Monday, October 10, 2011

Trick or Treat for Books

Hm... feel like stirring a pot? Into herbs (no, not that kind) and black cats? Want to remind people that it's not ALL about the brooms? Tired of that nosey neighbor looking out the window (Gladys!)?

It's Trick or Treat for Books time again! This time go to that bewitching place called The Geeky Blogger's Blog! You will have a chance to win your choice of the following:

What an amazing mini giveaway! Yes, it's international!
ALSO, don't forget... you can also enter to win the grand prize:
What are you still doing here? Get the hex over to the Geeky Blogger!
Go back EVERY DAY to her blog as she will have something planned the WHOLE WEEK!
She is the wart on the nose? Na...
The fly in the broom? Na...
The magic to the spell? Um... better...
Fine! She is just awesomesauce so GO!

Oh hurry twitch that nose! Have a cackling good time!
PS... Team Ghostie! ;D


  1. Thank you sweets! You rock my world :)

    Oh I might have a wart on my is amazing what halloween makeup can do these days :)

    Going to stir my cauldron!

  2. *runs to Felicia's blog* This event rocks ladies!!!!

  3. Don't you wish we could enter?!?! Sooo awesome!

  4. I'd totally give up my ruby red slippers to Felicia!

    As for you, well, Missy, I'd let you inhabit my body... and then I'm run into your harem! *cackles*

  5. I went! Now I'm back, thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Hey, who you calling a pot-stirrer?! I'll just get on my broom and fly on over...

  7. Go go ghostie! (reading a ghost book right now)!
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  8. I seriously do the best witch cackle EVER! I'm off. :D

  9. It's so much fun with you ladies this week!


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