Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tough Man Candy

I've been taking the weekends off, but thought I'd leave you with some needed man candy for the weekend. I had a craptastic week IRL (was pretty good blog wise though) so I need it. So, if you also felt the same way I figured you could use it. Heck, if you didn't... what the hell... you deserve it anyway.

So, I'll give you a sneak peak of the man candy coming on Wed...

Ah... how I felt but it looks better on him...

Much calmer, but I still has that don't mess with me look...

and two more, because we just need it. :D
Thanks Jason Momoa
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh, Mr Moobs himself gracing us with his presence

  2. You know, I think I like my mancandy cleancut. I can hardly believe it's the same, wild-looking person in all the other pictures.

    I hope your weekend is much better than the past week!

  3. I'm so clam right now :) LOL! My legs are like jelly. I hope you have a better week!

  4. Hope you have a better weekend...

    this plus the retail therapy I participated in this afternoon (two new pairs of shoes!!! *SQUEE*)
    definitely made mine a bit brighter!

  5. I hope that is water and not sweat that is pouring off the man in the first picture ...... I know I like my men to look like men but not this sweaty.

  6. The physique is spectacular, but...he reminds me too much of the facial reconstructions they did on Neanderthal skulls in Biological Anthropology. Eep.

  7. *drool* There's something about a sweaty, sword-wielding man...

  8. I so think it's the eyebrows and forhead that makes him look so, don't-mess-with-me bad. :D Great pictures!! And I usually take weekends off too. :)

  9. Hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend. I've also been kind of taking it easy lately with my reviewing, but I wasn't as generous as you to leave such lovely images behind. I think I'll be hanging out here for a while...;)

  10. *yum* *drool*

    Whispers: I take off weekends too :) Well except from Pinterest.

  11. You are hilarious Melissa!
    Perhaps next week you can post a picture of Taylor Kitch from John Carter! ;)


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