Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Off Tuesday: Twelfth Moon

"Every once in awhile there are covers that just make you say Oh My! Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad, and sometimes it is head scratching. The point of Top Off Tuesday is to show you the ones with their Tops Off! Seriously y’all hunting out Top Off Tuesday covers is one of my favorite pastimes and you should join the fun!" ~from the Geeky Blogger

I have been enjoying this meme on Felicia's The Geeky Blogger's blog and have finally found some time to join in. The other players are Amanda from On a Book Bender, Christi from Smitten with Reading. Button made by Missie at The Unread Reader

My submission:

Twelfth Moon
by Lori Villarreal
Cadence LaPorte is about to be hanged. 
For weeks, U.S. Marshal, Jonah Kincaid, has been hot on her trail for the murder of his brother. His pursuit ends in a dusty Texas town at the scene of a lynching - namely, Cadence's. Since revenge is at the top of his list, he saves her from death-by-hanging - for now. 
Except Jonah thinks he's been tracking a young boy. 
And Cadence has this itsy-bitsy little problem: The women in her family are shape-shifting panthers, and once a year they're compelled to mate with any male who happens to be in the vicinity - and become bound to him for life. 
Jonah Kincaid is the last man on earth Cadence would wish to bind herself to. If she doesn't find a way to escape him soon, she'll be mauling the infuriating (handsome) U.S. Marshal - but as a woman, not as the panther. 
Jonah is determined to take his prisoner back to New Orleans for a quick trial and a proper hanging. But the kid doesn't seem to possess the size and strength to overcome, let alone kill, a man much larger than he was. 
After one escape attempt and one erotic dream that ends with Jonah's elbow jammed in Cadence's chest, they arrive in San Antonio. Jonah gets a room, orders a bath, and plies her with whiskey, determined to make a 'man' out of her. Her mind made fuzzy by the liquor, Cadence can't seem to remember the significance of why she should protest the bath. 
She kisses him. 
Caught off-guard, Jonah pushes her into the tub and she hits her head on the way down, rendering her unconscious. 
Then he discovers she's a woman. 
Shock over his discovery turns into something dark and hungry. Temptation rises within Jonah - sudden, inexplicable, and uncontrollable. But the painful memory of a past experience with a woman makes him uneasy and distrustful of his own judgment where Cadence is concerned. 
On their journey from Texas to New Orleans, Jonah and Cadence meet a trio of Apache warriors from the spirit world, Cadence's secret is revealed, and Jonah is faced with a life-altering event. 
Despite the obstacles thrown in their path, can two imperfect people find perfect true love?
Wow that is quite a blurb!
 I guess this proves that even in B/W the bare chest reigns supreme. However, what is it with the title covering too much? Could of squeezed it in the side, right? :)

What is on you ToT?


  1. I agree with Mary. That cover is mighty fine! LOL

  2. I love the coloring but I am going to say it: We have another nipless man! :) Why do they do this to me LOL (Totally think they know my nip thing) :)

    1. If you look closely you can see a hint of one. Yes, I looked that close... LOL

  3. I feel like the title could definitely be smaller so we can see more of his chest ;-) At least they didn't stack the title though because that would have covered him up almost entirely, so I guess I can be grateful to them for making the title horizontal:)

  4. This blurb made me laugh so hard! Why read a book when I know everything that happens now? then again, those abs and that vein that's so clearly visible are awfully tempting!

  5. hmmm I'm not sure I know this one I confess...

  6. hmm, it was like an excerpt, we kinda know what is going to happen but they left out the good stuff!!!

  7. Wow that synopsis was intense! And all the more so because my eyes kept traveling back up to that cover. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very nice! Nothing like a little Tuesday eye candy.

  9. What are you like? I had to laugh (and then look closely at the cover) at your comments about nipples or the possible lack of.


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