Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

Fury of the Phoenix
Silver PhoenixThis weeks book boyfriend is inspired by the book I just read, Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon. We were introduced to Chen Yong in the first book, Silver Phoenix (my review and notice I don't use the paperback cover of the first book... here is why).

Chen Yong is quite different than most men in China. He is only half Chinese and so has a hard time of growing up in China. In fact he is quite aware he resembles no one anywhere. However, his adoptive family treats him as he was one of their sons born of their own flesh. Plus, they have some money and influence so Chen was spared a bit of hatred of what he might have otherwise gotten from the people in his village. He is skilled, honest, sweet, protective and handsome. He is also frustratingly in love with Ai Ling who loves him back. Frustrating because he doesn't admit it (darn him!). Also, he is swoon worthy because Ai Ling doesn't want to be a wife in the typical sense; she does not want to be placed as a trophy as due her station. Chen Young understands this and loves her because of her ability to be true to herself. So, what does my new addition to my man harem look like? First I have to share the picture by Phoenix Lu that Cindy Pon had commissioned for her vision of both Chen Yong and Ai Ling:
Not bad at all. Great edition to my man harem. Cindy Pon herself did think of someone in the flesh *giggles* and I would have to agree! Her choice as well as mine is Daniel Henny:
No, I have no idea what that says... but who cares?
Don't you think he's a good addition to the man harem?


  1. Oh Daniel Henny is delicious! And Chen sounds sweet but stubborn. I really need to Fury of The Phoenix.

    Just curious, how many men do you have in your harem?

  2. I have never heard of Daniel Henny. But he's hot! He is a great addition to your harem, I think :)

  3. Be careful - if you continue like this you might atract some unwanted attention and your harem boys might start to disappear... (an evil laugh inserted).

  4. I have not had a chance to pick these books up but I have heard great things! Plus the guy looks good.

  5. Daniel Henry is just plain ole *HAWT* I mean I want to steal him for my harem.....hmmm I might have too. I am thinking a ninja attack---so be on the look out!

  6. I've never heard of Daniel either but he is gorgeous!


  7. I do like the look of that guy :D

  8. That illustration is stunning! And the in the flesh version is pretty delicious as well. I have no idea what that quote says either but it absolutely doesn't matter. I love a man that smirks. I can't smirk. I've always wanted to be able to smirk:)

  9. Yes, the man harem is bountiful now! Hello Daniel! That little smirk is devilish.

    And I have to agree with Jenny. That illustration is stunning.

    Poor, young Chen. I can imagine that keeping his love hidden is indeed very frustrating.

  10. A very, VERY good addition! ;)

  11. @Nic... I have just enough with room for more. ;D

    @Misha... ty! :)

    @anachronist... Hey! Hey! Hey! Back of lady! ;)

    @Savannah... I think you'll like these. More Chen Yong in the first. :)

    @Felicia... *wildly hacks at the air and falls down* Did I avert the attack??? If nothing else, your ninjas should be laughing too hard to do anything...

    @...Petty... Wasn't offering... ;D

    @My Keeper... I agree!

    @Blodeuedd... just look... ;)

    @Jenny... I know... I tried it once and someone thought I needed medical help. :(

    @Missie... I know... I just love that smirk.

    @A Simple... ty!! :)

  12. Oh my goodness - who is this guy???? And how come I don't know about him?!

  13. @Stephanie... think X-men... the Wolverine edition.

  14. Okay, okay, okay... I know I really wanted to read this one, and I still need to. Thank you. ;D

  15. Nice! he sounds awesome and totally hot! LOL

  16. I love Daniel Henry! By all mean, do watch Korean drama? He was in this drama called My Lovely Sam Son. So in love with him!

  17. Every week I say I'm going to participate in this meme and forgot >_<

  18. @Darlyn... never have seen any Korean drama. Oh, I bet he was very nice in it. :)

    Anyone else need drool bibs? :)


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