Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Book Boyfriend

Today's book boyfriend comes from my latest review book... Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep. For those who are fans of the series, can you already guess who this is going to be? Are you getting upset that I am now adding Owen to my man harem and will no longer be available to you? 

Too bad. ;D

But who, WHO could I pick to be Owen? Who could be his doppelganger? Hm... well, Gin describes Owen as a confident, attentive and a skilled man. He has a broad chest and blue-black hair, rough chiseled features, and a hard body. *le swoon* He is also someone who is perfect to heal Gin's wounded heart. 

Ah, but the question is still unanswered. Who? The only one who has come even a bit close to Owen is in my head is Jason Momoa.

His features and chest *fans self* makes me think more of Owen than any others I've seen around the blogosphere. There is a hard edge to Owen and Jason seems to come close. Okay, but does he look good in a suit?
Yes he does. :) This was closest to a suit I could find. Seems that people like to see him shirtless more often than not. Can't really blame them. *giggles*

Ah... such a nice addition to the man harem. :)

And your addition is...?


  1. Definitely a nice addition to your harem. And I must say I personally prefer the shirtless pic ~drools~ :)

  2. I love that series and I'm patiently waiting for the postman to deliver Tangled Threads. Nice pictures.

  3. I have read a lot of good reviews about this; adding it to the to be read pile.

  4. Hmmm . . . I think there might be a few readers who will want to snatch him right out of your man harem!

  5. Ha I had a hard time finding my man too. but I would say that your picks definitely works with the description you gave of Owen. Definitely a hottie!

  6. I really got to pick up this book! I have seen lots of review for it. Plus he is a hottie!

  7. I will be stealing him from your harem when I decide on who is my ultimate book husband. You are warned now---and oh yes Jason M is a great pick for him. I was trying to think of who I picture when Owen is in the books and I just can't "cast" him really....

  8. OOh! *swoon* Nice Pick! Love the first picture :)

  9. Oh nooooo you didn't!

    That is my Jason Momoa! Mine!

    And what is wrong with him walking around without a shirt. hehehe

    This man is seriously my new obsession. And I wouldn't mind meeting Owen if I get to picture Jason.

  10. Are you trying to steal Owen from me? *rolls up sleeves* I will take you down woman! He does look very pretty with no shirt, I can see why finding a picture of him clothed was difficult:)

  11. YUMMY!

    Okay, so while you guys fight over Owen... I get the boys of BDB. Epic WIN-for ME!!!

    I haven't read these, I KNOW! I've already been reprimanded ladies! I aim to rectify this problem ASAP!

  12. @Nic... I'm sure you weren't surprised that it was Owen. :)

    @My Keeper... Oh I think you'll love this one.

    @Allstarme79... Oh do!!

    @J.Rosemary... NOoooooooo!

    @Jan... he comes closer than anyone I've thought about!

    @Felicia... Noooooo! ... and I know what you mean... I've had such a hard time with casting Owen.

    @Misha... me too! *giggles*

    @Missie... Oh yes I did! ;) You need to read these books (as long as you realize Owen is MINE!)

    @Jenny... *cringes, and then tries to look tough* (whispers: Owen is Mine!)

    @Bookish... Uh... a few of those boys are in the harem... sorry. :D

  13. Is that the same guy? Wow best of both worlds - looks good clothed AND unclothed.

  14. I like your new background BUT I dont like your new toy boy. He is cross-eyed.

  15. @Stephanie... Well the clothed one was at the airport, so I'm sure he is tired. I did try to find more with clothes, but then again... I didn't try THAT hard. ;D

    @anachronist... for shame! *crosses arms* Thems fightin' words girly! ;)

  16. Hand over that fan! ;)
    He is a hottie

  17. Hmmm....can I spend ten minutes in your man harem? I think I'd have fun! :-)

  18. Mmm! I must get into this series immediately. Great pick!

  19. Oh, OH OH! ;) Sounds like a nice pick. And now I really need to get into this series! lol. Thank you!

  20. My newest crush is Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, this guy looks a LOT like him I APPROVE lol :D

  21. Lordy, Lordy.... Jason Momoa. Hmmm- should I mention my hubby has a cousin that looks just like Jason with dreadlocks.

  22. He IS cross-eyed, you can't help it my dear!

    *anachronist hides quickly behind her desk*

  23. @Blodeuedd... *hands over fan* ;)

    @Mel... No. ;D lol

    @cs... yes, you need to. It's a great series!

    @Melissa... YES! You do! ;)

    @Samita... he plays Khal! :D

    @Chas... I'll be over! I can swim it, no probs, right? :)

    @Bridget... *looks around room with a steely gaze* ;)


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