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Divinity by Patricia Leever with Giveaway!

They’re everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Chances are, you’ve interacted with one or two of them in your lifetime without even realizing it...

Demon hunter Evelyn Brighton saves unsuspecting humans from the malevolent creatures masquerading around them every day. Working under the Lebriga Corporation’s direction, she never fails to bring her A-game with her keen skill, fiercely independent spirit, and the best weapon in her arsenal: the Divinity blade. 
Evelyn’s world is turned on its ear, however, when she is ordered to train cocky new recruit Daniel Summers. They both feel an instinctive pull drawing them to one another, the ancient spells tattooed into their skin illuminating whenever the two hunters come into contact. But with evil looming over the city of Los Angeles, Evelyn and Daniel’s mutual competitiveness and sense of duty to Lebriga and all humankind forces them to hold back their desires. Will their restraint be enough to keep them focused and save southern California, or will the dark forces prevail? 
Set in modern-day Los Angeles, Divinity is an action-filled, fast-paced marriage of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Edgy, witty, and sexy, it will bind you in its spell.
If you are tired of angel/demon PNR books, this might be the one that you will enjoy. It has that aspect, but doesn't really deal with the angel aspect too much. In fact, the main characters are human; they are magical, but human. They do deal with demons. Lots of them. But they don't take over the story.

It's also more of a UF ride than a PNR one. However, those that don't want a read without romance should not despair. There is romance. It's between Evelyn a broken, but tough woman and Daniel the newbie with a lot of potential. I have to be honest, that is the problem I had with the romance. He was just too new and green to be a match for Evelyn. Definitely a potential mate, but not one right away. I also didn't like Daniel for most of it. He was way to arrogant and cocky for such a dangerous job. I didn't feel he respected Evelyn until he consistently started listening to her. It took a while, but he finally did listen. THEN I loved Daniel and started to root for the couple.

The world was quite interesting. I like that the humans that were recruited had special abilities that the tattoos they receive help them access. They also have plenty of interesting and very cool weapons like the Divinity blade that only gets matched with one hunter at a time. However, it is more about the characters than the world. It's a good mix, but you will want to know more about this world as you feel as if you only get a small hint of what is to come later.

I give this book 3 stars. I find it fun, with the element of UF that I enjoy. I can see this series get better as time goes on and the world becomes even more defined.
I received this eARC from the publisher, Omnific, and no compensation for my review was given.

About the Author:

Patricia Leever is a wife, stay-at-home mom of four and owner of one dog and one little black cat. On the average school day she runs about town like a lunatic picking-up and dropping off kids and trying to find a moment of quiet to write down a word or two. She’s a sci-fi geek that loves to dress up like a zombie and participate in the local zombie march down Main St. and laugh as much as possible; laughter frees the mind and heals the soul.

Omnific Publishing:

  Well, guess what? I have one copy to give to one lucky US winner! The PB is provided by Omnific Publishing. All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below and get a tattoo. Well, okay, you don't have to get a tattoo... it was just a suggestion... ;)

Good luck!

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  1. Thank you so, Melissa, for taking the time to read Divinity and for the honest review! AND thank you so much for being a part of the Divinity Blog Tour!!

    Patty <3

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the author pic:)
    Sounds like a great, fun book to read.

  3. Is it bad that the words "cocky" and "arrogant" made me perk up? I think maybe it is. I have no idea why I find those traits so attractive in fictional men when they would irritate me to no end in their real-life counterparts, but there you have it. There are clearly things wrong with me:) Glad you enjoyed this one overall Melissa, even if you weren't sold on the romance initially!

  4. I really love the cover of this book, and the story sounds interesting. I'm definitely curious!

  5. See I saw the romance differently...Evie was kind of a b'yotch and I thought Daniel was awful sweet to put up with her. I liked that it kept you waiting....

  6. I do like that it's more of a UF ride since I prefer UF to pnr, quite a lot in the end

  7. Oh this one does sound like a fun read. :) I've just started seeing it yesterday, and like what it's about. :) Thanks!

  8. The cover is outstanding.. I love the idea that the body art is part of her magic.

  9. Now those are some fancy tattoos. Do you think if I got some like that I could tap into some magical powers I didn't know I had?? Let me know how that works would ya? Sounds like a fun book and you're reading in order, good for you! So many series you've started! I think Daniel would annoy me if he didn't defer to the person with more knowledge and was the senior person in the partnership. Glad he learned. Hope it was a butt whipping that made him learn!


  10. thanks for a great post and congrats to Patricia on the new release! It sounds fabulous!

  11. I do like to have a romance in the stories I read and it looks like a good one in the end.

  12. Hello,
    Divinity sounds great! Hopefully I win because I'd like to read it. I read several books at a time so this might be the one that gets my attention. Keep up the good work!
    Keep Reading!
    Jodie Pierce

  13. Great review, I have put it on my wishlist!

  14. Wow, that's some ink on that cover! I think this books sounds like a really fun read - paranaormal with a bit of a twist! Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Definitely sounds like a good read, and that cover is ten kinds of awesome - LOVE the ink!!! <3
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  16. Thanks for the review! I love urban fantasy as long as there's some romance so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

  17. I have to agree about Daniel. I wanted a better explanation on why he was chosen to get a Divinity blade when he was so green. It didn't quite make sense to me. But yeah, it was great to see them come together towards the end.


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