Saturday, October 10, 2009


From the web site:

Feeling under the weather? Do you or someone you know suffer fromMIGRAINE, HEART DISEASE, ASTHMA, ARTHRITIS or DIABETES? MediClim® can help.

Sign up to MediClim® for FREE and you will begin to get email alerts the day before your health problem may be aggravated due to changes in the weather. You will also gain access to our forums where you can meet people with health problems similar to your own. MediClim is a FREE service currently available to everyone in Canada, the USA (lower 48 states), the UK, Ireland and France.

I have tried MediClim and found it to be something I can rely on. I use it because I get frequent migraines. So far, I have noticed it has been pretty on target. I don't get a migraine every time I get an alert, and I get migraines when I don't, but it has helped me be more cautious when I get an e-mail from them. Often even if a migraine does not present itself, I do feel tired or altered in some slight way. Makes you more aware of it anyway. It is a good and FREE program to try if you have any of the problems that weather may exacerbate. Give it a try.

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  1. Interesting! I used to get weather-related headaches; this would have been useful back then!


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