Monday, June 29, 2015

Darksider by Erin Kellison

Series: Reveler #3
124 p.
Publisher: Fire Flower Publishing
Published: 6/9/14
Source: From author for review
She has always been his dream…

Chef Serafina Rochan believes her recurring nightmares of pursuit are a symptom of her anxiety about opening her second restaurant. But when the stalker appears in the waking world, she swallows her pride and calls the one man she trusts to go into her dreams, even if it means risking her heart.

When Marshal Harlen Fawkes receives Sera’s call, nothing else matters. Time has not eroded the power of his feelings for her. After years apart, they go Darkside together and cannot resist the longing and desire their connection evokes. The past and present collide, and Sera abandons all reservations to embrace Harlen again, if even for one night.

In order to protect her, Harlen aligns himself with disavowed friends, and in so doing is drawn deeper into the secrets and perils of the dreamwaters. As the tide of darkness rises, Harlen faces his demons…but not without Sera, who fights just as fiercely for the dream of a life together.

Dream dangerously.
My thoughts:
I really got into the last book and was curious about this one. We meet a new couple, Harlen and Sera. I immediately liked both of them and they are old lovers reconnecting because Sera is being haunted in her dreams. One that has come true and she finds herself being stalked. We get enough background with this couple to connect to them and it helps that they had this past with such a short book. It works. The mystery seems to be growing from the other books and so this is a series that should be read in order. The mystery arc builds from one book to another.

I really was into this book and then *bam* ending. Cliffie! NOOooooOOOO! I hate cliffies especially when I'm enjoying the book. I wish this one was longer but I'm also glad that the next one is out now. I need to read it. I don't think it needed a cliffie to make me want to read the next book but it still worked. :p

I give this book 3 1/2 stars and recommend it to those that love a dark PNR.


  1. Replies
    1. Afraid so... :( But these are short and the next is out already... :D

  2. Oh dear. Still with a rating of three and a half it sounds like it was worth the read cliffie or not.

  3. I am not the biggest fan of dark, and a cliffhanger... ugh!

    1. Yea, these are pretty dark. This is really the biggest cliffie I've had in this series. I'm actually surprised.

  4. Ahhhh no on the cliffie! I so have a hard time with those. It sounds great though! She's one I've been meaning to try for a couple years now. Hope the next is great :D

  5. The old lovers reconnecting sounds great but the cliffie sounds annoying

  6. Damn that cliffy! Sounds like a great read though. Love the cover.

  7. Third book already?! Gah! I'm hopeless. And nooooO! Cliffies!

  8. I love,darker fantasy. .now my question with the cliffy is it just for the overall arc? Does the romance wrap up?

  9. Ah it's really too bad about the end, I understand about that girl...

  10. I really like the sound of this series, I enjoy a dark-ish read at times and the mystery sounds like it is done well. Bugger about the cliff-hanger.

    Sharon – Obsession with Books

  11. NOOOOOOOOO! Why must there always be a cliffhanger? WHY MELISSA! Everything else about this series sound fantastic, so I guess I'll just need to wait until all the books are out so I don't have to worry about those nasty cliffhangers:)


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