Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Couple of Surprising Banned Books

While it seems that people are claiming to...

It really makes you wonder if that is what they are doing. What are their real motives? Seems to me that keeping things in shadow only fosters bad and illicit behavior. Those things thrive in the shadows. However, their claims for doing what the vid announces it comes to a couple of bans I thought were laughable... Those would be...

Yep! Dictionaries! Those darn words. You never know where they may lead. Perhaps we should just ban speech? But then again, I wouldn't have minded this ban when I had homework and had to look up things in the dictionary! Just think of all that wasted time!

Oh, and not to be outdone, This wasn't the only dictionary to be banned... Don't forget...
Because you can't have one ban without banning the other big dictionary company. You know they share words... who knows what else they share???

Oh, I need to play that vid again...

Any laughable books you have found that was banned?


  1. What I thought was laughable was the reasoning behind some of the bans, not just what was banned.....

  2. I can't even comprehend why they ban a dictionary...ok bad words but come one. come on!
    Bloody stupid.

    Btw love the new halloween header

  3. Yeah, I've found some ridiculous reasons for why books have been challenged...Like The Diary of Anne Frank for promoting feminism. Craziness.

  4. I love your halloween look!!!

    Banning dictionaries .... that makes sense. Next they'd be banning thoughts, like 1984. Big Brother, think police. Damn ideas - they're so pesky and infectious.

  5. @Julie P and Mrs. DeRaps... I agree. That's why I posted the vid. I think the reasons are almost always laughable. :)

    @Blodeuedd and Stephanie D... halloween header? Is it new? I don't... brrrraaaaiiinnnnssss.... ;)

    Oh, and wasn't the book 1984 also banned? lol Didn't want their nefarious plot exposed!

  6. looove the Halloween header at the top!
    1984 was banned, yes, so was Slaughterhouse-Five by Vonnegut.

  7. Love the holiday header!

    People want to ban dictionaries? Really? But letting Little Timmy surf the web and play violent video games is okay? Yikes!

  8. I think any book being banned is kind of crazy, and yet I write books which I know will be banned in at least some places and that makes me kind of happy :)

  9. @David... too bad that being banned in the states is just too easy to do! However, I applaud your goal. ;D

  10. Someone was telling me the other day that they heard about a parent who wanted any book mentioning weapons removed from a library. I joked that this would mean removing most history books and (yup) dictionaries. I forgot that dictionaries actually are challenged some years.

  11. Actually wouldn't that remove any book? I mean really. A weapon? That is pretty broad use of a term. Anything can be used as a weapon. O_o

  12. I cant get the vid to work but I thought I seen somewhere that Mockingjay was added to the list of banned books.


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