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Author Blog Post: Crimson Frost Excerpt and Giveaway!

Crimson Frost
by Jennifer Estep
For a moment, a face flashed before my eyes—the most hideous face I’d ever seen. No matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened, I saw him everywhere I went. It was Loki—the evil god that I’d helped set free against my will.
I should have known that my first official date with Logan Quinn was destined to end in disaster. If we’d gotten into a swordfight, or been ambushed by Reapers, I’d have been more prepared. But getting arrested mid-sip at the local coffee hangout? I didn’t see that one coming.
I’ve been accused of purposely helping the Reapers free Loki from his prison—and the person leading the charge against me is Linus Quinn, Logan’s dad. The worst part is that pretty much everyone at Mythos Academy thinks I’m guilty. If I’m going to get out of this mess alive, I’ll have to do it myself…


     We set off down the sidewalk. Kaldi Coffee was located on the main street that ran through Cypress Mountain, and more and more people stuck their heads outside to stare at us as we passed. The ritzy suburb and all its high-end shops were here to see to the needs of everyone at Mythos Academy, so all the business owners and workers knew the score when it came to the mythological world. Most of them were former Mythos students themselves, who’d decided to settle down near the academy. The only folks who didn’t realize what was going on were the few tourists who’d braved the cold to come shopping. They glanced out the windows at me for a moment before going back to their browsing.

     “You’re making a big mistake,” Logan repeated. “Gwen didn’t free Loki—she tried to stop it from happening. We all did.”

     “All? By that, I assume you mean you and your new group of friends,” Linus said. “Something else we need to discuss. I thought you were finally calming down and learning how to be a real fighter, but it seems like you’ve gotten yourself into even more trouble than usual. Starting with this girl.”

     I didn’t care if he was Logan’s dad and apparently some bigshot within the Pantheon. The way he kept saying this girl like I was the worst of the worst grated on my last nerve.

     “I have a name,” I snapped. “It’s Gwen, Gwen Frost. Obviously, you know it since you announced it to the whole coffee shop.”

     Linus looked over his shoulder at me. “Do not test me, girl.” 

     My hands clenched into fists, but there was nothing I could do about his cold words—or the fact that he seemed to hate me on sight. Not exactly how I’d pictured things going if I ever met Logan’s dad. Still, I drew in a breath, trying to push past my anger and fear and get to the bottom of things.

     “Well, can you at least tell me where we’re going?” I asked.

     “You’ll see,” Linus said in a cryptic tone. “It’s not far.”

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times bestselling author. Jennifer writes the Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington. Crimson Frost, the fourth book, was released on Dec. 24. Visit for excerpts and more information about her books.

So, did this whet your appetite yet for the book? I know if you have been following the series you are all ready primed for the book! You need more convincing (I doubt it... but...) my review is HERE. :) Jennifer is giving away one pb copy of Crimson Frost! It's US only due to shipping costs. To enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below:
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  1. Thank you for the Awesome Giveaway! :)

  2. I would love to read this book because I've been dying to see what happens next with Loki free. I started out the series for fun because I love Greek mythology...and am now addicted to it. I love Gwen and Logan!


  3. Can't wait to read Crimson Frost!! =)

  4. Great giveaway and thanks for doing!!!!! Love this series. I waiting patiently to read this book (Not). lol

  5. Michelle -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Christina -- Thanks! I appreciate all the nice words about the book.

    Bookchic -- Thanks! Hope you enjoy the book.

    Felicia -- Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

    Heather -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the series.

  6. I don't think it's much of a secret that I'm massively in love with this series. And all Jennifer's books really. Can't get enough of them:)

  7. Wow, great giveaway. I think this book looks great :)

  8. I love this series, and cannot wait to read Crimson Frost :D

  9. Jenny -- Thanks! That's so nice of you to say.

    Emmi -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Stay_Cee -- Thanks! Hope you enjoy the book.

  10. Well I want to read the book because I want to see what happens between Gwen and Logan... Thanks for the giveaway and writing an awesome series!

  11. Blodeuedd -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the books.

    Whitewolfreads -- Thanks! I appreciate all the nice words about the series.

  12. Thanks for the ahhh-mazing giveaway! I want to read this book because I'm in love with this series! ♥

  13. I still need to read Dark Frost, but I plan to read it this month and then I'll be SO ready for Crimson Frost! While I'm pretty burnt out on YA paranormal this is a series I have totally fallen for! Love it!

  14. Twitted about your giveaway:

    Goodluck everyone!! :)

    Cherry Mischievous
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  15. If it's a book by Jennifer Estep, I love it! One of the highlights of my trip to California last July was meeting you at the RWA Literacy signing Jennifer. As long as you keep writing books, I'll keep reading them. :D

  16. While I haven't read the other series that you've written since I stick to mainly MG and YA, and I did already read this one from NetGalley, my 12 yr old son is reading the series and I don't have this one in paperback. He can't touch my Kindle so I'd love to let him read this one. He loves all the fighting!


  17. I'm terrible, I still have to read the first book! Dang, I'm sooo behind. But love the sounds of this series. Sounds great with all the elements she has together here. :) Thank you!

  18. Kris -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the series.

    Candace -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the books.

    Cherry -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

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  19. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Jennifer is such an awesome writer! I love her books!!!

  20. This sounds like a great read...I love that it involves mythology/gods! I'll check out this series...thanks for sharing!

  21. Sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats to jennifer on the newest release!

  22. Savannah -- Thanks! I appreciate that.

    PC -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the books.

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  23. I haven't read this series yet *hanging head in shame*!!! But is sounds fantastic and even better it is one my daughter could also read. I love it when we can talk books!

    Thanks so much!

  24. Texas Book Lover -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the books.

  25. I can't wait to read it because I really like the series. The fact that I've seen reviews that say it's the best in the series so far makes me really look forward to reading it.

  26. Cheryl -- Thanks! Hope you enjoy the book.

  27. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  28. I freaking love this series :D! And Logan ;) ;) I seriously need to start Jennifer's Adult series also!

  29. Love her book and series. Cant wait to read this one too.

  30. My daughter would like to read this book because she is into mythology.

  31. I totally love this series! It's managed to stay fresh and keep me interested. Don't mess it up, Jennifer! ;)


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