Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I've been Up to Lately...

Well, I've been into making some jewelry pieces I've been wanting for myself. Thought I'd show what I've been up to lately. Sadly, yes... it was wholesome. :) LOL


First I made myself a bee bracelet. In case you don't know Melissa means Honeybee so that is why you see so many bees on different Melissa pages (not just mine.. and there is actually only one on this blog!). I made it so I have magnetic links on either side of the bee centerpiece. The round "coins" are honey colored fake pearls interspaced by black crystals. The magnets make it easy to put on and take off.

Well, since I made this bracelet, my mom was going to a school reunion. She wanted to give her friends something special. She looked at me with those sad eyes (I hate it when parents learn from their kid!). So... I came up with:
I call it the 4 Roses Bracelet. There were 4 best friends and there nickname was... the 4 Roses (bet you didn't see that one coming... lol).

The roses are gold and silver I've alternated with a jet bead in between. The flat beads are glass and this one has a magnetic clasp for it to be easy to put on.

What do you think? I made an extra since I had enough beads and I might put it up in my Etsy store. Hmm....

Well, this watch was my next project. I've seen those watches where you have the leather wrapped a couple of times around the wrist. I thought they were very pretty, but I'm too cheap to spend $80 to $100 for a watch, so I decided to try to make it myself. Looking at the watches, there were 2 ways to do it. The one where you only had one long strap looked like the easiest to make. I didn't find the leather I wanted with the length I needed. so I used the jewelry leather and made it more like I would a bracelet. I added the chain so I could tighten or loosen the band because the smaller leather will either stretch (more likely) or shrink because it is a natural product.

Oh and guess what? I found the watch face on sale! Yay! My inner cheapskate was happy. :)

This is the last project I'm showing here. It's my mermaid necklace. I love mermaids and found the pendant (here) that I loved. So, I found a couple of chains that I wanted to put together. When I did, I thought it needed some interesting color. I had some silk ribbon in purple and green and wove it though the large chain. I then added real pearl dangles and one crystal dangle (next to the pendant) to the necklace. I'm quite happy with it and the bead I got to go with it (I decided against it) I was going to make into a matching bracelet, but I've just changed my mind and I'm going to make a different necklace. One that I can wear for more everyday.

Sorry about the pictures. I need to dig out my better camera, but the one I used is so much easier. Yea.. I know... excuses... ;) So, that is what else I've been up to besides reading in my spare time. How about you. Do anything fun lately?


  1. Wow, I really love the pieces you made. I love the bracelet with the roses. So beautiful. You really should sell them!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the 4 roses bracelet!

  3. Hi, Honeybee -

    You are such an artist. I once dabbled in making bead jewelry - the world is a better place because I stopped after the first earring. Needless to say, I love your pieces, especially the bee one. They're so elegant!

  4. Thanks for the compliments!

    @Stephanie... I seriously doubt that. I see how creative you are and I'm guessing you were just too harsh on yourself. It's a trait of all artists. ;)

    Oh, and now I see how bad that necklace picture turned out. I swear it looks much better in person. I may change it after a bit. Who knows? :)

  5. Sweet like honey and sting like a bee. :D lol. I'm allowed to say that. ;D

    These are all great! I really like the mermaid necklace. I really like the dreamcatcher and american indian things, I have a wire necklace like choker that I love. These are really neat an that you make them! WILD! Great talent. :)


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