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Guest Author Post: Jennifer Estep and Bigtime Superheros

Greetings! First of all, I want to say thanks to Melissa for hosting me on her blog today. Thanks so much, Melissa.

I recently e-published Nightingale, the fourth book in my Bigtime superhero paranormal romance series. The book focuses on event planner Abby Appleby, who finds herself in the middle of a battle between sexy superhero Talon and his evil ubervillain nemesis Bandit.

So today, I thought I would talk about some of the things that all superheroes (and ubervillains) need. Here goes:

A cool costume: We all know that a hero is only as cool as his or her costume. You want something with a sleek design in a color that reflects your personality or perhaps even your superpower. Just don’t go too over the top with things. Folks will probably take you a little more seriously if you wear dark-colored leather, rather than a neon yellow, plaid spandex suit with orange polka dots.

Superpowers: What would a hero be without a superpower or two? Whether you have the ability to shoot fire out of your fingertips or can bench-press a car with one hand, your superpower goes a long way in determining what kind of hero you are and how you fight evil. 

Gadgets: Of course, you can still be a hero, even if you don’t have an actual superpower. All you need are some gadgets to help you through those sticky situations. Like Talon, who uses an electro-shock visor, among other things, to help him fight evil. 

A secret lair: You have to store all those extra costumes and quirky gadgets somewhere, so what better place than a secret lair? Just make sure it’s someplace where your significant other, best friend, or mom or dad won’t accidentally stumble into it.

A secret identity: It’s hard to be a hero without having a secret identity. If you don’t want to have to pay the bills for all the property damage from your latest fight with your ubervillain nemesis, then it’s best to keep your real identity a mystery to everyone – including that cute guy you keep saving from bad situations over and over again.

So there you have it. Some essential items for every superhero (and ubervillain). What about you guys? What do you think superheroes and ubervillains need?

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times bestselling author. Books in her Bigtime superhero paranormal romance series include Karma Girl, Hot Mama, and Jinx. A Karma Girl Christmas, an e-story, is also available.

Jennifer also writes the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series for Pocket Books and the Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington. Visit for more information about her books.

Where to get the Bigtime series:
by Jennifer Estep 
Anxious brides. Drunken businessmen. Panicked partygoers. As Bigtime, New York’s premiere event planner, Abby Appleby is capable of handling almost any crisis, but even she’s not prepared when she finds herself in the middle of a fight between superhero Talon and his ubervillain nemesis Bandit. Abby manages to save Talon, but the superhero is temporarily blinded, so she takes him back to her loft, where the two wait out a snowstorm. During a blizzard that shuts down the city, Abby and Talon grow close, and he starts calling her Nightingale because of her love of music and singing. 
But Abby is afraid of what Talon will think when he can see the real her, so she conceals her identity from the sexy superhero, and they go their separate ways. However, Abby discovers that Talon is looking for Nightingale, looking for her—and so is Bandit. The mercenary ubervillain thinks that Abby has information that belongs to his boss, the mysterious Tycoon. Abby knows that she’s in serious trouble and that not even Talon—or the Fearless Five—may be able to save her…
To celebrate the new book in this series, Jennifer is giving away this ebook in either the Kindle or Nook formats! Just fill out the form below to enter. Because it is an ebook it's international! Good luck!

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  1. If only getting superpowers was that easy in real life! I've never once seen any radioactive insects or laser beams accidents which would give me super-strength and the ability to fly...maybe if I spent more time in laboratory's... :-)

  2. I think it's perfect! It's always so fun to read about superheroes! I can't wait to read the first book!

  3. Mel -- Thanks! I've never encountered those things either, but wouldn't it be cool to have a superpower or two?.

    Melliane -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the series.

  4. So excited that there's a new Bigtime story! Couldn't agree more about the need for a cool costume, cape or no cape. And I think every superhero/ubervillian needs a nemesis. It's just not the same if you don't have an arch enemy...

  5. Oh I so need this! I love her Elemental Assassin series and who doesn't love SuperHeroes? :)

  6. I am so excited about Nightingale! I believe that every superhero and ubervillian should have an arch enemy like Batman and the Joker or Superman and Lex Luthor. That's what I believe makes it more exciting.

  7. I love the BigTime story. :) I mean... I like the Spider series and the Frost series too but it has been such a long time since we have a big time story. Looking forward to it!

  8. Alexia561 -- Thanks! I appreciate that. A good villain really does make a story better.

    Felicia -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the series.

    Tammy -- Thanks! A good villain can make a story that much better.

    May -- Thanks! I appreciate that. Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

  9. What a cool idea! I definitely think they would need a sidekick or a minion :)

  10. "Folks will probably take you a little more seriously if you wear dark-colored leather, rather than a neon yellow, plaid spandex suit with orange polka dots."

    WHAT? You tell me this now? Now, after I've just worn my amazing plaid spandex suit out and about? DAMN YOU! ;-) *walks away in shame to go find a new dark leather outfit*

  11. Well Definitely not tights! I think a super hero needs a side kick and a villain needs some kind of animal to stroke and an evil laugh. I think this series sounds like fun and I would like to check out Ms. Estep's earlier work! Thanks for the fun post and giveaway!

  12. Sounds like a great book! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! :)

    Leigh Ann
    MaMa's Book Corner

  13. Hmm, I think what superheros need a sidekick or a love interest in who they fight for. Villains, need a good reason to be evil. Like a bad past, the want revenge.

  14. I think superheroes also need a receptionist/assistant (to be distinguished from a sidekick). The assistant would do all the other things that don't involve fighting crime (sidekicks do fight crime).

  15. A lair and a secret identity, yes so important and nothing like Clark Kent and his glasses

  16. Julie -- Thanks! And those would be handy to have too.

    Jenny -- Thanks! And come on. You knew that outfit wasn't a good choice to start with. Just kidding. LOL.

    Heidi -- Thanks! Glad you liked the post, and I hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Leigh Ann -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Savannah -- Thanks! A love interest is a good addition too.

    Whitewolfreads -- Thanks! That's a good point too. Someone has to have those suits dry-cleaned and schedule fights. LOL.

    Blodeuedd -- Thanks! A lair and a secret identity are a good start.

  17. Dude. This may sound ... Strange to a normal person, but I've totally had my "superhero outfit" planned for like YEARS. You know, should I ever be granted superhero powers.

    It could happen!!!!

  18. Oh yes, leather is MUCH better than spandex! I like a superhero with a leather jacket, knee high boots, maybe a hat with some goggles. Oh geez, I'm thinking of a steampunk superhero! That's totally what I keep picturing. ;) Awesome post! Gotta love those superhero's!

  19. Bookish Brunette -- Thanks! And wouldn't it be fun to have superpowers?

    Candace -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. And that does sound a little steampunk.

  20. Leather is definitely much better than spandex and let's face it, a rockin' body to fill out the leather whether it's a man or woman is definitely a plus.


  21. Sounds like an interesting book! :o))

  22. "What do you think superheroes and ubervillains need?"

    The one thing they both need is a safe place to wind down, have fun without outside influences, and above all anonymity. What happens on holiday stays on holiday.

  23. Thanks for a fabulous post and thanks for sharing Jennifer! Love your Elemental Assassin series, can't believe I missed this series!

    Every good hero and villian need... minions!!!!

  24. Buried in Books -- Thanks! And it is important to stay in shape. LOL.

    La Bookchic -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

    Mark -- Thanks! Some time to unwind would be helpful.

    Erin -- Thanks! I appreciate that. Hope you get a chance to check out the Bigtime series.

  25. I do agree, I'd rather wear leather than spandex. I do think they would need a sidekick, like Batman has Robin. Someone to help them put on that costume, and to provide snarky comments.
    And how about a callsign? Their own comic book series is also a must nowadays.

  26. I think they need each other. You don't need a hero if there is no villain & the villain needs someone to battle with.

  27. Aurian -- Thanks! And those are good suggestions too.

    Mary -- Thanks! And that's true. It's sort of like you can't have good without evil.

  28. Everyone likes a villain that you love to hate. Both can be likable but the superhero is the has a little extra something that makes you pull for them.

  29. what does both need trust someone who can work things out and then not be in the middle of both

  30. I think that superheroes and villains both need goals - something to strive for. I mean, what good are superpowers if you're having an existential meltdown in your bedroom? You've got to put those powers to good use so decide what that is and then work it!

  31. Flaws. Simple - need then to be a bit flowed so that I can connect with them. I might not agree with them, but I like to understand their motivations.

  32. I think they need all of the above. One think I think they can't go without though is a super power, whether it be super brain, strength, speed, control of people, etc.
    Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to read it. :)

  33. Heather -- Thanks! A good villain can make a story that much better.

    Desitheblonde -- Thanks! It's good to have someone you can trust.

    Keslynn -- Thanks! It is good to have goals.

    Nrlymrtl -- Thanks! A flaw can make a character more interesting.

  34. I think superheroes need a gym so they can stay in shape :]

  35. They both need sidekicks and... . Each other! =D what´s a villain without a hero and vice versa?
    Love this, =) thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

  36. Tina -- Thanks! Superpowers do come in handy for fighting evil.

    Arainymelody -- Thanks! Staying in shape is important.

    Linda -- Thanks! Sidekicks can really add to a story too.

  37. What a cool idea! I definitely think they would need a sidekick or a minion :)

  38. I think Jennifer nailed it with her list! Those are the most important (a good costume is high on the list). A cool hairdo and dependable sidekick also come in handy. It's all about the image!

    Thanks for a terrific offer and best wishes with the new book! I LOVE your writing, Jennifer!


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