Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don't Fear the Reaper Read a Long: Week 1

This week: hosted by Love of Books

Chapters 1 - 5 Questions 

1. We meet some of Charley's ghostly "buddies," do you believe you have ever had a ghostly encounter? 

Yes. More than one. :)

2. Charley named her jeep Misery. Have you ever named your vehicles? What did you name them?

I had a zoom car that I named Tigger (he was orange).

3. Charley says her name "...brooks no opposition. It takes shit from no one." What do you think your name says about you to strangers? Is there a different name that you think would suit you better?

Probably that "I read". I mean have you seen how many Melissa's have book blogs or are readers? LOL I'm used to my name, so I guess it suits me fine.

4. Charley says her best friend Cookie is "like Kramer from Seinfeld, only not so nervous, like Kramer might have been on Prozac." Give us your best description of your best friend. How would they would describe you?

Small and mighty. Often underestimated. She would describe me as compassionate insanity (honestly I don't know, but she has said both to me and I took them as a compliment LOL).

5. Garrett is reluctant to believe in Charley's abilities, how would you react if a friend divulged to you that they can see and speak with the dead?

I admit I would have a good dose of skepticism but I would hear them out. Who knows... they may be in contact with Reyes and he has a message for me...

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  1. Lol would love a message from Reyes. Tigger is a great name for a car, I totally agree!

  2. "compassionate insanity" i like it. I usually tell people I'm a hopeful pessimist.

  3. Tigger for an orange car, that seems appropriate. :) I would take compassionate insanity as a compliment too.

  4. One could only wish Reyes had a message for them and visited them in their dreams...


  5. Oh yes a message from Reyes would be nice. I haven't run across that many Melissas. Tigger? I would love to see a picture of that car! So glad you joined the read along! Hope you love this series

  6. Lol, yes there are so many Melissas around for some reason :)

  7. Yeah, there are quite a few Melissa's, but at least the ones I know are pretty cool!

  8. Ok, now you have me curious about your many ghostly encounters!

    I think any gal would love a message from Reyes. LOL!

  9. "Compassionate insanity"? - On the one hand it sounds like a good thing, but on the other... I think I like your small and mighty BFF!

  10. LOL What kind of message are you hoping Reyes has for you?! Tigger is a great car name!

  11. A message from Reyes would be terrific. Especially if it's like any that he sends to Charley!


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