Sunday, August 17, 2014

Product Review: Influenster Vitality VoxBox

I thought I'd try the Influenster program. I got my first box and this is what came in it:
What was in it?

While this may not have been the best choice for me to get, you are not given a list of what is in the box until you get picked. Otherwise I would have probably not chosen most of the box. I have a lot of allergies and the Elizabeth Arden product immediately gave me a headache. I have never understood why products like that have fragrance. If you can do fragrance, doesn't it interfere with a perfume you chose to wear? I don't recommend this product to those that are sensitive to fragrances. I cannot tell you if the product worked for what it was intended because unfortunately I couldn't get near it.

I gave the Pure Leaf tea to my dad who loves the stuff and he really enjoyed it. To quote him he said: "It's pretty good." I guess you don't need to know much else. He is a tea drinker and doesn't always like the sweetened tea, so this is high praise.

The Bikini Ready gummies didn't seem like a bad product. I'm not a fan of fad diets and for the most part the ingredients didn't seem too bad. It had B12, black carrot, citric acid, and coconut oil. It did have sugar in it and caffeine. So, this was probably more for energy and exercise. I caution people to not eat too many of these because of the caffeine ingredient. You could end up with some of the same problems that other energy drinks are having.

The First Degree burn cream looks promising but no one I know was having a burn at the moment. It looks like a good product for minor burns. My mom stole the Softlips cube and thought it really helped her lips feel refreshed and smooth. She really liked the product.

It was a great box, but I'm thinking that Influenster products are generally not for me. I was thinking I was going to be given more of the pet products so I didn't think about having a lot of products that I couldn't personally use. This program is great, however, to those that don't have the sensitivities and allergies that I have.


  1. I do not like when every has a fragrance, as I can't stand perfumes

  2. When it's too strong it's really not for me I confess. It's intriguing but I'm not sure I would buy something like that, not really my thing.

    1. It is pretty strong, but then I'm pretty sensitive to it.

  3. Very cool! I wish I could get this.

  4. I hate when the facial moisturizers have fragrance. They are overpowering sometimes and I end up sneezing the whole time. I prefer fragrance free.

    I saw these boxes everywhere this past week. Maybe the next one will be different. I'm surprised they don't' go by what your interests are. there's no point sending products you won't like or use.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Oh I'm signed up for them as well but so far they've not picked me for anything. It would be nice if you could pick and choose as some of those items I wouldn't try myself. But still neat to be given the chance :)


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