Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fun Holiday Post!

I've read several posts about favorite holiday shows, books, movies and I really agree with some of the choices I've seen (especially the one with the miser brothers). Anyway, thought I'd share at least a couple of mine.

One is the Nightmare Before Christmas. I still love the stop motion animation. Earlier this year I heard that Danny Elfman had redone the soundtrack with artists like Korn, Flyleaf, Amy Lee, and the American Rejects. I was hoping that it would show up in the movie itself, but no, it's just the soundtrack to the movie. Someone did do a pretty good job of inserting at least one song into a scene.

My favorite holiday story has always been "A Christmas Carol". No surprise, I'm sure. :) My favorite adaptation of this story is "Scrooged" with Bill Murray.

Of course, the one with Alastair Sim is my second favorite (just don't inform my mother of that fact since we continue to argue which one is best... lol).

So, Happy Holidays... I found this on youtube. It's the full movie with Seymour Hicks from 1935. One of the first adaptations of a Christmas Carol to a movie. If you want to stay and watch. I'll serve up the hot chocolate and some popcorn. Get comfy and enjoy!


  1. I love Nightmare Before Christmas and am quite fond of Amy Lee's rendition of Sally's Song, myself.

    Do you remember the two book covers that I purchased from your Etsy store a few months ago? I had bought the brown floral one to be a Christmas gift for a friend and we finally got to swap gifts the other day. She really loved it. As I knew she would, she had a book in her handbag (Wicked by Gregory Maguire) so she tried it out straight away. Perfect fit! Thanks for providing the unique gift! =)


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