Sunday, December 4, 2011


First... I'll announce a winner for:
Cindy R.

Felicia at the Geeky Blogger is having a HUGE giveaway this month to celebrate her young self! Go check it out! Just click on the pic above to go to her blog!

Oh and while I have you here, Missie at the Unread Reader is having a bookmark exchange! How fun! Get ready to get rid of the scrap paper holding your place and use something pretty! Go HERE to the post to get the deets and sign up.

I'm also going to do a reading challenge for next year. I usually only chose one and I thought this one would work for me:

Challenge Details
• Timeline: 01 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2012
• Rules: There are FOUR (4) LEVELS to choose from:
- One Chomp: Read 6 Zombie books in 2012
- Two Chomps: Read 12 Zombie books in 2012
- Three Chomps: Read 18 Zombie books in 2012
- Four Chomps: Read 24 Zombie books in 2012

I'm going to go for at least 2 chomps.
Click on the pic for the rest of the deets. 
I do have to laugh at this one requirement though...
• Only fiction, no non-fiction.
hee hee... could you imagine a non-fiction zombie book? Eep!

My huge announcement:
(well, medium at best...)
If you have been around the blog for a few, you know that I do a puppy giveaway each year to celebrate by teeny puppy's b-day. Well, this year I will do it a bit differently...
This year, I'm going to give away either a $20 gc to Amazon or $20 in books from the Book Depository! That way it will be international. What is different about this one is that I will require you to do something for animals. Doesn't have to be domestic animals and I encourage you to make it local. All deets will be coming up the week of the 11th! If you have any ideas about this giveaway (good, bad, indifferent, suggestions...) please let me know!

Also, don't forget the giveaways going on now! Still time to win Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep (US only) and a choice of Darkness Dawns or Night Reigns by Diane Duvall (international)!


  1. What a lovely give away! One of the things I sponsor, is the school where they train littly puppies to become guide dogs for blind people. So, if I win your contest, I get to buy books for myself, and donate the same amount to this very great cause.

  2. I love that sketch of your puppy? Your own work? I guess so...

  3. Awesome on the giveaway! My husband and I both give to a local organization called Peace for Paws here in Columbus that helps to rescue and then find foster homes for shelter dogs:) It's so hard to look at the dogs they have up for adoption though because I want all of them. Stupid too-small house that can't fit 20 dogs:)

  4. What a great idea for a giveaway. I'm a life long member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, weird I know but worthwhile considering they reckon that in a few years the hedgehog population may have been wiped out.Never one to miss the opportunity to promote their work you can visit their website at

  5. Fabulous, inspirational giveaway, Melissa! Love the background and your doggie peeking out in the header!

  6. Congrats winners! And loving your idea for your baby's birthday giveaway! ;)

  7. What an great idea to help out animals!!

  8. So Tonks told me last night she wants in on this giveaway! She said December Puppies rule and their humans drool---(she was having an attitude problem last night)

    ((((((( hugs ))))))) and Puppy kisses :)

  9. ooh I may just take part in the Zombie Challenge too!

    Sounds like a cool giveaway...happy puppy birthday :)

  10. @Aurian...Oh I have a friend who trains dog for the deaf. Love what she does!

    @Anachronist... yep, by me. Thanks

    @Jenny... Oh I love organizations like that. I know what you mean... I don't visit those places personally or I would have to bring home more dogs. Can't. do. it...

    @...Petty... Oh yes! I remember you talking about that. Not weird! I think it's important!

    @Stephanie... Thanks.. my boy insists that he has been good... *rolls eyes* LOL


    @Savvy... Thanks!!

    @Felicia... e-mail sent. My mal says that she agrees with the humans drooling but not the Dec. puppers. LOL My boy just said.. LET'S PLAY! ;D

    @Hannah... It was something I'd actually have to work at (sorta) LOL

  11. That's a great idea for a giveaway! I LOVE your Christmas design, btw!

  12. Awesome giveaway! I really love your idea for the giveaway. It's great, and it helps animals in return. (:
    Oh, and once again, thanks for the book

  13. Melissa! You have the biggest best heart in the world, and I simply adore you for it! *besos*

  14. Oh my! Congrats to winners, and so much going on. :) Sounds exhausting. ;D Thank yoU!!

  15. I am pretty excited about the bookmark exchange! That piece of floss keeping my place is so out! :D

  16. The bookmark exchange looks cool, will have to check it out. So do the reading challenges and the giveaways!

  17. Thanks for signing up to my Zombie Challenge! Hope you have fun with it and read lots of fab zombie books :)


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