Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ah February! Small number of days... a lot of things that needed done...

I did 15 book reviews this month.
6 giveaways (one ending today)
Yep... I need a nap.. and I think I'm only 2 books behind! Woo! lol

I also need to do something today...
The winner of the $155 g/c is...
Helen K. (confirmed/sent code)
There were 249 people who entered with 355 eligible entries!
I hope that everyone's March is relaxing!
This month... I have one more winner to announce.
A blog hop.

*sigh* And I'll see if I get caught up...
...or just caught up in "it". ;)

Happy March!


  1. What cute pix you found! I'm a cat-lover so these are tickled me. Hope you have a good month :)

  2. What a purrfect bookmark that kitten makes.

  3. Congrats to the winner! And 15 reviews in one month? Gosh, you are putting us to shame!

  4. I hope your March is AWESOME. ;)

  5. Awwwww :D What a cute pic. I so want a kitten

  6. WOW! You so rocked the Casbah this month and I know March will rock for you too!

  7. OMG! If that could be my life I'd be in heaven, but of course someone would have to be sure to teach me how to read. :D

    Great month, Meli! The Leprechaun hop sounds fun.

    Happy March!

  8. Oh, Congrats to the winner of CSN! Such a nice win. :)

    Melissa you have been busy this past month! I wish I could try to keep up. ;) Oh wow! You are on fire! lol.

  9. 15 book reviews?! Take a long, long nap, Melissa!

  10. @notjustreading... aw... I like kitties too. All those fuzzy things. :)

    @...Petty... *purrs and stretches*

    @Avery... Na, I'm just shocked I got it done. :)

    @Nina... Thx! Back at ya! :)

    @Blodeuedd... you need a puppy. ;) lol

    @Missie... I would be one of those squished kitties like the squished faeries in Brian Froud's book. lol

    @Melissa... *stops drops and rolls* ;)

    @Stephanie... I plan to do just that! ;D zzzzzzzz

  11. Love the cat pics..and I've spotted you've reached 1000followers - congrats! This is definitely the place to be! ;-)

  12. I love love love the kitten in the book, the lion on the limb you recaptioned from one that came in today's list of funny cheezeburger pictures I think and it is cute...

    Nice month's work Melissa, maybe try and rest a little bit this month because the time is going to "Spring Forward" before you know it and we will be back to Daylight Savings Time again!!!

  13. wow! 15 reviews!! YAY! =D


  14. @Mel... Thanks! *does happy dance*

    @Jackie... yep, they are all lolcats. :) Don't remind me about the daylight savings thing. :P

    @Larissa... Thanks! :)

  15. That first picture is hilarious! I could use a spontaneous nap:) And 15 book reviews? Damn Melissa, that is impressive, I bow down to your reading and reviewing abilities:)

  16. Wow, 15 reviews that is awesome :)

    I love those LOL cat pics. You can never have enough of them!


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