Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Blog Hop

Looking for something you like?
Perhaps it's some reading material?
If so...
you are in luck!
I'm hopping to giveaway these books to one fluffy winner!*
*disclaimer... do not need to be fluffy to enter

So... what is the prize to be given to one winner?
Well, I thought and what I always remembered about Easter was the kids having fun. So, my giveaway books are 2, suitable for the MG crowd.
Perfect for those wanting to start this series!
This is an ARC

Girl, Stolen (Christy Ottaviano Books)
This is also an ARC

So, what to do?
Hop on down to the form and fill it out!
Sorry, it's US only.
Giveaway is Closed. Thanks for playing!
Looking for the rest of the giveaways? Just go HERE! Have fun and don't eat too many chocolate bunn... uh... eggs! ;)


  1. Um... That first bunny pic is TOO freaking cute! Awesome giveaway lady!! Thanks!

  2. Love the bunny with glasses---that is ADORABLE!

  3. Bunnies freak me out! Seriously. Those eyes. Gah!

    At least I'm not alone. Anya from BtVS feels the same.

    Thanks for the giveaway Mel.

  4. Well, then they are right at home on a paranormal blog!


  5. Happy Early Easter!

  6. The bunnies are adorable! And "Girl, Stolen" looks intriguing!

  7. Thanks for the givaway, Happy Easter!

  8. Oh, I have to say these pictures are so adorable! :) And Happy Easter to you. I know, I'm early, but I'd rather be early than late. lol. :)

  9. Adorable bunnies - it's all that I can say...

  10. Okay, the rabbits are totally making my heart melt! ❤

    Thank you for being part of this amazing blog hop, and for your generous giveaway! Happy Easter - may yours be a blessed one! :)

    GFC Follower: Enamored Soul
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Easter!


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