Friday, May 22, 2015

Rachel's Deception by Karen Ann Hopkins

Series: Temptation #4
324 p.
Publisher: Indie
Cover Art: Seedlings Design
Published: 5/8/15
Source: From Kismet Touring for review
Growing up Amish is difficult…but leaving it behind is even harder.

Noah was Amish...Rose wasn't. Being together should have been impossible. But somehow they found a way to make it work. They are finally a family, but their happily-ever-after is still a long off. Will Rose and her friends be able to force real change in the community? 
Karen Ann Hopkins returns with a gripping new book in the YA Temptation series. The powerful family saga continues with Rachel's Deception, as events spiral out of control in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview. And Rachel Miller has her own secrets to hide. Noah’s younger sister has been living a double life. That is, until Justin Cameron, Rose's little brother, catches her in the act. Rachel is not the obedient Amish girl that her sister was, and her rebelliousness takes her to a very dangerous world. A world that only her true friends can help her escape from. 
As Rachel questions all she has been taught about love, family, and commitment, Rose discovers what it really means to be shunned. And an evil shadow looms on the horizon, threatening not only Rose, but everyone she holds dear.

My thoughts:
Although I've always been curious about the Amish culture, I haven't gravitated toward the fiction. Mostly because I don't know much about it so I may not know what is fact or fiction. However this story, while it felt fictional, also seemed to bring in some relevant topic concerning Amish women. It felt genuine and after reading the author's blog post (check out Wed's post HERE) I have to say that I also believe it was genuine. It makes sense that the women in a patriarchal and closed society would have it pretty tough. Especially when having several children as babies and toddlers without help. It astounds me that any one would be sane by the time a few of your kids would be old enough to help.

I enjoyed the story and found the pages slipping by even though there were several POV changes. It didn't get confusing and I liked following many characters. I have to say though it also didn't quite feel like Rachel's book but more of Rose's book. Not sure if that is intentional but I think it was a good thing here especially since there is a sort of love triangle going on within the story. I honestly didn't care for the romance here and I also didn't like how Rachel left things. However, I feel as if I may get more of a better ending in Rachel's romance down the series. I could feel a lot of potential in that area. I really think I'll love it in other coming books. Strange, I know. :)

I also have to admit I haven't read all the books prior to reading this book. I thought I would be fine since this is a "offshoot" series beginner as well as #4 in the series. I wasn't lost but I did feel as if I missed some important information especially about Rose. This makes total sense to me and I feel like I may have to go back to book 1 to remedy my lack of knowledge.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I may have enjoyed it more if I had read the other books but I still found it very entertaining. I recommend this one to those that are curious about a culture we don't often get to see as well as those that enjoy contemporary YA.

Bloggy PS
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  1. I love that this brings forth some important issues! I read a few books recently about the Amish and found them infintely interesting, so I'll make sure to check this out too.

    1. I think you'll really enjoy it. I do think I want to start at the beginning.

  2. I think I'd like to read the other ones first

  3. I read the others and enjoyed despite some of the issues. Don;t know how I've missed this release

    1. Oh I think you'd enjoy this one. Don't forget to enter into the giveaway!

  4. Okay, but is the Amish Mafia in it? Kidding. This sounds interesting, but yeah, I'd have to start from the beginning.


  5. It’s often connect with a series when you jump into the middle of it, but still, I love Amish fiction. Have you by chance heard of Linda Castillo? Oh man, you would love it!

  6. It's true that we don't have a lot of Amish books and that's what is the most interesting there.

  7. I've not really jumped into the Amish Romance category (there's a huge one) but one day I plan to. It does sound interesting. Glad you were able to enjoy this one even if you missed a bit from the others!

  8. I've read a few Amish romances and they've been very good. I haven't seen any that were series though.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  9. Sounds like a fantastic series.. I'm going to be reading all of these books! Thanks for sharing ;)

  10. So glad you enjoyed this for the most part. I want to finish her mystery series first


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