Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Scent of Jasmine by Jude Deveraux Blog Tour

The Scent of JasmineFrom Goodreads:

Would you risk your life—on the love of a lifetime?
Charleston, 1799: A daughter of Southern gentility and a gifted painter, Catherine Edilean Harcourt has no lack of suitors at home in Virginia, waiting to fulfill her dream of marriage and family. But Cay’s adventurous spirit, fostered by growing up with her three brothers, is piqued while visiting her godfather in South Carolina. Bedridden with a broken leg, he asks Cay to fill in for him on an urgent task: on her way to a fancy dress ball, she must deliver a packed horse to an old friend’s son—who also happens to be an escaped convict charged with murdering his wife! Cay agrees to the plan, which doesn’t go at all as planned . . . whereupon she finds herself fleeing Alexander McDowell’s captors, riding blind into the night with the fugitive Scotsman. Though she should fear him, Cay finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to Alex, and drawn into his tale of misguided justice and his innocence as they seek refuge in the steamy Florida everglades. Will trusting him be the worst mistake of her life? Or will falling in love be the salvation both of them have been looking for?
A painter and a mysterious Scotsman? Oh yea, had to say yes to this book and I'm so glad I did! Cay is a woman who has several brothers who toughened her up a bit in her childhood and taught her to ride, however, she still lives the pampered rich girl life. She is asked to go in place of her uncle to deliver a horse and money to help an escaped prisoner, Alex. Cay goes and as things go wrong, she has to flee with the convict with the law on their trail. As they travel to the destination Cay's uncle had in mind, the two get to know each other. Cay's infectious personality has Alex laughing when he thought he would never laugh again. Alex also infects Cay with his adventurous spirit.

This isn't just a story of two people looking into each others eyes and falling so quickly the world spins. Yes, there is love. Yes, there is sexy-time, but it is one based on getting to know each other and becoming friends before they became lovers. I really enjoyed their friendship and banter. You will also enjoy finding out how the title in this book came about. No, *evil laugh* I'm not telling! :D

I give this book 4 1/2 stars and recommend it for those that love a fun story and historical romance.
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  1. In a lot of love stories these authors always forget about becoming friends first. :) Glad to hear that this book got that part in it. Great review. Looks cute.

  2. Yay for no instant-in-love doe eyes! I love when the romance takes a little while to form, it makes it worth the wait:) And now I really want to know about that title, darn you Melissa!

  3. I hear you about the instant love so prevalent in novels these days. Or maybe it's just in the ones I'm reading. I think some authors, like people in general, confuse immediate lust with intense love.

  4. Well..that story does not catch my attention, but I like Deveraux and I am curious about the title now too, evil you

  5. *shakes fist at your evil laugh*

    Sexy times with an outlaw. That's hot. Well, at least in fiction it is. LOL

    Gonna go add this one to my TBR. No one make it grow like you do.

  6. LOL your evil laugh made me laugh :) I'm adding you on goodreads :D

  7. The last time I read a Jude Deveraux was when I was about 20 years ago and I can still remember it being good. And this one sounds like a rollicking good read... maybe I ought to pick up a Deveraux again...


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