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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer: An Early Review

Wolfsbane: A Nightshade NovelBook 2From Goodreads:
You're an alpha, a leader. That's what we need. It's what we've always needed. When Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemies, she's certain her days are numbered. Then the Searchers make her an offer, one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save her pack ? and the boy ? she left behind.Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? Will Shay stand by her side no matter what?Now in control of her destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials love can endure.
Since I agreed to post this before the July 26, publishing date, I will try to keep this spoiler-free. I know a lot of people are wanting to read this book. Oh and excuse the cover... it was my favorite out of all the covers for the book. :)

Where to begin? Well, I will say this... those that have read Nightshade and don't remember everything, go back and read it. It took me a bit to catch up to things that had happened and remember people who were involved. This way you don't have to spend that time catching up. Also, prepare some time for reading. There are parts of this book that make it hard to put down.

There were parts of this book I didn't like. I do admit that there were times where I got frustrated with the Searchers. They were slow to reveal secrets and I felt those were needed for Shay and Calla to trust them. However, this slow reveal also had you turning pages just to find out what those secrets were; what lies the Keepers told, and what were the truths. So I had a hard time adjusting to who you needed to trust. However, in a way it was perfect because you were right along with Calla doing the same thing.

Now I will turn to teams. I was total Team Ren in my review of Nightshade. I just didn't like the way Shay would assume how their society worked. He judged too much, in my opinion, based on facts he did not seek out. So did I switch sides? Yes and no. *evil laugh* To explain would reveal too much and I already promised I would do no such thing. *evil laugh again* Let's just say that each has a chance at my heart.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I had to take off a bit for the frustration since it didn't gel with a couple of characters. I also had to take off a bit for the CLIFFHANGER that Ms. Cremer gives us in the end. Oh death to cliffhangers! *sigh* I am anxiously awaiting the next book Bloodrose to be published Feb, 21, 2012. Anxiously!!! I cannot say more. *cries* *evil laugh on all of us!*

Here is a bit of a vid by Ms. Cremer which gives us an idea of what to expect in her own way.

You can also visit for excerpts, the Shay Doran Days vids and more!
I received this ARC from Book It Forward Tours and no compensation was given.


  1. I have the first book which has been lying on my shelf for a long long time. I agree about cliffhangers - I detest them!
    Maybe I will finally read the first book this summer.

  2. I will read book day, arghh I wish I had more hours in the day to read all the books I have

  3. Guess what I'm going to say? Yep, have book one, not read it yet. Have to agree with Blodeuedd - can we squeeze an extra couple of hours into each day for reading? Sure the physics would work somehow...

  4. I hated the first book and I might not be tempted by the book no 2. Still both boys alive and vying for divine Calla's attention? Urgh...

  5. Damn it! Yesterday I saw the first book with a very big discount on the shelves in my favourite bookstore. What did I do? I did not buy it, because I bought another one. I could have bought both. OMG! I need to go back...:)

  6. Super excited to read this book! So jealous that you read it already!

  7. She goes to Italy? Nevermind about Iowa. What happens there??? I suppose I must read the sequel.

  8. Ahhh! So excited for this one! And I'm glad you used the old cover, I'm not a fan at all of the new one:) Not pumped about the cliffhanger, but I'm very curious about your possible side-switching with Ren and Shay:)

  9. YAY!! I JUST got Nightshade, so I'll be prepared for Wolfsbane! I like this cover WAY better than the new one too!! *tears* I haven;t heard many people who feel differently, so I wonder why they don't just switch back!

  10. @Misha, Blodeuedd, and Mel... LOL I know the feeling about not being able to get to books you want to read. I hope you all get to have some time to enjoy it!

    @anachronist... well,if you didn't like book 1, you won't like book 2.

    @Nina... Just a minute... I'll go with you... ;D

    @Savannah... I jumped at the chance to read the ARC! Jumped! ;)

    @Stephanie...*evil laugh*

    @Jenny... Ah, I'm not alone in my cover love. *sigh* Possibly... not... maybe... switching sides.. *evil laugh*

    @BB.... Yes, it is good to read them close together. YaY! I'm so not the only one who loves this cover better!

  11. Teams!!! I'm too indecisive...Ahhhhh
    Very fun review :D

  12. It's a good love triangle when you keep switching sides! And I really don't like the new covers so good choice on the old. So pretty!

  13. You realize that this review is KILLING me!

    No, Mel. No! You can't be Team 'boring' Shay. Please don't say you are or even kind of are! GRRRRRR


    And I was frustrated with the Searchers and Keepers in the first book so I'm not looking forward to that frustration growing. :(

    P.S Team Death to cliffhangers!

  14. Okay.

    Not good.

    Just watched the video.

    Ticking bomb! Gah!

    *bites nails*

    Can't wait to read. I think I'll take your suggestion and re-read Nightshade tonight.. errrr.. this weekend.

  15. @animewookie... I usually don't do the team thing, but this one is different for me. :)

    @Alyssa... did I switch sides? Hmm... lol

    @Missie... Oh you will hate the ending... as for sides... I did? Did I? *evil laugh* And I know the vid... makes you go, "What?? I have to know!" :)

  16. Melissa you are so cruel waving this book in our faces! LOL I am happy to say my pre-ordered copy is out there waiting for release day and not so happy I have to wait till then to read it!
    Love this cover too, why oh why do we have to get the book with a different one!( blew my mind when it got changed!)

  17. Err I have yet to read the first one *blushes*

  18. I have been really on the fence whether or not I want to buy this book. But after seeing you give it four and a half stars, well it appears that I had better do so! Oh, and I had better reread Nightshade (since all I can really remember is a gigantic spider a la Harry Potter)... ;)
    Thanks for the great review Melissa!

  19. I'm with Book Purring - need to read the first one still. I'll have to enter a bunker after 7/26 in order to avoid the hubbub!


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