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Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Savor the Danger (Hqn)Description:
The one woman he couldn't have was the only woman he desired…

She may be aloof, and more pretty than gorgeous, but Alani Rivers is the kind of woman a hot-blooded mercenary can't forget, no matter how hard he tries. So when Jackson Savor wakes up next to the naked, sleeping beauty—with no memory of what happened—he knows he's been drugged… even if Alani doesn't. 
After she was kidnapped, Alani swore she'd never trust another man again. Still, something about this strong, sexy hero with the tender touch makes her want to believe him. As Jackson hunts downs a mysterious intruder, he swears he'll move heaven and earth to keep Alani safe. But what really happened that night? And will the truth bring them closer than they ever thought possible—or put Alani squarely in harm's way again?
I got this in the mail and squeed! I so wanted to read the last book in this trilogy. I also admit with the last book, Trace of Fever, I wasn't sure I'd really connect to Jackson. His too cocky attitude really didn't fit with what I felt I knew about Alani. And for a while, I didn't like Jackson for Alani in most of the book. Alani, however, was a bit more reserved than I thought she would be, but even so, I did enjoy her character more than I did with the other females in the other stories. I should also admit I never hated Jackson, but throughout most of the book he would do something that would make me swoon and the next minute he'd open his mouth and ruin it for me. I was hoping at times that Alani would kick his ass, but considering the affect she had on him, that was good enough. lol

Of course, like the other men, I just wanted to slap them upside the head (yes, they brought out my violent side... *evil laugh) because they couldn't just admit how they felt. ARGH! However, if an overly alpha male was able to admit it that easily, it wouldn't have worked, but it still frustrated me none the less. It was more frustrating for me since he wanted her to admit it first, but how could she when he put out that he only wanted casual relationships? Men! *clears throat* Anyhoo... this also gave way to lots of humor especially when Jackson was worried that Alani only wanted him for sex. *giggles* Loved that part. Oh and I should also add that like the other books in this series there are plenty of giggles to be had... mostly at Jackson's expense. :D Oh and yes... he finally did win me over in the end. ;)

Okay, so I don't give away the story I will say I give this book 4 stars. There is a mystery that revolves around these two as there was in the first 2 stories with lots of twists involved. As frustrated I was, I admit I had a lot of fun with this book. We are also introduced to a couple of new characters that we will see in the next book from Lori Foster (I was hoping the next would be for Chris, Dare's assistant.. but oh well...). I am looking forward to meeting the new guy Spenser. *rawr!*

I was given this book for review and no compensation was given.

↑ Showing this again because I can... ;D

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  1. Oh my that trailer is full of shirtless eye-candy. I swear I only watched it once *coughs* really three times.

    And awesome review too. Definitely need to pick up this series :)

  2. Oh I do wonder why you love that vid so much ;)

    Sounds like another great one, even if men need a smack over the head now and again

  3. Right, posting a vid with shirtless eye-candy just because you can was so Meliisa...I would compare it to a cherry on the top of a cake...indeed this book is, I suppose, like a cake - I might look at it and even wonder about the taste but I won't eat it for sure...

  4. Hmmm...love the video...something to keep me going through the day...

  5. Ah! The trailer is wonderful! ;)
    And a great review, which is tempting me to read the series.

  6. Totally agree with the one moment slap the heck out of Jackson then the next just throw him down and ravish him. I think though cocky was just his defense mechanism because of his past! I loved loved loved the saving the cat scene. It made me tear up and laugh at the same time.

  7. What am I missing out on? For some reason or other the video won't play.

  8. Oh boy,some hotties! I really need to read these books. I have somuch to read already that it is hard to pick up an adult books. But yeah,they sture do draw my attention

  9. There were definitely times I wanted to scream at Jackson for his alpha-male presumptuousness, but in the end he definitely won me over as well! And can't wait for Arizona and Spencer (or Spence;)

  10. He's worried she just wants him for sex. Yeah, that only happens in fiction. Sound like a fun read. I have a Lori Foster book waiting at the library. I'm so excited. It will be my first one. You and Missie got me drooling! And thanks for the yummy trailer!

  11. @Nic... I know... only once.. *cough*

    @Blodeuedd... I have no idea... *cough* Must be catching a cold... ;)

    @anachronist... why not? :)

    @Mel...It's a good image to behold, eh? :)

    @Misha... Read it! :D

    @Samicha... Not the vid? ;)

    @Felicia... True.. I got that, but still he needed a head slap. :D It was out of love. Oh and I loved the cat scene too! Grim, FTW!

    @...Petty... if youtube is blocked than this will be. :(

    @Savannah... Aw... you don't want to miss out on all that hotness do you? Seriously, I do understand. :)

    @Jenny...I think I already like Arizona.

    @Alyssa... Oh that part was SO funny! I hope you enjoy the book!

  12. I haven't read this series (yet) but I've read Lori Foster's urban fantasy, Awakening, though I didn't like it's cliffhanger ending, I have to admit that Ms. Foster has a very compelling author's "voice"... I might pick this series up :)

  13. @anachronist... why not? :)

    ...too high sugar intake and all these carbohydrates...

  14. He was worried that she only wanted him for casual sex? He deserves to be slapped upside the head!

  15. Ugh! These tough guys and their fear of admitting their feelings. Yes, I wanted to slap Jackson around too! First for not picking me and second just to touch him. LOL

    This was my favorite book in the series, so far, but I really hope Chris gets a book too. I know he can do more than book appointments.

    I love that trailer! *le swoon*

  16. I NEED to read this... Everyone but me has. I feel like I have neglected Ms. Foster!!!


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