Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Your Brain Doesn't Work...

Because of the bad news with my dog I haven't been able to read or really do anything that requires use of the brain. So what to do with excess worry energy? Make chapstick holders! This was a pattern I saw and slightly adapted to make it more "brainless". I'll provide the directions below since it is so easy to do, and makes a quick gift!

I used whatever yarn I had around with a E hook. You can go for a slightly bigger hook and I don't think there will be much difference.

4 chain
slip stich to make a circle, 1 chain
in the circle 9 sc, slipstich to finish, 1 chain
Then I modified it with a version I found that I was told was a Japanese way of doing crochet in the round.
You take the outer stitch and sc around until you achieve the desired length. Measure to your chapstick. No need to count or have a specific number to go by. Once you have the length you slip stitch, 9 chain, sc

in the next loop, slip stitch and finish off. Either by weaving in the end or knotting off. That's all. Easy.

Guess what people are getting for the holidays?

I also want to thank those who expressed their feelings to me. It is a hard time, but I'm getting through it by playing with the dogs that are still here. My dog will now be watching me wondering... why are you making another chapstick holder?!


  1. I made some of these a couple years ago. Your way sounds so much easier (mine had metal D-rings, which involved crocheting around them with the hook... not an easy task!).

    Crochet is a good way to take your mind off things, isn't it?

  2. I'm sorry about your dog. Crochet away says I, Crafting is super cathartic. I went to my cousin's funeral this Tuesday and have been mindlessly making crochet flowers since lol. I think it's my yoga equivalent. = )

  3. Yep, I'm still crocheting. Now I'm onto scarfs.

    Mistress, sorry to hear of your loss. I do understand as I've also recently lost a cousin. Wishing you lots of yarn and hugs. :)


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