Monday, October 26, 2009

Threadless T's!!!

Recently Threadless had a Halloween sale. Halloween shirts were going for $10 each. I couldn't resist. Two of my favorites were there! So, I splurged.

This zombie one was perfect. In fact I was thinking of making my own, but heck for that price, if I add up everything, it comes out to be about the same so why do it when someone can do it for you for the same cost? Besides, I love the play on words with this shirt. Gotta love those zombies. :D

This shirt is called "Art is my Weapon". How could I resist? Ah, I know I'm so sad, but just had to get it. Loved the look and the name. I was doomed.

If anyone also likes these Ts or just something a bit unusual, go sign up for their newsletter. You get info on all their sales. And I don't seem to be overwhelmed by every little thing that goes on in the shop.

Have fun!

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