Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Couple of Free things to Make Modern Life Easier

I have been suggesting these things to a couple of friends who had never heard of these programs. I thought maybe I should do a quick blog about them to let more people in on the goodies. :) One is Dropbox. This is a program you install on your computer (both PC and Mac friendly!) and you get free secure space to upload all sorts of stuff. You also get a public folder so you can post pictures to various sites. The Dropbox logo is from my public file. I don't have to go to the web site to upload, I do it all from my computer. There is no time limit and yes, it is free. You earn more space up to 3 MB by referrals. After that, there are monthly programs that you can buy if you wish. Those programs are very competitive out there. No, you have no obligation to buy unless you want more space. Just click here to find out about the program. Oh, and if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, the Dropbox app is free! Great way to have files at your fingertips!

The other program is still not out of beta yet, but still worth mentioning. It is google voice. Just do a search for it and sign up for the program. I didn't have to wait long to get my invite. What I like about this programs is that you can hook up as many phones as you like to it and if you have to get a new cell phone and they make you get a new number, you don't have to give everyone you know the new number. Just give them the google voice number and it will work as long as you hook up the new phone to it. So, you don't have to confuse your friends and loved ones no longer. No more important calls missed. And it also allows you to screen calls if needed. Nice free program. Nothing to download. The only thing needed is a google account.


  1. I am heading over to Dropbox now. Thanks - you're quite the techie!

  2. Nice about about Drop box... I want to share an idea that I am involved with is call There are contests to win some cool FREE Dkny well as a Free Nintendo..maybe you could tell your readers...thanks

  3. Brian, if you want more free stuff, the big thing now is Lockerz. You need an invite to it, and I don't use it, but just do a quick search to find it. It's still in beta, but is getting VERY popular!


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