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Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Robopocalypse: A NovelFrom Goodreads:
They are in your house. They are in your car. They are in the skies…Now they’re coming for you.  
In the near future, at a moment no one will notice, all the dazzling technology that runs our world will unite and turn against us. Taking on the persona of a shy human boy, a childlike but massively powerful artificial intelligence known as Archos comes online and assumes control over the global network of machines that regulate everything from transportation to utilities, defense and communication. In the months leading up to this, sporadic glitches are noticed by a handful of unconnected humans – a single mother disconcerted by her daughter’s menacing “smart” toys, a lonely Japanese bachelor who is victimized by his domestic robot companion, an isolated U.S. soldier who witnesses a ‘pacification unit’ go haywire – but most are unaware of the growing rebellion until it is too late.  
When the Robot War ignites -- at a moment known later as Zero Hour -- humankind will be both decimated and, possibly, for the first time in history, united. Robopocalypse is a brilliantly conceived action-filled epic, a terrifying story with heart-stopping implications for the real technology all around us…and an entertaining and engaging thriller unlike anything else written in years. 
This is an interesting simple story about a boy and his robot. Okay, not really. It is a book about a robot uprising. In this instance it is not the robots who tire of being used as domestic slaves, but rather it starts with one very smart program which is designed to learn. Once it learns it has been a part of experiments and it is the 14th in such a line, it decides that humanity is to blame for his brethren's previous deaths. It also believes it knows the solution and cause of all earth's ills. It becomes a zealot and is determined to cleanse the earth of the human parasite. So, it co-ops the other robots through a program and that is when the chaos ensues. Humans don't help much either since by this time we have become dependent on smart machines who take over for our human failings.

Interestingly enough, it is all not simply black or white. The program believes that humans will survive in small packs and even elevates those that defeat parts of "it's" plan as heroes within it's memory bank. In this way, it seems as if the program believes that the sloth that humanity has held on to will peel away once the dark illuminates the light within the human infestation. Is this the whole motivation of this program? In fact we do not find out, but although some of us might be interested, the lack of this precise information does not distract from the novel as a whole.

I give this book 4 stars and I really enjoyed this book. It is not something to make a comfortable and easy night of things as the horror of war is played out throughout each chapter. What these people go though make for an exciting and adventurous read. Also, don't be so quick in deciding who the bad and good "guys" are in this novel. That makes things interesting.

This book will be published June 7, 2011 and will become a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg in 2013. (IMDB page)

I was given this ARC as a part of the Book it Forward Tours sponsored by Dark Faerie Tales.


  1. Robot uprising! Interesting but scary! I usually don't read such books but I am curious about it since you gave it 4 stars.

  2. I have to admit this book would not have ever crossed my path if not for you. I am going to recommend it to my brother, as I think he will love it!

  3. Puts me in mind of the film I Robot. Sounds and looks like a scary read

  4. I haven't heard of this book, but if it's becoming a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg, i have to get it. Great review!

  5. I AM GOING TO READ THIS BOOK...sincerely yours

    It is on my list.

  6. Robot uprising? I think I already saw the movie... iRobot.


    You are brave for reading this Mel. I think storyline is possibly overdone. Thanks to Terminator it just seems so familiar, but it sounds like there are some interesting twists presented here.

  7. I was thinking along the same lines as Missie - that it sounds a lot like iRobot. Despite that superficial similarity, this does sound like a really interesting read, and I always like books where the line between good and bad is a bit blurred:) Fabulous review Melissa!

    And I just finished Huntress - looking forward to seeing what you think of it!

  8. @Misha... It was an exciting ride!

    @Felicia... Yes, I can see guys loving this much more.

    @...Petty... It was a bit different from IRobot, but yes, some elements were close.

    @Danna... It's a while out there yet. :)

    @Anachronist...I knew it! That's why you don't like romances! Ah hah! ;)

    @Missie and Jenny... True. I did think of iRobot before I picked it up. However, it is a war instead of just one guy figuring it all out.

  9. I think this sounds like Terminator. My husband would probably love to read this. Thanks for the review! I'm going to see if I can get him to read it!

  10. I kept thinking that I wanted to see the movie, and i might just wait for that one then :)

  11. I do like the sound of this (it seems a bit Terminator-like for me) but if there is a film I will have to see that first - books tend to be superior so I want to enjoy the film first without any expectations! Great review though. :)

  12. Sounds like a great science fiction read. :) Thanks for the review. I think I will avoid the technology things for a little while. ;D

  13. This does sound scary, especially since I had a recent power outtage and I realized how utterly dependent and helpless I felt without my machines. All the robots have to do is cut the electricity and I am toast!

  14. I love the title of this one for some strange reason. It doesn't seem to be all that unusual, but it brings a smile to my face anyway.

  15. That cover is kind of scary! Great review Melissa though :)

  16. I like the sound of it, even though it reminds me of a book/movie I read/saw. MMMMM, well anyway, that would be scary.

    The song Uprising by Muse fits this story. ;)

  17. @Savannah... I can see the Terminator type of stuff... I guess it just takes it in a different direction. I think he'd really like it.

    @Blodeuedd... :) Don't forget the popcorn!

    @Mel... I've read books that were inferior to the movie, but that is rare indeed. :)

    @Melissa... Aw... don't you want to suspiciously eye your toaster the next time you go into the kitchen? ;D

    @Stephanie... Oh sorry about the outage. I think I can deal for a bit w/o electricity, but indoor plumbing is a must! :D

    @Ryan G... I like the title too. One reason I said yes to review it. :D

    @Nic... As long as it doesn't break dance... I think we are safe. :D

    @Nina... Yes, the premise is close to the others but does go in a somewhat different direction. Not new, but fun.

    ... goes off to play some music. Excellent!


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