Monday, December 7, 2009

Help! Monster Invasion!

Have you ever innocently started a homemade project?  Something fun for whomever you are making it for and then suddenly it starts taking a life of it's own?

Recently I have made a couple of monster sock toys for a couple of young boys on my list. Suddenly I couldn't stop making them. This is only 2 days worth of work and yes, I have plans to make more. Why? I really don't know. They just became so much fun to make. I just want to see what I can do to make each one a bit different. After all being different is the spice of life! :)

So here's a question for you... are you doing homemade projects this year? If so what are they? Have any ever just taken on a life of their own?

Oh, and stay tuned on about Wed. I do hope you won't be disappointed. :)

Happy monstering! :D

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  1. Those are cute monsters -especially the hornes ones!

    Sometimes I get seizd by a mania for one particular idea and I just can't rest until I execute it exactly the way I have it my mind. Which never happens so I am always destined to be dissatisfied.


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