Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mermaid Swap (part 2)

This was the second part of what I did for my swap. The bath products were a essential oil scented lotion. I do those all the time for family, so that one was easy. Bath bombs. One is the usual type and the lighter colored one is a milk bath bomb. I've been asked to do a tutorial on that so I will blog on that at another time. The last in this bunch is a bath brush. The story with that one is funny to me. I drew a simple mermaid on the handle and gave it to my mom to paint with a paint pen. I'm allergic to the solvent in the pen, so I had enlisted her help. Well, the pen spilled and my mom was beside her self. So, I just took some acrylic paint that had to "fix" it. Happy accidents I remember calling things like that. ;) It was then fixed to the handle with an acrylic spray. Anything in a humid environment needs to have a bit more care.

The other thing I included was a print of a picture I painted in watercolor. I had actually been away from the pallet for quite a while. I used this opportunity to get me to paint a bit. My partner wanted a bunch of bath stuff since they were making the bathroom a mermaid paradise. So, I painted a mermaid in a bathtub. I just drew her out and then painted it. I will have the original painting in my Etsy shop. I just need to cut a simple mat. I don't like cutting mat, but I don't like shipping anything without some sort of backing to it. Makes the picture safer. Granted others will ship in a tube, but those are hard to come by and a bit expensive.

Well, those were the objects I placed in the swap. Now, I just have to wait anxiously to hear back. I think I'm more nervous about what I sent than what I will get back. Of that, I have no doubt I will like it. It was a fun swap and one I may do again. Depending on what it is, I may have to wait until after Christmas as I have a few projects I have to finish first. ;)


  1. I love your painting of the mermaid in the bathtub!

  2. wow ur really good. I love what u made. their pretty.

    award 4 u @ my blog!!

  3. I was reading on your soaps and brush and I was thinking of how a nice bath would be. We just redid our bathroom so now I can take a bath. I am so ready for a good bath with oils and salts and suds. mmmmm that sounds like a nice relaxing night for me. I just can't wait.


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