Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Hope for Gomez by Graham Parke

No Hope for Gomez!From Goodreads:
It's the age-old tale: Boy meets girl. Boy stalks girl. Girl already has a stalker.Boy becomes her stalker-stalker. 
We've seen it all before, many times, but this time it's different. If only slightly. When Gomez Porter becomes a test subject in an experimental drug trial, he is asked to keep track of any strange experiences through a blog. What Gomez isn't ready for, is so many of his experiences suddenly seeming strange; the antiques dealer trying to buy his old tax papers, his neighbor boiling salamanders on his balcony at midnight, the super sexy lab assistant who falls for him but is unable to express herself in terms outside the realm of science. But when one of the trial participants turns up dead and another goes missing, Gomez begins to fear for his life. No longer sure who he can trust and which of his experiences are real and which merely drug induced illusions, he decides it's time to go underground and work out a devious plan. 
Now, years later, his blogs have been recovered from a defunct server. For the first time we can find out firsthand what happened to Gomez as he takes us on a wild ride of discovery.
The book is told through a series of blog posts which end up as a sort of stream of consciousness writing. Whatever runs through Gomez's thoughts end up on his blog. He starts his blog as a part of a medical trial for extra cash. In it we find Gomez trying to piece together what happened to a fellow trial participant when he ends up dead. As he pieces together what is odd about this man's death, he finds himself attracted to the researcher in charge of the study. As the blog continues you wonder if anything is related at all. However, like all mysteries... things finally come together even if they didn't add up in the way Gomez expected them.

This definitely is a different type of book. No, despite the author's claims it may not make you more beautiful nor cure all ills, but it is entertaining and I did laugh. The relationships here are odd, but interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what his neighbor actually does for a living... *scratches head* Hmm.. But, if you are looking for a different type of read this summer, I do suggest this book. It's short, and definitely different. :) I give it 3 stars.

I was given this book by the author and no compensation for my review was given.

I also understand he is having a summer raffle at his website:
Additionally, several lucky readers will win a prize. I'm raffling off a Kindle, an iPod Nano 8GB, and five exclusive spin-off paperback novels that are not available elsewhere!

All you have to do to have a "Summer of Gomez", is get the book from any store and forward your receipt to nohopeforgomez@gmail.com. (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon CA,Amazon UK, Amazon DE)

Every purchase counts as an entry so increase your chances by stocking up on some extremely cool birthday presents ;) Points towards additional entries are gained by getting your friends to join in, and tweeting/blogging/face-booking (is that a verb?) about the Summer of Gomez.


  1. Hmm, not too sure about this one as I tend not to enjoy books that take the form of a diary - perhaps I'll find this more interesting as it takes the form of a blog.

  2. Not too sure about this one, blog posts huh? I may pick it up because it does sounds interesting.

  3. Well this surely sounds... Interesting!!! Lol!!

  4. Thanks for comments ;) This summer's readers will also receive some spin-off novels for free. If you end up hating them, they should make a perfect gift for someone you dislike ;)

  5. I find the stream of consciousness thing can be so exhausting to read for some reason. I'll have to think about this one but like that it's unique. Thanks for the review!

  6. I think I remember seeing some blog posts about this one as part of a tour and they were hilarious so I'm glad to see the book is equally funny. Sometimes it's nice to read something completely different from my normal reads!

  7. Lol stalker's stalker, now that is just so weird. Sounds very strange and fun

  8. Well, I do love reading blogs so this one might work for me. Even better if it actually had the power to make me more beautiful.

  9. @Jules... It was! :)

    @...Petty... it really is diary-like, but it is so different, you may enjoy it.

    @Savannah... I know. Blog posts... how weird, huh? lol

    @Bookish... :D

    @Graham... LOL I just want to know what his friend did for a living!

    @Alyssa... Yes, you are right, sometimes it is, but it also forms more into a book than others I've read that have that form.

    @Jenny... True!

    @Blodeuedd... It is, you might enjoy it!

    @Missie... It didn't work for me. :(

  10. It sounds like a riot... I must check this out!

  11. Hmmm, this does sound interesting. :) And would be neat to read as blog posts. :) Thanks for the review!

  12. I really like the idea of 'blog posts' I think it's the new 'diary' in our time lol sounds interesting! Thanks for the review

  13. @Melissa... several of the supporting characters had some interesting additional tales to tell, so I ended up writing a few short spin offs ;)

  14. It's interesting that the book is written through blog posts - I've never read something like this.


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