Monday, June 17, 2013

Guest Review: When Hell Came to Texas by Robert Vaughn

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Publisher: Pocket Books
Source: From publisher for review
In the days after the Civil War, a solitary rider travelled the open frontier—but he wasn’t alone, for Death seemed to travel with him. Or maybe it was the Devil himself who gave him the lethal pistol shot that earned him the name “Death’s Acolyte.” And when the stranger with the scarred face, who calls himself Ken Casey, rode into the peaceful Texas town of Wardell, maybe peace—for his own ravaged soul—was all he wanted. But in Wardell, all hell is about to break loose. 
Awaiting a train shipment of gold, Angus Pugh and his army of outlaws, including notorious gunslinger Luke Draco, take the town hostage and kill a few innocent citizens as a lesson to any comers. Donning priestly vestments, Ken Casey, ordained man of the cloth, steps from the shadows to conduct the victims’ funeral rites—and that’s just his first revelation. For Casey can destroy souls as easily as he saves them, and earthly justice is delivered in gun smoke and blood.
Bloggy note:
I thought for Father's day I would, instead of giving my dad a day off, ask him to do a review. I got this western and I thought it was perfect for him. So... here is his review... short and sweet! 

Dad's thoughts:

The book was easy to read as the sentences and words flowed naturally. The author did a good job of weaving the story to explain how the main character could be so diverse. He was very well educated, not rich and was a natural leader having been put in many difficult situations beginning in early life. He developed into a religious man and then a killer and once again because of difficult issues. All in all, the book was quite well written for enjoyable, easy and interesting entertainment.

Thanks dad! :)


  1. A belated happy father's day and well done to your dad on such a concise review.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I love that you got your dad to do a review Melissa! Maybe you can talk him into a few more in the future:)

  3. AWW I love this idea, it's so cool that you and your dad share a love of reading, and that you're sharing the blog (for today anyway). :-) Awesome review and happy belated Father's Day!

    1. Actually he's not much of a novel reader which is why this is even more special.

  4. Happy (Belated) Father's Day to your dad. I love having my family help with reviews here and there too. I'm glad he enjoyed the novel. :)

  5. Happy father's day to your dad :)

  6. Such a clever idea, and your Dad's review was great! Happy Father's day to your Dad!

  7. Such a wonderful idea! My dad would never agree to do it, he'd probably shoot me or something if I even asked. But I LOVE that your Dad wanted to write this. :)
    Thanks for sharing, it totally made my day.

  8. If I asked my dad to review it would be on some wild philsophical, metaphysical book! Love that your dad is such a sport!

  9. My dad loves Westerns! I'm going to see him in a few days (for the first time in a couple years) and I should go find a new western to give him as a gift. I remember reading a lot of Westerns as a kid since they were always laying around the house.


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