Thursday, April 7, 2011

E-mail is a Pain...

I've been having occasional problems with my e-mail. 
It tells me it was sent.
It lied.
I checked the interwebs and it seems that Yahoo has been very naughty.
Not that kind of naughty.
That might have been fun.
I switched back from the beta to the classic version. 
I hope this fixes it. 
If you were expecting an e-mail from me and didn't get it. Let me know in the comments.
I'm sorry Yahoo is a pain in the... *ahem*
If it continues I will switch to another mail system. I do think I'm getting all the e-mails I that have been sent, it's just mine that get lost where the odd socks go.
Oh well... :P
Angelshimmery... this is for you. I e-mailed you back (that usually does work for me, people seem to get those e-mails *shrugs*) so on the chance it didn't get to you let me know here and I'll e-mail you from another addy.


  1. I can never get enough of those lol cat pics. Sorry to hear you are having email troubles :(

  2. I love that picture! :D
    Sorry about your email problems. Last week, all my saved emails somehow disappeared. So I can completely sympathize with your email troubles.

  3. I also have had some problems - I sent e-mails with attachments and they arrived to the recipient...without attachments. Stupid things happen even on the Internet.

  4. Oh you can witch back from beta! So must do it, cos it sucks!

    I hope your email problems gets fixed

  5. Well! I DID wonder where the email saying that I was the most amazing person in the world was... Mystery solved!

    ;) hopefully it gets all sorted out lady!

  6. Yahoo was being wanky? Gah! Thanks for the FYI. I'm gonna have to see if I had any of the same problems.

    *hugs* I know it's frustrating.

  7. @Nic.. me too! I love the lol cats.

    @Misha... Ugh... what a pain!

    @anachronist... at least you were able to find out. You could always try dropbox. Great on-line program.

    @Blodeuedd... I did. I actually liked beta and didn't have probs for quite a bit. They must of tweaked it. :P

    @Bookish... lol I was wondering where mine went as well. ;)

    @Missie.. I know. Yahoo messing up? Who would have thunk it. ;D

  8. I have not run into a problem yet with my email yet. I notice a lot of blogger do. I wonder why?

  9. @Savannah... so far as I can tell it is just with I just started having problems (well, that I know of) and hadn't before. So far it seems that putting it back to classic is working! (Probably just jinxed it) :P


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