there were times he ticked me off, but he was still redeemable!

    @Lisa... lol Good statement. ;)

    @Alyssa... hmm... how did I know you'd be here? *giggles*

    @Misha... *fans Misha*

  17. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would have thought YOU would know that. ;D

    I know. So many beholders are evidently blind that I might doubt it from time to time though.

  18. He may never put his shirt on again! He is just too good looking. It's a CRIME. ;)

  19. Oo, Ooooooo..... *drool, drool*....

    Um, um, I think I'm going to have to be a school girl again and hang that shirtless poster in my bedroom.... what husband? Oh. sorry.

    lol. Oh, I have to say lovely pick!

    lol. (but seriously, lovely pick!)

  20. LOL Just post a pic of him and I'll magically appear on your site like batman responds to the batsignal!

  21. Hee hee... guess I picked a good one for Jack. Now, Alyssa... you'll have to pick this one up to read it!

  22. I am boycotting Alex because of his refusal to join The Mortal Instruments... Well, at least I am trying to boycott him, it is kinda difficult with him looking like that, especially shirtless... ;)


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