Thursday, November 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday!

Meme hosted by Melissa My World in Words and Pages. It's about books that are already on the shelves and are waiting to be read. Sign up at her blog to join in on the meme!

The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf
by Molly Harper
Baring It All Generations of werewolves have been secretly residing in a secluded valley a stone’s throw from Grundy, Alaska. So when a snooping Outsider comes to Grundy to investigate rumors of lycanthropic shenanigans in the area, the valley’s pack alpha, Maggie Graham, resolves to chase him away, even if doing so takes a quick bite on the butt. What a pity that researcher Nick Thatcher turns out to be so drool-worthy, and that his kisses make Maggie want to sit up and beg. Maggie just can’t seem to convince Nick to leave... and even worse, she can’t convince herself to stay away from him. Cross-species dating is problem enough for a harried alpha female, but on top of that, a rival group of werewolves is trying to move into the valley. With interpack war threatening, Maggie can’t afford to be distracted. Combining romance and a career can be tough for anyone; for a werewolf in love with a human, it may be disastrous...
I read and reviewed the first book, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf which I fully enjoyed. I won this book but just didn't get to it yet. It's currently staring at me wanting me to meet this Nick. Gots to read it!
So, what is on your shelves waiting for you to read?


  1. Now, this I like the look and sound of. A great cover, I'm sure it will be a fun read.

  2. Oh I need to try this series I really liker her other one

  3. Ohh read this one, it looks cute :D

  4. I so need to read this series. I remember you reviewing them :)


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