Friday, February 12, 2016

When Black Women Fall Blog Tour

I always love diversity in books and want to encourage it whenever and where I can. I spy several good romances here.

When Black Women Fall in Love by Ines Johnson

Heartspell Media would like to welcome you to When Black Women Fall, a week long promotional tour of romance novels featuring African American heroines in the contemporary, historical, paranormal, new adult, and erotica genres.

Romance novels are increasingly featuring heroes and heroines of color, from Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series to Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. As society and its citizens increase in diversity so does the market. With more and more authors bypassing publishers and uploading these colorful romances on their own, starved readers now have a buffet of books to choose from.

On this tour, you will find that when black women fall in love it’s a sign of the times in these contemporary offerings. 

In Farrah Rochon's "All You Can Handle" love was the last thing professional pastry chef Sonny White was looking for, but she finds it in a sleepy town with a motorcycle riding hottie.

In Lena Hart's "Because You Love Me" when an old desire is reawakened Sabrina will discover that even an imperfect love can triumph over all.

In Xio Axelrod's "Falling Stars" Hollywood actress' Val Saunders finds her career skyrocketing which makes her real-life attraction to her on-screen love interest come at the worst possible time.

In Ines Johnson's "Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story" having given up on fairytales after falling for her toad of an ex, Pumpkin is afraid to take a chance on a prince charming who comes to her rescue.

In Kim Golden's "Maybe Baby" Laney must choose between the man who offers her financial security and the one who makes her mind and body sing.

In Victoria H. Smith's "The Space Between" Lacey has dreams of the opera, but life has its obstacles, namely a man  who lights a fire inside of her that challenges everything she thought she wanted.

In Christina C. Jones’ “Inevitable Conclusions” Friends? Lovers? Both? For Kora and Tariq, those lines have been blurred for a long time. 

When black women fall in love it’s a magical affair, as you’ll find in these paranormal stories of love.

In L Penelope's "Angelborn" he gave up eternity for love… and lost. Will Maia be his second chance?

In Laverne Thompson's "Angel Rising" Thalya, a soulless creature, meets her match when she hungers for the love of the man assigned to hunt her.

When black women fall in love it’s a defining moment, as you’ll find in this historical romance.

In Piper Huguley's "The Preacher's Promise" Amanda Stewart aims to teach newly freed slaves, but meets with the resistance from the town preacher. Can these two put aside their differences and come together?

When black women fall in love it’s full of growing pains, as you’ll see in this new adult romance.

In Twyla Turner's "Chasing Day" Daylen is the shy cellist who falls in love with her best friend who also happens to be the popular quarterback.

When black women fall in love it can get a little spicy, as you’ll find in this erotica novellete.

In Harper Miller's "Entwined" trouble finds Gabby when she meets an ex-marine looking to release a little tension.

From February 8-14, the intersection of Valentine’s Day and Black History month, check out any one of these romances at a discounted price and enter for your chance to win a giveaway basket that includes a Kindle, along with a few quintessential romance novels featuring black heroines, and a gift certificate for the beauty and cosmetics company Carol’s Daughter!

To find the books (all $.99), get a free excerpt book, and 
enter the giveaway:
  • A $50 Carol’s Daughter gift certificate … to get your beauty on
  • A Kindle Fire HD … to get your read on
  • Ebooks of groundbreaking romance novels featuring Black women by: Beverly Jenkins, Sandra Kitt, L.A. Banks and Zane
  • A $30 Amazon gift card … so you can keep getting your read on
visit When Black Women Fall


  1. I saw this all over my twitter feed the past few days but didn't know what the heck it was lol

    Looks like I have a lot of books to check out :-)

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. Very interesting. Now that I am thinking about it, I haven't read many romances with heroines that are African American. We certainly need more diversity.

    1. I agree. I see so many people get excited when there are more diverse books so I don't get why there isn't more.

  3. This is definitely one of the reasons why I love Nalini's books. Thanks for this list. I will check some these out.

    1. That is why she is on my wishlist. I just need to get to them. Trying to find the audios at my library.

  4. This is good spotlight for Black History month. Like Heidi said, I don't think I see many in romances, though I think sometimes it's just not brought to our attention. Still, we definitely can use more diversity.

  5. Yay for diversity! Love these and will have to check them out more in depth!

  6. Thanks for my weekend book assignment :/

    Happy weekend! :)

  7. Looks like a lot of good reads for just 99c each! Thanks for the heads up!


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