Friday, June 15, 2012

Claimed (Sin Hunters #2) by Caridad Piñero

Victoria Johnson loves her life. She's her own boss in a quaint beachside town, and has great friends who keep her grounded. If only they knew who she really is: an heiress to an ancient race who possesses astonishing superhuman powers. It's Victoria's duty to restore her clan of Light Hunters to their former glory by choosing the perfect mate. In Christopher Sombrosa, she just may have found him. Strong, smart, and successful, Christopher exudes a powerful energy. Their connection is sensual, irresistible-and forbidden.

A member of the Shadow Hunter clan, Christopher has defied his own father to lead his people away from affliction and violence. Yet he cannot ignore his duty to carry on his ancient bloodline. Stunningly beautiful and brimming with an erotic life force, Victoria is everything Christopher ever hoped for in a mate . . . but as a Light Hunter, she's his mortal enemy. Together, they could unite their warring tribes. But murderous factions on both sides don't want peace-and they'll stop at nothing to keep light and darkness apart forever...
I read and reviewed, The Lost (Sin Hunter's #1) by Caridad Piñero and really enjoyed that book. The sequel can be read as a stand a lone, but it is better to read them in order. You get a better feel for the world if you do.

In the last book we are briefly introduced the Christopher and Victoria. Claimed is their book. We find out if Christopher's intentions for good are true and what Victoria does with her life and love life now that her former betrothed is in love with another. The story and the romance between Christopher and Victoria creates a lot of tension. Their story is reminiscent of love stories such as Romeo and Juliet and the Hatfield and the McCoys. Both on opposite sides of a deadly feud, fall for each other. However questions rear themselves. Can they truly trust one another? Are they being honest with one another? Will their families ever see past the hate and come together? Can prejudices be put aside and harmony reign? Well, some of those questions will be answered, and some will linger onto the next installment in this series. We also get a hint of who is going to be the next romantic couple in the next book.

I have to say although I really enjoyed the ambiguity of Christopher (was he truly good? Bad? In-between?) though most of the book and the independence of Victoria, I also enjoyed the secondary characters with the exception of Rafael. He just didn't send the proper chills and thrills and I feel it was intended. However, he plays an important part in this story, but yet isn't their as much. I feel this is only a set up and I will feel properly chilled and thrilled in the coming books.

I give this book 4 stars. I enjoyed this hopeful coming together against all odds romance. I recommend it to people who love PNR with a side of action.
I received this book from the author and Pump Up Your Book Promotions and no compensation for my review was given.


  1. You're recommending a series be read in order!?!? I quite like the sound of this but have neevr seen the series in the UK - I think I'm left out!

  2. Wow reading a series out of order isn't that blasphemous or verbotten or something? Heck I need a romance with a side of action for summer and I definitly could spend some time staring at that cover!

  3. I mean to read book 1, but, well you know, that evil wishlist that just keeps on growing

  4. Sounds like an interesting book! I do like a good paranormal romance, so thanks for sharing. I'm glad this one worked for you and you enjoyed the second just as much as the first!!


  5. I haven't read The Lost yet, but it's on my list. I'd love to read The Claimed, both books actually. I like to read a series in order, when at all possible.
    Thanks for sharing your review.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  6. Hmmm, have not heard of this book but the cover is hoootttttt!

  7. Nice review, thank you. Not sure if this is a series for me though.

  8. YEAH! I really want to read C.P. and this one is on my list to try. She is so nice in person that I just have to read her :)

  9. Having well-rounded secondary characters is a sign of a skilled writer. I need to check out Pinero's books as everyone seems to like them!

  10. "I recommend it to people who love PNR with a side of action."

    That's ME!!!! How is it that I haven't read this series yet? I love ambiguous characters, though I think Chris sounds more of a bad boy. *purrrrs*

    1. P.S. I may or may not have tried to lick that cover though my computer screen.

  11. I had read one of Caridad Piñero's books several years ago and wasn't particularly impressed but your review of this one tempts me to give book 1 a try.

  12. oh it's nice to have a book like that, and I hope there will be the bigger things you think in the sequels. I think I need to try this series as well. on day lol.

  13. Hmmm, looking forward to Wednesday or Book Boyfriend day! Hoping he's your pick! Sometimes, if this was my genre, I think I'd pick just by cover alone.

    And you read in order again! It's getting to be a habit!It sounds like a good series. Hope you continue to enjoy it. I like a current day Romeo and Juliet especially in the adult genre.


  14. Lovely! And you are on a roll with reading in order. ;P Thank you!


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