Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Red Dobie Birthday Giveaway!

Ok, yes, I know that isn't a dobie in that pic to the left, but at least the dog is big enough to make me think of my baby. :) This month, my pup turns into an official adult dog. He will be 2 years old! Yep, it takes a doberman pinscher 2 years to reach full maturity! So, to celebrate by pup's venture into "adult"-hood I thought it might be fun to have a giveaway. Nothing huge, but something in the way of fun.

What does the giveaway entail? Well, I have a few treats (natural, of course), a squeeky toy, and one of my book covers with a dog print on it. I also thought with so many animals without a home this year due to the economy I'll also donate $10 to the general dog fund at the Morris Animal Foundation in the winners name (or someone else you select). This is a great group who does work on animal diseases. The general fund will go where there is the most need. Oh, and just click on the name to find out more about them.

So, this is just a way to celebrate my dog, your dog (or nearby animal lover)! So, to enter just click on the dobie below or click here. There are ways to get extra entries. One is to tell one of your favorite short stories about a pet (my dog is not a speciest, so he would love to hear about all types of pets) in the comment area. Most animal lovers have at least one story or two up their sleeves, so do tell.

Other extra entries:

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One of my favorite stories was when I first got my doberman. He had slept with an old shirt of mine until it was time to pick him up. He was the grouchiest of the bunch (not anymore! lol) and he wasn't too happy about being handled. So, when I held him he got a whiff of my underarm. A look of recognition came across his face and he went in for another sniff. He was mine all mine after that!

Your turn.

The contest will end on Wednesday, Dec. 16 around 10pm MST. Open only to those living in the US. I'm sorry again to the International people. Shipping is just a killer right now. Still lots of love for you!

I just hope you all have lots of fun with this one. :) And if it proves to be very successful, I may be able to add to the package. Just click on the picture below or here to enter.


  1. That is a cute story! Dogs always sniff my privates and armpits - like repeatedly. Does that mean I need better hygiene????

  2. LOL!!

    For those that are curious, it's just because those areas are scent rich. :)

    You must smell wonderful! I'd worry if they didn't have to smell those areas to know what you smelled like! XD

    So, where are those stories? Not a requirement to the giveaway (as some of you know), just part of the fun!

  3. Unfortunately, I am from Canada, so I can't enter the contest...much to the repentance of my dog, Gracie. But I thought I would share her story with you, since you are very obviously an animal lover. : D

    Three years ago, I ran an animal shelter in my home-town that was just starting out and a first of it's kind. In the year and a half that I worked there, I saw many hundreds of dogs and cats come and go. But one in particular stole my heart.

    The dog catcher picked up a pinscher cross puppy that was only about 6 weeks old, emaciated and alone on the side of a busy street. She had incredibly long legs and my first thought was that she reminded me of a deer, the way she had to fold her legs to lay comfortably.

    After two days in the shelter, it became very apparent that she was too distressed to eat or drink and soon became very weak and was deathly skinny.

    I brought her home with me that second night, hoping that a different environment would make her feel more assured. After trying to make her from a bowl, I realized it was no use and fed her from my hand. Wouldn't you know, she gobbled it all up.

    By the next day, she was able to stand strong on her feet and took on a healthy appetite. I left her with my Mom while I went back to work and within the next week, I felt she was ready to return to the shelter and was confident she would quickly be adopted.

    That day, after having Gracie with me in the shelter for only a couple hours, I noticed the first symptoms of the parvo-virus affecting another puppy that was new to the shelter. Horrified, I called my Mom to bring Gracie home because she wasn't yet vaccinated, but by that afternoon, she was already very ill.

    The next day, I brought her to the vet and she tested a strong positive for parvo. The shelter was unable to pay for veterinary care for parvo patients, but I was determined to save her life, despite the fact that her chances of survival were extremely poor.

    I opted for home care, and spent the next four nights sleeping in the living room on the couch, with Gracie next to me so we had easy access to run outdoors if she was going to be sick. I woke every hour to pump her with electrolytes and kept her with my Mom to care for her during the day.

    It was very touch and go for the first couple days, but after the first 72 hours she started to make a come back. A week later, she had a check-up visit with the vet and he was stunned that she not only survived, but suffered no serious permanent effects.

    Today, she is a very healthy and happy 2 1/2 year old wuss, who loves absolutely everybody (you know, the excited pee-er type) and who has seemingly moved completely passed her traumatic past.

    She has inspired me to establish my very own animal shelter which I intend to call "The Grace Foundation".

  4. I have 2 chocolate labs and they are as different as can be! One is very hyper and full of energy, while the other is mellow. The mellow one is a therapy dog and is usually considered the easier of the 2 by other people. One Easter weekend, my family and I worked for 5 hours (the Saturday before Easter) making homemade ravioli. We had the ravioli drying out in a separate room while we went out to dinner. I gated Sara, the mellow lab, in the kitchen, in a separate room from the ravioli. When we came back from dinner, Sara had climbed the gates and eaten 147 homemade cheese ravioli! My dad and I started to remake ravioli while my mom kept bringing Sara outside. It was a long unpleasant night but it is a story we still tell...

    Now when we dry the ravioli, the dogs go into their crates. :-)

  5. What a great competition and it is fantastic to hear that you will be making a charity donation as part of the prize! I live in Australia so I cannot enter but good luck to those that can! I am sure that it will make some very lucky dog somewhere very happy.

    My old dog wouldn't appreciate the squeaky toy anyway. Jasper is a cavalier king charles spaniel and is twelve (12) years old now but even as a younger dog he had little interest in toys. If you threw a ball he would just give you a look as though to say "if you wanted it so bad then why did you throw it?" Jasper is happy just to have a hug and tummy rub and to be allowed to curl up and go to sleep in your presence.

    Your book covers are really nifty. You may recall that I purchased two from your etsy store awhile back. One for me and one I have been holding on to for a friend as a Christmas gift.

    Jessica, it is so wonderful to hear that Gracie is now happy and healthy. I wish you the best of luck in establishing your own animal shelter!

  6. Thanks for the stories! I love them! Jessica, lots of luck and love for your foundation! Nan and Terra, thanks for the stories. Both had me smiling. :)

    I was trying to think of a more international charity that gave to pets, but I couldn't think of one that would really feel local to the international community. If anyone has ideas, I'd be willing to listen. And I wasn't sure if some areas would allow the transportation of food, even if it was dog treats into their country, so there were other reasons it isn't international (I did seriously consider it!).

    And just so you all do know. The other dogs I have in the household are rescue dogs. Visit Terra's site for info on Australian rescue information (great post) and go to petfinder.com for a lot of good general info for the states.

    Anyone with more stories? :D


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