Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Evil Post

Since it is that time of year, I thought I'd be a bit evil... or at least spread some evil around. ;) I recently decided I couldn't pass up these bargains for much longer and succumbed to their evil discounts. First, is the Book Depository this place is based in England so it takes a while to get your book in the US, but the discounts are HUGE. Add the fact there is NO SHIPPING worldwide, and it has become evil place (according to my bank statement) number 1! Oh, and yes, all books are brand spanking new!

Second, is Book Closeouts. Okay, so you know I've been crafting my, uh, heiny off so I got a few of those books at a great price. Right now they are having a 1/2 sale (1/2 off THEIR price which is already reduced 75-80%) with their craft books. And, yes, I got a couple of good deals on paranormals with their scratch and dent sale books as well.

Well, I know I'll be back to reading very quickly now. I'll have to since I just increased my TBR quite a bit. Have an evil, awfully wonderful time at these places! ;)

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