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That Is Priceless by Steve Melcher

That Is Priceless: Art's Greatest Masterpieces... Made Slightly FunnierFrom Goodreads:
Thirty-two million Americans consider themselves artists, and nearly 100 million consider themselves art lovers. They--along with anyone else who enjoys a good laugh--will appreciate the edgy blend of art, comedy, and pop culture inside comedian Steve Melcher's popular blog-turned-book,That Is Priceless: Art's Greatest Masterpieces . . . Made Slightly Funnier. 
It all started when Melcher stumbled upon a postcard in a museum gift shop for Peter Paul Rubens's The Finding of Erichthonius. Inspiration struck, and Melcher scrambled for a Post-it note and scribbled down what he thought was a more appropriate title: Worst Secret Santa Gift Ever. And with that, That Is Priceless was born. More than 150 images are gathered inside the book's full-color pages--from Courbet's The Desperate Man reimagined as Johnny Depp Realizing He Left the Oven On to Degas's Portrait of the Artist James Tissot retitled as Portrait of the Artist in Mom Jeans. 
Part art history, part parody, and entirely laugh-out-loud funny, That Is Priceless gives musty old paintings a 21st-century pop culture face-lift, enlivening the artist's canvas with playful comic irreverence.
Art? Humor? Okay, I HAD to check out this book. This book is a collection of art by art masters with alternate titles. Some of them were okay. Some of them were funny. All made me look at the art a little closer. So, for that reason I consider this book a fun success. It may introduce people who have never spent time in a museum or art showing to actually look at all the art that surrounds them. However, why describe it when I can show you some of the pieces in this book:

My favorites:
Gustave Courbet, French
Johnny Depp Realizing He Left the Oven On, 1844
Oil on Canvas

Carlos Schwabe, Swiss-German
Lady Gaga's High School Yearbook Photo, 1907
Oil on Canvas

Some I liked, but thought of different titles:
Unknown Flemish Artist
Informercial for the BreadBlaster 3000, 1648
Oil on Canvas
My alternate title:
Burger King's Oldest Commercial: Where's the Beef?

Nicolae Grigorescu, Romanian
Vlad and Lucky Mailing Their Wedding Announcement, 1850
Oil on Canvas
My alternate title:

Agnolo Bronzino, Italian
Sir Percival, Rethingking the Nipple Spikes, 1545
Tempera on Canvas
My alternate title:
Madonna, Eat Your Heart Out!

The book is separated into different categories, but not for the art, for the title of the work. So, since I had fun with this book, can you think of alternate titles to go with the artwork? If you can, comment! I'd love to see what others come up with! :)

Oh, and if you really enjoy this type of fun-making, the author has a blog. In fact the blog turned into this book. Just go HERE to see more artwork with different titles.

I was given this ebook by the publisher and net galley and no compensation for my review was given.


  1. Too funny! AFLACK! That's exactly what I thought when I saw that one. And it took me a minute to get your Madonna title and then I noticed his itty bitty pointed titties and it all made sense:) Hilarious.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! Johnny Depp pic= DIED LAUGHING! <3

  3. LOL! What an amusing book, would love to have a look in it

  4. I know I'd love this book. away to visit the blog now, thanks for the link.

  5. Ok playing along....

    1)Oh they found the body in the Barbershop

    2) Debra Messing (from Will and Grace) does her best Lady Godiva

    3) Hecklers in the back: Theater circa 1600

    4)Yes with the AFlack!

    5)Steampunk circa 1500

    Ok I am not very clever LOL

  6. Your alternatives are way funnier! I'd like to take you and this book along the next time I go to a museum. Art Appreciation 101, indeed!

    That Johnny Depp one though is spot on.

  7. @Jenny... hee hee... with the last one, I just took off from his idea. :)

    @Bookish... I know it's just perfect!

    @Blodeuedd... it was fun. Try the website. It is pretty much the same. :)

    @...Petty... Have fun!

    @Felicia... Love your answers. That does look like Debra Messing!

    @Stephanie... I'm game! Let's go! :)

  8. Oh gosh! He totally looks like Johnny doesn't he? This looks amazing! *Runs off to check it out on NetGalley*

  9. The Johnny Depp one is my favorite! :D
    I loved your alternate titles way more than actual ones!

  10. You are so cultured Mel!

    And love your alternative titles much better.

  11. LOL Afflack and Johnny Depp are my faves!

  12. Oh my gosh! I love these photos and I love your new titles! :) lol. Where's the beef? Do you remember those commercials!?! lol. Oh toooo much ! LOL

    Thank you!

  13. Love this!! AND your titles =)

    As for the bread guys, I'm seeing the guy on the right saying "Not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to get my hands on some hot buns..."

  14. @Avery... Yes, that one was perfect!

    @Misha... thanks!

    @Missie... *cough* *sputter* *snort* *spit* *burp* Yep, that's me! :)

    @Samita... Aflack was so obvious! :)

    @Melissa... Hee hee... I admit nothing! ;)

    @Vampires... OMG! Perfect! ROFL!


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