Thursday, November 24, 2011

Queen of the Sylphs by L.J. MacDonald

It was a dream come true. Solie had her own battler, a creature of almost infinite magic who could vaporize legions in the blink of an eye and would willingly suffer a thousand bloody deaths to protect her. She was his love. More simply, she was his queen. 
Many others feel the same. The new-built settlement is a haven for all. Erected by sylphs of earth and fire, air and water, the Valley is Solie’s dominion. But, lovers without peer or killers without mercy, the very nature of their battler protectors means peril. It is not in any sylph’s nature to disobey, and while some are hers to command, others are the slaves of Solie’s enemies—the jealous, the cruel. Those who guard her must not fail. Their peasant-born ruler is not yet safe as… 
 I really enjoyed this installment of the Sylph series. In fact I think I enjoyed this one most of all. The story switches POVs of several different characters as well as a few sylphs, but it doesn't get confusing, in fact I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters much better. We even get a glimpse of what it was like in the hive world where the sylphs were born.

I still felt that Solie and Heyou (the main characters of the first book) were still a bit too immature to be rulers, but I felt that by the end, Solie became quite adult. She had a more personal reason and even though the transformation was quite sudden, I did enjoy seeing her become the strong woman you always hoped she would be within the series. I also really enjoyed getting to know those secondary characters I have loved in the other books. And there was a villain within this story you truly love to hate. In fact, I think the author really wrote the sociopathic personality well. Almost too well.... in fact, I wanted to reach in and kick her little bootay.

In the end, I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed this adventure. Within this one, you will laugh, tear, and some characters will tear at your heart with what they were put through. I think if you are going to read this series... make sure you end up reading this book.
I received this book from the author an no compensation for my review was given.

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I may not be around much today due to the US holiday, but will catch up on my blog reading tomorrow! So, for everyone celebrating Thanksgiving... 
Happy Thanksgiving!!
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  1. fangsgivings? oh, please, give me a fang...;)

  2. Would willingly suffer a thousand bloody deaths to protect her - how romantic is that?

    Glad to read the characters are developing and become more mature.

    Happy thanksgiving (or should I say fangsgiving?) to you all.

  3. Yes, I do agree, the books are getting better :)

    Happy thanksgiving to all.

  4. So she is queen of all those hotties at the bottom? Nice ;)

  5. I was wondering about the entourage at the bottom of the cover LOL Thanks for sharing with us today :)

  6. I totally bought the first book in this series the other day, I can't wait to start it dude!!

  7. @Anachronist... :{ There you go...

    @Petty...It is very sweet... ;D

    @Aurian... oh yes, I think so too!

    @Blodeuedd... Oh yes...nice indeed. Her own man harem!

    @Denise... LOL Nice half nekkid entourage!

    @Ashley... I hope you enjoy it. I thought the series keeps on getting better!

  8. Oh, I'm all for some good character development, so I like the sound of this one and how you felt you got to know the characters better. It's always exciting to hear the series gets better with each book.

  9. Love the kitty picture! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Transformation into a strong woman is more like it! I just cannot follow the stories of weak heroines.


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