Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rise Again by Ben Tripp Blog Tour

Rise Again: A Zombie ThrillerFrom Rise Again website:
Forest Peak, California. Fourth of July.
Sheriff Danielle Adelman, a troubled war veteran, thinks she has all the problems she can handle after her kid sister runs away from home. But when disease-stricken refugees from Los Angeles overrun her small mountain community, Danny realizes her problems have only just begun—with the end of the world.
When the streets are choked with dead, the living grieve. When the dead begin to move, the living hope. And when the dead begin to feed, the living fight to survive. Because if you die…
You rise again.
 If you are wanting a good zombie book for the Halloween holiday, I do suggest you get Rise Again. In some ways it does remind me of  Night of the Living Dead and even references the movie in a few places. We mostly follow Danielle Adelman (Danny) who is an Iraq war vet with PTSD. On a side note: If any guys out there are worried that the protagonist is female, do not worry as Danny is hard as nails and a great heroine. You won't miss a thing. *think Sigourney Weaver in Aliens* Anyhoo... Danny loses her sister right before the zombie wave suddenly hits town. She doesn't have time to think let alone read the note full of anger and mistrust. Things quickly progress and you are in the middle of the surviving group hoping they find someplace safe.

As the story goes on Danny later strikes out on her own to try to find her sister. She quickly learns that either she has survived or hasn't but keeps hope that she is out there somewhere. Danny heads to the only place she can... back to the survivors she helped in her community. Upon returning she finds that there is more to fear than the zombies, but mercenaries who proclaim themselves the leaders of the facility they found. Things go from bad to worse and hopefully Danny can find a way to help them.

The ending is haunting and may keep you awake thinking about it. Yep, I was one who was awake thinking on the ending. Wonderful since you don't always get that in a book, horrible because I wanted to sleep! Regardless, I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It gives you exactly what it promises (lots of gore, action, and anxiety). It also gives you that bit extra in how Mr. Tripp develops the characters.

Oh and don't forget to go to the books website. There are several free downloads there that are perfect if you forgot to make a costume this year. :) The pictures here are a couple of examples of what you can get. There are other things there as well, so have some fun and take a look. :) Oh, and the book is out today!


  1. *shivers* Those nasty zombies! But they are fun to see and read about, I'll give you that

  2. Ummm... If the book is half as cool as those bookmarks, I'd say that we are in for a real treat!

  3. Melissa! You amaze me! You always have the 411 on where to find all the good stuff! That deserves a good brain lick. JS.

    I've read a couple of Zombie books and I've notice they are either a hit or miss. I hadn't heard of this book so thanks for your review. Danny definitely sounds like a girl I want to watch my back in case of Zombie. :)

  4. I want the bloody bitten off finger bookmark! I love that the protag is a girl.

  5. Jake loves zombies - I'll let him know. Thanks!

  6. I do think you all will like it and all the little goodies he has at his site. Thanks for stopping by everyone! :)

  7. Great review! But I think I'll pass on it. I'm just not a big person on zombies and staying awake at night. ;) Thanks for the great review though!

  8. Hi. Great review!

    I reviewed Rise Again a while ago and greatly enjoyed it too. And yes, what an ending that was!

    Here's my two bits' worth, if you'd like to take a look.



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